What is Izloo.com.pk?

Are you new to Izloo and want to know what is izloo.com.pk? Do not worry; we will explain everything to you in detail to avoid any type of ambiguity or doubt.


Izloo Classified is a platform specially created for Pakistani’s. It is somehow similar to any other selling products or services websites or platforms but with some awesome features (You will know about them in the latter part of the article). Izloo Classified is a platform where one can sell their product & services all over the country. Izloo.com.pk is gaining popularity with time because of its amazing & user-friendly features.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to provide a platform for our people where they can sell or buy different products with love. Our affordable packages attract genuine sellers & buyers across the country. We provide ads with complete authenticity and have taken special measures to control the spam posts, ads & profiles.

Categories covered by Izloo.com.pk

We have tried our best to create a wide range of categories. For now, we have 12 main categories which are further divided into subcategories to expand it according to seller product. A wide range of categories also helps buyers in searching the right product in minimum time.  We are offering ads for different categories including clothing & shoes, used cars, electronics, home appliances, cell phones, computers, cameras, laptops, jewelry, houses, commercial plots, plots, villas, apartments, beauty & health, animals & pets, gardening tools, soft toys, scooters, cars, bikes, sporting goods, trucks as well as auto mechanical spare parts. We also provide ads for different kinds of jobs.

If you are providing any kind of services like birthday party management, decoration services, catering, chauffeur, etc you can also post an ad for your service on Izloo Classified. And if someone needs your services, he or she can contact you via email or the phone number mentioned in your ad.

Who can sell on Izloo.com.pk

Izloo Classified is one of the best online platforms or Classified Pakistani websites which allows everyone to sell their products & services online. If you are a seller or want to sell a single product in a hurry, you simply need to create an account on Izloo Classified & submit the advertisement on Izloo.com.pk.

What kind of Ads does Izloo Provide?

Izloo Classified offers you free as well as paid advertisements. It is up to you what kind of package you want to use for selling your product or service. You can sell any kind of legal products via Izloo Classified.   

How to create an account on izloo & Post an Ad?

If you are a newbie & do not know how to start or where to start with Izloo, Do not take tension. We are here to help you in need. We have already shared a complete guideline on how to use izloo for selling your products or services. The process of posting an ad is very simple. You simply need to create an account on Izloo & after approval, you can start posting ads. Well, for starters ad posting is limited but if you want to post more ads, you need to upgrade your account. For more details visit:

How to Post an ad on Izloo – Step by Step Guide

In the above article, you will also learn about some common features of Izloo classified & some tips for buyers & sellers.

Why choose Izloo

People often ask why we should choose Izloo over other websites. Well, there are many reasons for choosing izloo. 1st of all Izloo Classified is a cheap & easy way to attract the audience for your small business. Also, it helps you to promote your business in a little amount of resources. Izloo Classified is the best kind of advertisement service for your business if you have a low budget. Not only posting an advertisement via Izloo is very easy but also it covers a wide range of audiences in a low budget. It will also help you to select the specific area & country for selling your product or spreading words about your business.

Several reasons prove why you need to choose Izloo. They are

  • Classified Ads
  • Audience Origin
  • Categories
  • Search & Advanced Search
  • Free vs. Paid Advertisement
  • Advertisement Period
  • Advertisement Authenticity

For details about each reason visit

Seven Reasons why to Choose Izloo

How Can Izloo Classified Help?

Above we mentioned that Izloo Classified provides you the opportunity to post free ads on this site. Izloo classified provides free ads for selling property, houses, services & any kind of legal products. If you are looking from where to buy a house or want to promote your business online, you can promote your business by posting an ad here. It is up to you what kind of ad you want to put for your product. We also provide reviews of different products. You can also know about the product quality from those reviews.

Izloo Classified also helps you to find the customer/buyer for your products. Izloo also allows you to deal with the buyer or seller of your products face to face. From Izloo Classified paid membership you can also boost up your classified ad and set your ad as featured. This feature will help you to show your ads to maximum people and it will be easy for you to find the right customer/buyer for the products. It is the best platform to promote your business.

If you are looking to buy products online, you also can find reviews of different products here. We help you to make the right decision.


Above we mentioned all you need to know Izloo Classified. If you have queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Your feedback means a lot to use & it will also help us in improving our blog & features. For more updates stay tuned to the Izloo.com.pk/blog & do not forget to subscribe to our email newsletter to receive all the latest updates from our blog section of the website daily. Good luck


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