Ways to Save Money on Event Planning

Event planning is definitely a skill that’s why people these days hire event planners to plan their events with minimum budget. But it is not necessary to hire an event planner and pay some extra dues when anyone can do this on its own. Event planning requires some skills when anyone can develop in itself. Planning your event on your own will not only help to arrange an event within your budget but will those extra dues you pay to some event planner too. It will take the first step or first attempt. People learn with their experiences. In this post, we are going to share some ways to save money on event planning to help you out in your first experience. If you are interested to know, then keep on reading.

Ways to plan a cost-effective event:

Plan your whole event and estimate the cost

The very first step is planning your whole event. You need to plan and decide each and everything about your event. From invitations to the venue to catering to the menu to each and everything, you need to decide and estimate the cost. This will help you to know how much money do you need to plan an event. Different events have different arrangements. For example, wedding events have different kinds of requirements and official or business events have different. No of invitations also varies. So plan your event and estimate the total cost.

Know your budget

After event planning and estimating the total cost, now you need to know your budget. Just like event planners help you to arrange the best possible event within your budget, you also need to set a budget for your event. Decide a less budget and you need to plan your whole event within that budget to save maximum money. So decide and know your budget.And you have to make sure that you everything within your budget.

Finalize a venue carefully

The third and very important step is to finalize the venue for your event. You don’t need to do this in a hurry. The venue is something that motivates people to attend the event so choosing and finalizing it is very essential. Choose a venue that is easily accessible to everyone. Moreover, finalize a venue that is offering a good deal. Count your total invitation and then decide what is a suitable venue for attendees. Don’t just go for a venue which is very attractive and at a very well located place but is way too big for you and way too expensive according to your budget. Go and check different places, know the different deals and then finalize a venue.


Negotiation is a fourth and very important step. Negotiation helps you to get things done in the minimum budget. Always talk to the managers and suppliers of venues and caterers for their deals, costs and final package. Different venues offer different deals. And deals or packages are way more suitable and cost-effective than individually paying for everything. But also check if everything in their package and deal is useful for you or not. Then take a final decision.

Use your creativity

Decoration and sitting arrangement to be done needs a creative mind. It is not necessary to spend a lot on this. You can use cheap and fewer resources for this. Always use your creativity and do this with fewer things. You can do a very attractive decoration with cheap things.

Hire Quality Catering

Hiring a quality catering is very essential. Because good food satisfies everyone. You don’t need to final a very big menu which is full of variety. If you keep the menu limited and short but the food tastes good, no one will care about the menu. People will enjoy food and will be satisfied. So a quality catering service is very necessary and essential. It will not only save your money but will also prevent the food from being wasted. Because when there is a big and unlimited menu, people tend to waste more food.

Go for buffet catering

Buffet catering is a great choice for many reasons. You should decide a limited but different variety of menu according to the taste of different people. This will put on a great impression on guests as well as food will not get wasted.

Invest in cheap invitations

You don’t need to spend in invitation a lot. Go for cheap but attractive invitations to invite guests or attendees. Don’t waste your money on expensive invitations instead utilize that money somewhere else where it is needed the most. You can also use other platforms to advertise or promotes your events. You can use social media, emails or other socializing apps to send an invitation and promotes your events. This process can be done for business event purposes and this is the easiest way to promote your event. Plus it is effective too because almost everyone these days use social media and socializing apps. And this process is free of cost.

Go for sponsors

If you are planning a business event, you need to look for sponsors who can sponsor your event. A lot of companies need their brand to be sponsored. So search for sponsors and pick the right sponsor for you. You need to fulfill their needs in the best possible manner so they can benefit you maximum. If you find the right sponsor, you will save maximum money plus you will get those branded materials to use as well so you will get the maximum


Event planning is not so hard if you follow these steps carefully. Anyone can be a good event planner and can save maximum money on event planning by following these ways. Now you don’t need to hire event planners to arrange cost-effective events but you can save maximum money. You just need to use your creative mind, your money-saving skills, your negotiation skills, and your energy. And things will happen beyond your expectations.

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Above we shared some important ways to save money with you. If you know other tested and verified tips, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any query related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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