How to keep kitchen appliances clean

How to keep kitchen appliances clean

Appliances are the most important part of any functional kitchen. You cannot cook or manage chores without appliances. Appliances play an important role in bringing cooked food to the table. It is important to maintain kitchen appliances to keep them running as these appliances such as kitchen stove, refrigerator, air fryer, microwave, sandwich maker, etc bring so much convenience & comfort in our daily lives. 

In this article, you will learn about some easy tips & hacks to clean kitchen appliances at home. Let’s have a look at the following topics: 

  • Microwave cleaning hacks
  • How to clean the dishwasher
  • How to clean the kitchen stove
  • How to clean the refrigerator
  • How to clean the food processor
  • Deep cleaning tips for air fryer

Easy tips to maintain kitchen appliance at home

 Managing kitchen appliances at home is not difficult. Frowning over an overloaded refrigerator or a dirty microwave oven is not going to help much. You have to face the task of cleaning it one day or the other. The more you delay cleaning the kitchen appliances, the greater the chances are of breeding cockroaches inside your refrigerator, microwave, or coffee maker. If you want to maintain your kitchen appliance, all you need is some will power to carry out small cleaning tasks daily.

Some of the most common appliances used in the kitchen along with their cleaning tips are mentioned below:

  • Microwave cleaning hacks
  • How to clean the dishwasher
  • How to clean the kitchen stove
  • How to clean the refrigerator
  • How to clean the food processor
  • Deep cleaning tips for air fryer

Let’s discuss different hacks to clean the kitchen appliance at home.

Microwave cleaning hacks

Microwaves are the most common & most convenient kitchen appliances at home. Follow the following guide step by step, if you are looking for some easy tips to clean kitchen appliance at home.

  • Take a bowl of water & add four tablespoons of vinegar. If you don’t have vinegar you can add a teaspoon of liquid dish soap or lemon juice.
  • Microwave the solution for approximately 2 minutes. When you microwave the solution for 2 minutes, it releases steam which lifts, grease, grime & dirt from the microwave. Please keep in mind that you don’t have to boil the solution or spill it in the oven. Don’t open the microwave door as soon as the 2 minutes passed. Let the steam reach everywhere inside the microwave for better cleaning.
  • Use the clean cloth to wipe off the insides of the microwave. You can also use an abrasive sponge to scrub off the tough stains in the microwave oven.
  • Take off the rotating plate of the microwave & wash it with soap & water
  • Clean the microwave’s exterior with a neat cloth, especially the buttons on the display panels
  • Wipe the gasket& rubber seal around the microwave oven with a soap solution and clean gasket with a wet cloth.

How to clean the dishwasher

A dishwasher is another most important part of the kitchen appliances & if you have a large family, the dishwasher is a blessing. It is important to get the dishwasher cleaned on a routine basis. Follow the following easy tips on how to clean the dishwasher:

  • It is recommended to clean the dishwasher at least once a month. Cleaning will help you in removing any stuck up food items in the dishwasher
  • Clear the drain regularly. Inspect the dishwasher drain to check & remove any gunk present in there.
  • Clean the upper rack of the dishwasher with hot water & white vinegar mixture.
  • Clean the bottom of the dishwasher with baking soda. This will not only make it sparkling clean but also make the dishwasher odor-free.     

How to clean the kitchen stove

Any easy & most commonly used method of cleaning the kitchen stove is to use baking soda.

  • For regular cleaning, take a spray bottle & fill it with water & white vinegar. Spray it on the stove & wipe it clean. This will help in reducing the grease on the stove.
  • Wash the burners with dishwashing liquid soap & hot water. Now make a thick paste of vinegar & baking soda, apply the paste on the burnet & let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Scrub off the loosened gunk & wash it with warm water & soap.
  • For cleaning the stainless steel stove, use baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Sprinkle lots of baking soda & drizzle some hydrogen peroxide on the surface. Let the paste rest for some time & clean it with warm water. 

How to clean the refrigerator

We all know that a refrigerator is the breeding ground of germs, bacteria & many insects. A refrigerator needs to be cleaned & sanitized regularly. You need to remove items such as stale bread, residual food & milk spills that might develop fungus & moss.

Follow the following guide step by step to clean the refrigerator completely:

  • The best time for cleaning the refrigerator is before going to grocery shopping. When you plan to go for weekly shopping, turn off the refrigerator for 4 to 5 hours so that the ice melts & everything stored in the refrigerator can be easily taken out. Now, empty all shelves to clean it.
  • If the weather is hot outside, you have limited time to clean the refrigerator as several food items, when taken out of the refrigerator might reach their danger zone.
  • After taking out all the items, sort out these items. Check out the expiry dates & discard all the items that are expired or moldy.
  • Remove egg crate & shelves from the refrigerator & wash it with soap & water. If the stains are tough, then use an ammonia solution with  1 part ammonia & 5 parts water. Soak the shelves in the solution before you start scrubbing. Wipe it with clean & dry cloth. Airs dry them first before putting the shelves back in the refrigerator.
  • Make a solution with two tablespoons of baking soda in a quart of hot water for cleaning the insides of the refrigerator. Dip your cloth in the solution & wipe off the stains.
  • Clean the rubber seal or gasket of the refrigerator with half vinegar and a half water solution. Don’t use any cleaning agent or bleach for cleaning the gasket.
  • Now double-check the expiry dates of the item & store it back in the refrigerator.
  • Make a mixture with a dishwashing liquid soap & hot water. Use this solution to clean off the exterior of the refrigerator. Remember to clean off the roof of the refrigerator as well.
  • Clean the condenser coils & fan of the refrigerator as these are the most important parts of a refrigerator. As these parts release heat that’s why covered with debris, dust & hair. If the heat is not properly released, the compressor of the refrigerator will not work properly. Clean the condenser coils & blades of the fan with the brush. It is important to change the water filter of your refrigerator every six months.
  • Place a jar of coffee or a ball of the crumpled brown paperback to have an odor-free refrigerator.    

How to clean the food processor

A food processor is a must in a kitchen. It will help you in shredding, chopping & blending. But when it comes to cleaning, the task seems difficult. However, if you know the process step by step, it will only take 15 minutes to clean it completely. So, follow the following amazing tips to clean the food processor:

  • It is recommended to clean the food processor after every use.
  • Unplug & dismantle the food processor before cleaning it.
  • Dismantling means removing the blades, lids & the pusher unit. Wash the blade with water & soap.
  • It is recommended to remove the blade & wash it with soap water after every use for functioning it properly.
  • All the removable pieces of the food processors need to be washed with water & soap.
  • Use a clean & damp cloth to clean the motor area of the food processor. 
  • If you want to make the food processor odor-free, mix some baking soda with water & let it set in the bowl of the food processor for about 15 to 20 minutes. The baking soda will absorb the bad odor & also make the bowl sparkling clean.
  • Dry out the food processor completely before reassembling it.

Deep cleaning tips for air fryer

The use of air fryer in the kitchen has increased. As not only they are easy to use but they also help in reducing the oil intake. If you use traditional methods for deep frying, you will end up with splattered oil surfaces & greasy pans. An air fryer has a cooking basket enclosed within. Therefore, no greasy pots & pans. Although, air fryers are easy to use still you need to clean in on a routine basis to keep it productive for many years.

Follow the following easy tips to clean the air fryer at home:

  • Don’t start cleaning if the air fryer is hot. Unplug the air fryer & let it cool before start cleaning it.
  • Wipe the outer surface of the air fryer with clean & damp cloth.
  • Wash the cooking basket, tray & pan with the hot water & dishwashing soap.
  • For cleaning the insides of the air fryer, make a mixture with dishwashing soap & hot water. Take a clean cloth or sponge, dip it in the mixture & clean the insides of the air fryer.
  • Use a brush to scrape off food items stuck in the air fryer. If still not work, then soak it in the hot water & dishwashing liquid soap overnight. An overnight soak will help loosen the food scraps & make it easier to clean.
  • Always use a non-abrasive sponge for cleaning the air fryer & all of its components.
  • Before putting back the components of the air fryer in the air fryer, make sure to dry it completely. 

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