Types of Heat Resistant Roofing Sheets & its Cost in Pakistan

We all know most of the cities in Pakistan experience severe temperature in the summer season. So, it is the best time for all to think of some ways to cool off the roofs of their homes to reduce the temperature within the home. Several tips can help you in reducing the temperature. You can also install air conditioner systems or also use some ventilation hacks. If you can’t afford the air conditioner or other hacks did not work, then there are chances that the roof of your home is trapping heat. The best way to get rid of this problem is to replace your roof with one of the best heat resistant roofing options. We have searched & prepared a list of best roofing sheet options in Pakistan.

In this article, you will learn about:

  • Best heat resistant roofing sheets in Pakistan
  • Cost of installing heat resistant roofing sheets
  • Benefits of corrugated roofing

Let’s explore the best heat resistant roofing sheets in Pakistan & its cost to install it in your home.

Best heat resistant roofing sheets in Pakistan

Apart from home insulation, there are many types of heat resistant roofing sheets available in Pakistan. Let’s explore the best ones in detail including the material & its cost in Pakistan.

  • Galvanised Steel Sheet
  • Polyester Painted Sheet
  • PVC Plastisol Sheet  
  • Bitumen Sheet

Galvanised Steel Sheet

These sheets also come with a corrugated pattern. Galvanised steel sheet also coated with zinc for heat resistant purposes. Galvanized steel requires less maintenance & also low in price as compared to stainless steel. All these qualities make it one of the best types of heat resistant sheets available in Pakistan. These sheets also can bear damage & widely known for its robustness.

If you want to make your home roof heatproof then using Galvanised steel sheets is the best option for you. It will not only protect the roof areas which are directly exposed to sunlight but also protect the roof from harsh weather.   

Polyester Painted Sheet

Polyester painted sheets are among the most popular sheets in Pakistan. These sheets are mostly used for installing in outdoor areas like lawn area, huts, agriculture sheds & outdoor seating arrangements. These sheets are easy to install & also low in cost. The sheets have a coating of modified zinc which makes them heat resistant. Zinc coating also gives these sheets a unique dark green appearance.

The lifespan of these polyester painted sheets is around 10to 20years. Polyester painted sheets are a suitable option as these are not only lightweight but also can withstand the extreme temperature.

PVC Plastisol Sheet  

PVC Plastisol sheets are known as the best types of sheets available in Pakistan. These sheets are a very good coating agent. Construction experts are using these sheets from ages as these are the best resistance.  

PVC Plastisol roof sheet is also a type of corrugated sheet but its lifespan is greater as compared to other sheets. In simple words, these sheets last longer as compared to other heat resistant roof sheets available in Pakistan. These sheets are not only extreme weather resistant but also provide extraordinary consistency. These sheets also give strength to the structure.

Bitumen Sheet

Bitumen sheet is considered one of the best types of corrugated sheets in Pakistan. It is a black mixture of hydrocarbons. This chemical composition makes this sheet heat resistant & it is also the best option if you want to use heat resistant rood sheets for your home in Pakistan. These sheets are not only heat resistant but also come with waterproofing materials.

Bitumen sheets are attached with adhesives. Multiple layers of bitumen sheets protect your roof against water leakage. These sheets are also harsh weather resistant.

Now you know about the types of heat resistant roofing sheets in Pakistan & the best one among them. Now it is time to learn about the cost of these sheets.  

Cost of installing heat resistant roofing sheets

Here you will learn about the minimum cost of installing heat resistant roofing in your home which may also include the waterproofing job.

  • Cost of heat resistant roof sheet with labor: PKR 4000
  • Cost of waterproof roofing sheet with labor: PKR 8000
  • The total cost of installing heat resistant & waterproof roof sheet with labor in your home: PKR 12000

The above-mentioned price is for an area of about 210 square feet roof. The price may vary depending on the area of the roof.  

Benefits of corrugated roofing

Apart from heat resistance, there are many benefits of installing corrugated roof sheets in your home. Let’s have a look at the following benefits of corrugated roofing:

  • Roof sheets made with corrugated material can withstand all kinds of harsh weather.
  • Corrugated roofing is lightweight & also comes with a wide range of designs & options.
  • The corrugated roofing is highly durable & have a greater period.
  • Corrugated sheets are energy efficient & used to make the best heat resistant roofing sheets in Pakistan.

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