From Where to Buy Furniture in Lahore

Whether you are planning to get married or simply planning to change the outlook of your home, furniture also plays an integral part in the whole process. We give you ideas from where you can buy the best furniture in Lahore.

You have two options when it comes to finding out the places for buying furniture. You can buy it by visiting the market or you can order it online.

This blog covers both options. It is up to you what option you would like to choose.

There are multiple shops or stores from where you can buy the best and reliable furniture in Lahore. Some of them are listed below.

Shah Alam Market

This market is situated in the walled city since the pre-partition and you can find each and everything you possibly need. You can find anything from upholstery & furniture to various decoration pieces and also the price is reasonable. All things in the market available can perfectly fit in any financial plan. This is also a good point for touring besides shopping.


This place is famous because of the various furniture items. You can find anything from room fixtures to flooring or furniture. Furniture design range is also flexible from modern to contemporary or antique.

Academy Road

This place is located under the Jinnah flyover. The entire market is the furniture market and furniture makers can make everything in order. Prices are also flexible. You can find a decent bed set including side tables and dresser from starting 130,000 pkr.

Some of the best online stores are listed below.


This site provides users a wide range of furniture items. You can all kinds of wooden products. This site provides a wide range of different designers and experts. This store ships furniture everywhere in Pakistan within minimum time.

Sixth Houzz

This online store has a wide range of trendy and rich furniture accessories. You can easily find items or products of your choice. If you order form this store they will provide the unloading and establishment process themselves.


This store has an extensive variety of home furniture. It also has wooden doors in various styles. If you want to buy a wooden door, they will send an agent to your house for the proper estimation and also for the installment procedure. For other items, you need to pick the product of your need and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

How Can Izloo Classified help?

As you all know Izloo Classified provides you the opportunity to post free ads on this site. Izloo classified provides free ads for rent as well as for sale. It is up to you what kind of products you are offering to sell or purchase. Different shops posted their wooden product for sale here. You can also buy second-hand products from Izloo classified if you need low budget furniture.

Here is the link from where you can buy products online:

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Online jobs in Pakistan for housewives

Online jobs are getting popular day by day in Pakistan. These jobs can be done by without investment and anyone can do it. Housewives can also earn while sitting at home without investment. As we all know the majority is not allowed to go outside for earning. For that online job is the best way of earning. There is no time limit or schedule of the job. You can work at any time of the day or time suitable for you. All these kind of jobs are stress-free and needs no investment. This way housewives can spend their spare time while earning also they can divert the mind from depression and stress. Through this way, housewives can become her own work if she does not like to work with others.

According to search, the interest of housewives towards the online jobs in Pakistan is increasing day by day. All you need for the online job is an internet connection and laptop or personal computer. It is the best way to invest your talent and time.

Following are the few ways of earning online

Article Writing

One of the best and most easy and quick ways for housewives to start earning online are through article writing. If you are good at writing and have command of English grammar, you can easily earn while writing. And if you have basic knowledge you can also improve it with time. You can search article writing jobs on google. Also, you can find clients on FB, twitter or different online job portals and websites. You can also join Fiverr, freelancer and odesk to get started.

In article writing, first, you need to collect related information regarding the topic and then you need to write it in your own wording. You should have to negotiate the demand for the article writing service before starting to work.


Blogging is also one of the easiest way of earning for housewives but it also requires hard work and devotion in the start. If you are interested in a field or topic and have command on it you can start your own blog regarding the topic. You need to create your own blog and write the knowledge on the blog and simply share it. The more you share the more people will read it. And you will get paid by the google adsense with the handsome amount if you have a large number of visitors’, especially western countries visitors. If you want to become a successful blogger you need patient and never quit attitude. Because blog needs time for indexing and gaining a proper position in search engines.

Online Teaching/Tutor

This kind of job is favorite among housewives who want to teach students. This way they can use their passion to become an online tutor and starts earning. You can get students from local links or through social media campaigns in the start. When you gather enough students for online class, you can start online teaching using different communication ways. But the negative point is this you are bound to a specific time.

Become a freelancer

There are many freelancing websites from where you can find work related to your skills. Such as fiverr, upwork etc. All you need is to offer gigs related to your skills. For example, You can create a gig on Fiverr like “I can write an article for you in 5$ Or I can make a logo for your website in 5$. You can provide all kind of services on Fiverr and if clients like your work they help you to increase your rating on the platform as well as you can also receive a tip for the good work.

Graphics Designing

This job is suitable for the housewives with creative minds. An average creative housewife can make 250 to 300 dollars easily in a month. According to a survey, 70% of the fashion designers are females. With the passage of time, female fashion designers demand is increasing. So you can get started with CorelDraw and Photoshop and you can find work on different platforms like facebook, community forums, up work, fiverr etc. If you know basic or it, Google is your friend. Google how to learn Photoshop or CorelDraw, and simply follow tutorials to increase your knowledge.

How Can Izloo Classified help?

As you all know Izloo Classified provides you the opportunity to post free ads on this site. Izloo classified provides free ads for rent as well as for jobs as well. It is up to you what kind of work you are looking for. We also provide reviews of different jobs and also about the hiring person. You can also get the idea of the job that is suitable for you.

Many persons and companies posted jobs on Izloo Classified as per their demand and need. All you need is to find the perfect job and apply it. You’ll get the reply from the right person within 24 hours. You can also negotiate the terms and conditions according to your need.

Here is the link from where you can find the job:

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Tips to increase Fuel Economy of Your Car

The is the top rated question you will listen to every buyer what is the fuel consumption and economy of this car. Due to a high value in oil prices locally and globally, now people are more anxious about buying a car with tremendous fuel economy and mileage.

If you want to become a “hyper-miler”, then follow these tips I will help you to use the last drop of fuel in your tank.


  • A vehicle that is not maintained properly on a regular schedule will consume 20 percent more fuel. Most of us tolerate car maintenance and they complain about their fuel consumption.So if you go for a regular routine checkup then you can save 20-25 percent of fuel.
  • Make sure you have changed the oil in time and also have to change the air filter and spark plugs as well by replacing the air filter and spark plugs during a regular routine checkup not only helps your car last longer and helps your engine burn fuel more efficiently.
  • Underinflated tires burn more fuel. If tires are 7-9 pounds underinflated (a normal condition) rolling resistance of tires increases by 5-6 percent. SO you should check your tires pressure at least fortnightly or monthly because by doing so you can save 2-3 percent of your fuel which will lead to a good fuel average.
  • Make sure that the wheels are aligned properly because a bad wheel alignment may affect the fuel economy.
  • Whenever you put extra weight it automatically effects the engine and takes more power which means more fuel consumption. You should remove extra carrying kits such as roof boxes and bike racks and the extra luggage that is for no regular use. So always clean up your trunk.


Driving Techniques:

  • Use the cruise control when appropriate, because on highway cruise control can save up to 4-5 percent of your fuel.
  • Don’t let the car be idle for more than 30 seconds because it may consume 1-1.5 liters from 4 liters of fuel per hour. Modern engine consumes less fuel turning off and restarting the engine than idling for some time.
  • When the engine is cold you should on the engine for at least 20 seconds this will build oil pressure, and you can drive away. But due to lack of knowledge, some of us start the engine and drove the car which leads up 100 percent fuel wastage.
  • Drive in a highest possible gear without putting pressure on the engine, this is a fuel efficient way of driving. If you travel in fast ways on low gears then it can consume 40-45 percent of more fuel. For example, if you are driving at a speed of 60-70 km/h, a vehicle will use more fuel in third gear then it would be in fifth gear.
  • Drive in smoothly and a smarter way. By applying slow throttle and avoiding heavy breaks, so you can reduce fuel consumption.
  • While driving doesn’t put your left foot on brake paddle. The little pressure might put “mechanical drag” on components. This may result in additional fuel usage to overcome this dragging.
  • Always choose a silk and a smooth road, because if the roads are uneven it will affect the fuel mileage.
  • Sometime when the roof and the windows are down it creates aerodynamic drag that causes an engine to work harder, as a result, it affects the fuel economy.
  • Use the motor oil that supports or suite your car, the engine is designed to work with best specific type. If you use heavier weight oil, then it might create friction and cause the engine to work harder and burn more fuel.
  • You should check your fuel cap seal sometimes it is broken down, and it allows oxygen to leak into the fuel This causes an excessive air to enter into the engine, as a result, it pulls fuel from the tank, and it automatically affects your fuel average.



These are the instruction that will help you in fuel economy, you should overcome these issue, and it will help you out to have a better fuel economy. You don’t have to buy a brand new fuel-efficient car to save you on fuel. There is plenty you can do to increase your fuel average, and by using these tips it will help you to save lots of money.



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How to Maintain Your House When it’s Not in Use

Majority of us have a vacation house where we spend our summer with family and friends. Also, some buy houses with an extra income or investment. In either case, that house remains vacant for a longer period. During that time, due to storms or dust homes face damage as there is no one to detect the problem in time and repair it. And repairing can charge you in thousands as well as the value of the house also decrease. One must take steps to protect your vacation and investment house even when you are not there for the care. I am going to share some steps how to protect your house form such damage.

Inspect and Clean Monthly

Best thing is to go to your house every month for cleaning. Fix a day for it. And prepare a checklist for the work. It does not take much time. You can do it by yourself if you have time.

You need to make a checklist for kitchen, doors, terrace, cracks, gutter, and driveway especially.

Hire a caretaker

If you don’t have time for cleaning by yourself please hire a reliable caretaker for your house. Caretakers should be reliable so he/she can do it properly even when you are not there. Please ensure that caretaker is reliable by verifying his/her documents.

Caretaker duties should include regular cleaning of the house, taking care of the utilities, keeping outdoor clean and if there is any issue he/she should have to inform you of time. Also, you need to check the house on vacations.

Give House for Rent

The best way to save your vacation house form damage is to give it on rent. You will also earn from it. First, you need to register a proper rental agreement and all facts to avoid any false situation in future. As the house is your vacation house, you need to define the rental period so that you can also use it in summer.

Another advantage of renting your home is, it will stay in use when you don’t have time for it.

Keep Things Under Cover

If your house keeps vacant for months, you must take care of everything inside it. Keep your home windows closed and locked. Also, cover the future with sheets to prevent it from dust and any damage. Keep your windows and doors sealed to prevent dust from coming in.

Install a Security System

Another good way to keep a check on you vacant or vacation house when you are not there is through security cameras or security system that notifies you in case of any break-in or storm. There are many surveillance systems with wide range devices to do it properly but it costs you much.

How Can Izloo Classified Help?

As you all know Izloo Classified provides you the opportunity to post free ads on this site. Izloo classified provides free ads for rent as well as for sale. It is up to you what kind of ad you want to put for your vacation or vacant house. We also provide reviews of different property projects. You can also learn the market value from here.

Izloo Classified also helps you to find the written customer for your ad. Izloo also gives you the opportunity to deal with the buyer or seller of your house face to face. From Izloo Classified paid membership you can also boost up your classified ad and set your ad as featured. This feature will help you to show your ads to maximum people and it will be easy for you to find the right customer for yourself.


In conclusion, the best way is to give it to rent. As there will be no need of taking care it. In return, you also have an extra source of income.

If you have others working ways for home safety please share us and also tell your views through the comments section.

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Types of Properties to Avoid while Buying

You cannot buy any property without research. It needs proper research and many factors considered before buying. Factors like location, market value, facilities and other real estate factors. Following are some factors you should have to avoid while buying the property.

Don’t go for undeveloped areas

It is the era of housing societies in real estate. Don’t buy any property in under construction housing society. As there is no guarantee of proper development plans and documentation. Sometimes, people start housing societies without legal documentation and it costs you, your money as well as time.

So, also go for developed areas and reputed projects like DHA.

Check out the Facilities

The most important factor is security when it comes to facilities. People should only go for the housing societies where proper security and maintenance is provided. This feature is necessary because of the current circumstances of the country.

Another important factor is the area with low crime ratio.  According to agents, buyer and investors always search for areas of security and personal safety.

Check Noise levels & Convenience

Always buy property where the noise level is minimum or the area has low traffic. Commercial areas are not suitable for homes because of the high traffic and noise. Homes near schools are also a bad idea. You should have to face traffic jam issue in Moring and afternoon and also it is hard for you to maintain the outdoor area.

Avoid Property near a drain

According to research, the worst scenario is buying property to the location near an open drain. You will face sanitary risks if you buy property new an open drain. It also costs you health issues.

Projects Failure in Pakistan

According to a survey Multipurpose Cooperative Housing Society, NADRA Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Islamic University Staff Cooperative Housing Society, Banks Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Christian Multipurpose Cooperative Housing Society, Rail Garden Employees Cooperative Housing Society and the Baltistan Cooperative Housing Society, Islamabad failed because of liquidation problem. All these projects are from the year 2017 and failed before their launch.

Other major reasons for housing projects failure are low cost and bribe culture. Due to these reasons, several projects failed in Karachi. Due to bribe culture, the cost of the projects increased and people can’t afford it.

These are the main factors that one should have to consider before buying a property. If you want to share some new factors please share in comments.

How Izloo Classified Help You?

Izloo classified is a trust worth website. We approve ads after the background check and verification. And also try to provide our users the best we can. We also provide reviews about properties to our users. So, that they can check other customers reviews before buying.

We advise our users always go to the face to face meeting and dealing. In this way, you can ask the queries that trouble you with the seller or buyer. We wish you best of luck for your future dealing.

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Top 6 Alternatives of Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is the world’s most popular hybrid car.  As it covers all the functions you need, except its styling. But if you are not a fan of Toyota Prius there are approximately five alternatives to it.

The Toyota Prius is in all in one category of automobiles having the best automotive and efficient body. The first priority of any company is fuel economy when it comes to shopping for a hybrid. And if you are looking for something that is more fuel efficient as compared to Toyota Prius, it will actually take some time. The reason is “because the latest model has 54mps in the city and 50mpg average on highway and nothing can beat this. But if still, you are willing to sacrifice some fuel consumption there are alternatives to it.

The 2016-17 Toyota Prius is powered by 1.8-litre gasoline cylinder engine with 95 horsepower and 105 feet of torque. And the total system power is 121 horsepower. Toyota Prius electric motor can generate 71 horsepower and 120 feet of torque by itself. Its weight is 1390kg and fuel economy is 20-25km/liter.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord hybrid is the best alternative to Toyota Prius. The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid was recently introduced and even with the many hybrid versions of Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet Malibu, the ford fusion and Toyota Camry has the speed of 49 mpg in the city and 47 mpg on the highway with the output of 212 horsepower. Among all the mentioned features the Honda Accord Hybrid is the outliner in its class. It is an electric car with the four-cylinder engine. Compared with previous Honda Accord Hybrid it is more efficient with the four-cylinder automatic transmission and 60mph quicker.  Its stopping distance is 195 feet. The most important its design is classy and latest.

Audi A3 Sportback e-Tron

Audi A3 Sportback e-Tron

The price of Audi A3 varies 28-40 Lacs. Its horsepower is 204Hp with 1495kg weight. And its torque is 385Nm. Its fuel economy is 20km/liter.

No doubt, Audi A3 e-Tron is one of the most interesting PHEVs with a 1.4 TFSI, Turbocharged and Direct-Injected engine manufacturing 150HP and 250Nm paired to an electrical motor contributory another 102HP and 330Nm to the large 204HP system and monstrous 385Nm of Torque; all this hunting a pleasant 6-Speed Dual-Clutch automatic Manual Transmission that’s leaps and bounds sooner than any CVT or Automatic during a hybrid, to the front wheels permits this one.5 ton beast to race to a one hundred km/h during a mere six.5 second. 17-inch alloys and every one of the trendy safety and driver help options like reconciling control, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure interference and Blind-spot observation are out there. The cabin delights with build quality you’d expect from associate Audi and also the MMI Connect picture show system with integrated 4G LTE and exquisite Google Earth Navigation. The Audi Connect mobile app permits the user to line the climate management, realize the automobile, send a destination to the navigation system and check the battery level and out there rang all from a smartphone. A two-hour charge from a 240V outlet provides the around 40km of work unit vary. The A3 could be a reliable automobile with not plenty of maintenance value, but (unlike BMW) it lacks any aftersales warrant, like most imports, so might put off some consumers. A Japanese import of the model year 2015 with 15000Km on the hodometer and Auction Grade ‘5’ are often had beneath thirty-five Lacs. never low cost, however an excellent price, however.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

The price of BMW 2 series varies 30-42 Lacs. Its horsepower is 221Hp with 1795kg weight. And its torque is 390Nm. Its fuel economy is 22km/liter.

Its design and specifications are better than Audi but can’t beat the Toyota Prius. BMW 2 series has all the modern safety features as well as the driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure prevention, automatic emergency braking system and blind spot monitoring. The automatic torque converter is silky smooth but not as good as in Audi A3.

BMW i3 Rex

BMW i3 Rex

The price of BMW i3 varies 27-35 Lacs. Its horsepower is 170Hp with 1195kg weight. And its torque is 250Nm. Its fuel economy is 42km/liter.

Many of you are thinking why BMW i3? No doubt i3 is an EV however it is the best vehicle according to weight, design and fuel consumption.

Volkswagen Golf GTE

The price of Volkswagen Golf varies 26-33 Lacs. Its horsepower is 204Hp with 1580kg weight. And its torque is 385Nm. Its fuel economy is 21km/liter.

The Audi A3 Tron and the Volkswagen Golf shares the same platform. They have some features and specification but Volkswagen golf GTE’s performance is better than the Audi’s. It takes 2 hours to charge it fully on a 240V. If you want to import it, it will cost you 30 Lacs.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The price of Mitsubishi varies 40-55 Lacs. Its horsepower is 203Hp with 1810kg weight. Its fuel economy is 16km/liter.

Mitsubishi is the best rival of Japanese or Toyota cars. It gives you a smooth ride with all the latest technology features.

I would like to end it with some helpful information. Dewan motors are taking place of the automobiles in Pakistan. Dewan motor is going to manufacture the automobiles with latest technologies. You can buy your dream car from them.

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How to keep Your Apartment Warm in winters

How to keep Your Apartment Warm in winters

As we all know the weather condition of Pakistan. It is extremely hot in summers and cold in winters as the average room temperature is about 4 degrees to 5 degrees during winters. This kind of temperature is a very big problem for the people living in apartments. As we all know due to gas shortage we also can’t use heaters to control room temperature. I am going to share some tips which I used to keep my room and apartment warm in winters. Hope you will like it.

Close the Doors properly

The idea is to stop ventilation of any kind. Close all the doors and windows tightly and be sure you have stopped any kind of ventilation. You can also fill the space near windows with silicone for good results. This is the easiest and affordable way of insulating your apartment.

Use Thick Curtains

Thick Curtains protect your apartment from losing heat through the windows. Curtains with the thermal lining are cheap and affordable. You can also use double curtains for good results.

Clockwise Fan rotation

No one knows this little apartment hacks. If you want to keep the room warmer, make sure that your fans have a high speed and clockwise rotation. Clockwise rotation pulls the cool breeze up and mixes it with warm air and then warmer air pushed down and you feel warmer.

Let the sunlight come in

Sunlight is the ideal and free source of heat and it also keeps your apartment warmer. On a sunny day in winter, open all the blinds, doors, curtains and let the sunlight come in as much as possible. The natural light warms up the entire apartment. When the rooms become warmer, close the curtains, blinds, and doors. This will trap the heat inside and you can keep your apartment warmer for many hours.

Furniture Position

Another tip is “use of proper placement of furniture”. If you are using heater, radiator or any fireplace. Place the furniture in distance because furniture absorbs and block heat and you cannot keep your room warm.

So, these are some ways I used to keep my room warmer in winters. Which one do you like most? What are some other methods you are using or have used in past to keep your home warmer? Share your precious views with us in the comments section.

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Top 5 Mistakes Property Buyers Make the First Time

So you have decided to buy a property and it is a very big deal if you are new to real estate business. Real estate is a market with many ups & downs and a lot of procedures need to be followed and checked before any kind of agreement. First of all, the buyer needs to do research on the property, documents, market trend and market value of the property. Here I am going to define some common mistakes that buyers male first time and also going to tell you how they can be prevented in the first place.

Assuming You Can Afford  

First and the most important factor is “money” when you are planning to buy a property. At first, you need to define your budget. Most of the buyers do not look into the long-term when buying a property in installments. And if you want to buy a property in installments please check your saving as the income may change with time and there is a possibility you can’t afford the installments in future. So, do not buy a property on an installment that will take a large portion of your income. Research the property which is available in smaller installments and that will help you to fix your budget and you will also be able to save some for future.

Not Checking the Market Trends

This is the most common mistake by buyers. They don’t research deeply on the market trend of the area they are planning to buy. If you want to buy a property in any area it is good if you go through the last year performance of the project to see how is the overall property market and also is there a market interest in that area. It is not necessary that every each and every project of a famous company succeed.

Not Confirming Legal Documents

Before investing in any project please ensure that all of the documents are legal and approved by authorities and this will prevent losing your precious money in future. Sometimes, due to legal process project stays for a long period and it affects the investor badly and there are chances of losing money. The very first thing is to check the NOC of the property from the relevant authorities. For Islamabad, it’s the CDA, for Gwadar, It’s the GDA and for Lahore, it’s the LDA. Authorities have all the records of the property which is legal or which one is illegal.

If you are a short-term investor, please double check all the legal documents and the status of the area. And also the first-time buyer should avoid longer investment project as they do not have much experience.

Not Negotiating

As a first time seller, you don’t have much information about the real estate business. Sellers have some margin regarding negotiation. Tell your final offer to the seller and also define the expire time of your final offer. This will show the seller that you are not lowering your offer and if they want to sell they have to do it according to your demand.

Not Waiting for the Right Time

If you are buying a property for investment, you have to define for how long you need to hold that property and when you need to sell it. If you are new to this field you need experts or consultants who can do market research and tell you about the right time. Real estate consultants tell you the time when to sell your property.

Above are the common mistakes by the buyers and they need to avoid it. The main thing is awareness and research and always discuss property factors with the property experts and agents.

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What is the best alternative site of OLX, Pakwheels, and for free Classified Ads?

The online publicizing is an extremely productive approach to expand your business. You need a proper strategy and plan if you are thinking about online business. There are many platforms available for free classified ads. Platforms like OLX, or Pak Wheels. All of them are the most famous platforms of free ad posting.


Before talking about the alternatives of these popular classified sites, let us see the strengths & the common problems faced by the users while posting classified free ads on these sites:


Strengths of OLX, Pak Wheels, and

  • All of these sites got a huge user base. Most likely, sellers would get a buyer from these sites in an incredibly short period of time.
  • OLX has a wide range of products. It almost covers product from all kind of categories. A buyer can find anything under one roof of the website.
  • While Pak Wheels targets automobiles sellers and buyers and is famous because of its Property category and also getting popularity day by day.


Challenges Faced by these Web sites:

  • The most important challenge is a lot of junk Ads. It takes a lot of time of the user to sort out the genuine ads from thousands of ads. Finding genuine ad is timing consuming process and also irritating one.
  • Most of the Products are sold by brokers and agents.
  • There is no trust factor between buyer and the seller. There is always a little bit of doubt in buyer’s mind about the quality of the product as well as of seller’s.

Alternative of OLX, Pak Wheels, and

OLX Classified is the best alternative to these websites. It is launched recently and its users are increasing gradually. It aims to the takeover of these websites with its awesome features.

How Izloo classified works?

  • It is a classified ads websites for both buyers and sellers,
  • Only a registered user is allowed to post an ad or to view Seller’s information.
  • You can directly contact the seller. No need of broker, middleman or agent.
  • It only targets Pakistani audience
  • Ads are approved by the admin before appearing on the website.
  • Izloo Classified offer free as well as paid packages. You can use free package for a month with limited ad listings. It prevents junk ads from appearing on the website.
  • You can upload up to 5 images and 1 video in the free It helps you to promote your product.
  • Ads are free by clicks and impressions.
  • You can modify and delete any ad of yours at any time.
  • You can also buy featured or sponsor ads to promote your products. The featured listing gives priority to your ads and chances of getting a buyer in short period of time increases.
  • You can also sell any kind of services here.
  • You can also share your ads on different social media networks.
  • You can use on any device like laptops, PC, tablets and all kind of smartphones.
  • Classified ads indexed in Google search engine fast.
  • creates a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.
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Selling my Honda Accord through Izloo

Well, I have not sold anything online before this deal. So, I really have no idea how it works. I was trying to sell my car (that is used but also in good condition) form past 2 months but can’t succeed because of the price negotiation. I cannot bear the expenses of the agent and the car parking rent because of the delay.

A friend of mine advised me to sell it online as online selling needs no money for parking or also there is no any agent commission. He also referred many sites like eBay, OLX etc including the Izloo Classified. I can’t decide where I should have to sell my car, therefore, I searched about the online platforms and analyze them.

Why I Choose Izloo?

The one and only thing that force me to put my ad on Izloo Classified are that it is only for Pakistani users. So, there are more chances of finding the buyer nearby and I can sell my car in person.

I am from Islamabad. 2 weeks earlier I posted an ad of my Honda Accord CL9 on Izloo Classified with an attractive title, brief description, photos and in contact portion my mobile number.

Photos of Honda Accord CL9, Model 2000

Car Front:

Car Engine:

Car Front lights:

Which Package I Choose?

I choose a free package and posted the ad in the featured listing as I came to know websites gave preference to a featured listing. I have mixed feelings of doubt and excitement on how my first ever try of online selling goes through. I was not hoping for getting any message or call before a week. But I was surprised when on the 2nd day of posting an ad on Izloo Classified; I received a message from the buyer. He asked me further details of the Car. And after that many buyers contact me via message or phone call. I was so happy that I can’t express my feelings. Buyers like my car as I serviced it before posting the ad, as you can see in above images. One of them got ready to pay on my demand price.


My Experience With Izloo Classified:

My overall experience with Izloo classified is awesome. But one thing that I noticed, if you want to sell your product in hurry, always post an ad in the featured listing. It will give a boost to your ad.


Best Regards,

Malik Anwar

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