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Computerized Accounting Course with 5 STAR INSTIT
Pastary Counter, Cake Chiller, Bakery Counter , Electronics, PKR 52, New, Dear Sir/Madam,        <br />
We manufacture New Curved Glass meat chillers, Mince Machine, (All Meat Shop Accessories),  <br />
Bakery counters, Cake Display Chiller, (All Bakery Shop Accessories),<br />
Salad bars, Chaat trolleys, under counter refrigerators, Pizza prep tables<br />
Vegetable &amp;amp;amp; Fruit racks and vertical display chillers.<br />
Double Door Chiller, Single Door Chiller<br />
Cash Counter, Cash and Carry Counter.<br />
Thanks and Best Regards,	<br />
Ameer Chowk, Collage Road, Township, LAHORE<br />
Ph:  0423-5124344, 0333-7259459<br />
Email: sales.technosight@live.com<br />
Non-Stick Folding Omelette Pan, Home and Garden, Kitchen, PKR 1,299, New, Non-Stick Folding Omelette Pan in Pakistan <br />
Description<br />
<br />
New Design Non-stick Folding Omelette Pan Hand Frying Pan Stainless Iron Double Side Grill Pan 28.5*24cm Outdoor Panelas Pans <br />
<br />
Name: Non-stick folding omelette pan frying pan<br />
Material : Stainless Iron<br />
Size : 28.5 x 24cm<br />
Type: Hand Type<br />
Color: Black<br />
Usage: For kitchen use, outdoor use, BBQ use<br />
Type: Griddles & Grill Pans<br />
Applicable Stove: General Use for Gas and Induction Cooker<br />
Package include: 1 X Non-stick folding omelette pan frying pan<br />
<br />
100% brand new and high quality.<br />
High quality stainless iron material, more resistant, more durable, thermal uniformity.<br />
Non-stick technology, not easy to fry paste, healthier and more easy to clean<br />
With folding lid, can be folded up after use, save space<br />
With handle, Very conveient to carry out<br />
Cook on one side first with fillings, then close lid and flip to cook other side.<br />
The pan is suitable for: gas, natural gas, induction cooker.<br />
<br />
+92 3338883556, Karachi, Sindh
Home Deco | Hand carved in African Wood Lady Statu, Home and Garden, Home Decoration, PKR 3,000, Used, Original Collectible in African black wood hand carved by African traditional craftsmen or artist, very beautiful depicted African women sensuality / Figure how they perceive beauty in their society, where physical beauty& Home care responsibility are equal in African society, that is why their mother teach their children in their early 10 month to start walking on their feet, very unique and attractive piece of art to show case in office or home to represent your aesthetic sense & maturity.<br />
<br />
worth collectible desire to be secured these piece of history, its very positive sing in Pakistan's society is learning and doing re-conses for their past and love towards world past history. our society is evolving <br />
<br />
height 1.5 ft and 4 inches diameter, <br />
wood base to balance statue weight<br />
<br />
Price is fix ! <br />
<br />
Wood Details<br />
1- Common Name(s): African Blackwood, Mpingo (Swahili)<br />
Scientific Name: Dalbergia melanoxylon<br />
<br />
2- Color/Appearance: Often completely black, with little or no discernible grain. Occasionally slightly lighter, with a dark brown or purplish hue. The pale yellow sapwood is usually very thin, and is clearly demarcated from the darker heartwood.<br />
<br />
3- Grain/Texture: African Blackwood has a fine, even texture, with small pores that should not require filling; the grain is typically straight.<br />
<br />
4- Rot Resistance: Heartwood is rated as very durable in regards to decay resistance, though only moderately resistant to insect attack. The sapwood is commonly attacked by powder-post beetles and other borers.<br />
<br />
5- Odor: African Blackwood has a mild—though distinctive—scent while being worked.<br />
<br />
6- Pricing/Availability: African Blackwood is very expensive, on par with true ebonies such as Gaboon Ebony in the Diospyros genus. Since the tree grows so slowly, and is generally small and gnarly, available boards tend to be narrow—though large clear sections are occasionally harvested from older trees that yield bookmatched <br />
<br />
Location DHA Phase 6, Khi, self collectio, Karachi, Sindh

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