What Changes Are Made in New Honda CG125?

About 10 days ago, Atlas Honda released its new version of Honda CG125. But mainly it was just a change of the sticker. The consumers did not appreciate it saying that the company has not changed or upgraded its features & mechanical specifications for ages. According to consumer review, the company is now only on focusing the outlook or appearance of the bike, not the specifications.

Few Changes Made in New Honda CG125

After two models comparison, we have shorted list the changes that were made by Atlas Honda Company.

  • Dimensions & Weight
  • The seat of the New Honda CG125
  • Ground Clearance  

Let’s discuss each change in detail.

Dimensions & Weight

Atlas Honda made only a few changes in the new model including the wheelbase, weight, and seat & ground clearance.

The company has increased the overall dimensions of the bike. The new model has a 1026mm height, 1912 length & 735mm width as compared to the old model having 1016mm height, 1911mm length & 732mm width. The new model is also 1 kg heavier as compared to the old Honda CG125. Which means the new CG125 weighs 100kg.  

The seat of the New Honda CG125

According to the reports, Atlas Honda has decreased the bike’s seat height. The previous model height was 771mm & the new model’s height is 764mm. This minor change shows that the seat of the new model CG125 will be more comfortable & easier to ride. The change is made on consumers’ complain & reviews as hundreds of the consumers complain about the pillion seat position. In the previous model, the pillion seat is lower than the driving seat which made it uncomfortable for riders to ride. So, the company has lowered the whole seat to make it easier for consumers to ride.

Ground Clearance  

In addition, the company has also reduced the ground clearance from 140mm to 132mm & increased the wheelbase from 1201mm to 1204mm. Which means the bike’s stability & road grip is improved & making it a good thing for the bike riders.  

Although, these changes seem quite minor the overall effect of the changes on the bike riders is huge. The company has tried to release a reliable & stable model as compared to the previous ones.

Comparison Chart of Honda CG125

Have a look at the complete chart of both models & made a decision yourself which one is best:

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Above we mentioned few changes made by Atlas Honda in the new Honda CG125. What do you think about the new alterations? Is it worth it? Tell us your reviews about the new Honda CG1254, opinion, or experience via the comments section below.  If you have any queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Your feedback means a lot to use & it will also help us in improving our blog. Hope this blog entry will help you in some ways. For more updates stay tuned to the Izloo.com.pk/blog  Good luck

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