Designing an Effective and Appealing Workplace

Mainly Success is measured by in terms of statistics, graph and data by either employees or company. However, smart people know that behind it the numbers are real people. Thus to understand the performance of employees in the workplace, one should have to understand the human psychology.  According to experts and survey, not only psychological factors improve employees performance buy physical environment also manipulate the employees to work better.

When we think about the office, we draw a traditional office space in mind, like featuring desks, chairs, computers, furnished rooms, private rooms, and a boss office. These types of workplaces are common in Pakistan having no creativity or alertness. The main objective is how can we create the most effective and appealing workplace?

The major mistake that everyone does is creating a serious professional look. While creating a serious professional look, one can ignore the importance of color. Researches show that colors are linked to different emotions and moods. A lack of colorless surrounding is the main cause of employees’ moods and lack of focus. According to research, the blue color is linked with calmness and composure while yellow color improves concentration. The red color is dangerous, it increases heartache and leads to stress. While green color is pleasing for eyes and has a positive effect on our minds. The reason is green color is the color of nature. That’s why our mind related while watching the nature color again and again. We feel peace.

The next point is the air condition. Poor indoor air quality is the main reason for employee’s sickness. Illness day’s increases and the productivity decreases by the employees. A good ventilation system is needed for the better performance of employees. According to research, the optimum temperature for alertness is 21 degrees Celsius.  You can use a good ventilator system or use plants to improve the air quality. Plants are the natural ventilators. Plants not only improve the air quality but also give a pleasing sight which relaxes the mind and eyes. This leads to an increase in productivity? Natural light is also improving productivity. So it is more beneficial if the office has large windows, lobby, and plants.

Usually, offices are available in commercial areas or building. Renting an office is really expensive and also space is limited. A crowded place can stress the employees. To avoid this one can use screens and glass partitions where privacy is not an issue. Keeping this factor in mind, the use of open floor commercial offices are increasing day by day.

One of the biggest issues in any office is the noise.   Noise distracts the mind. Using Acoustic tiles will reduce the noise level to a minimum. The effective workplace also requires interaction and collaboration. However, it also requires focus and concentration. Keep above factors in find while renovating or designing an office.

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Hope these tips will help you to design and effective office. If you have other tips in mind, feel free to share with us in the comments section below. Have a Good day!

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Snowy Destination for this Winter Season

Pakistani’s are fond of snow. They want to spend their time in snowy areas but sadly majority lives in hot areas. But they love to spend their winter vacations on snowy places. Exam season is going to end soon and the winter break will start from next week. Remember to pack your things properly for the trip and also get the latest updates regarding weather and road conditions. If you are planning to drive in your car, keep that in shape.

There are many beautiful places to visit in northern areas for winter but top are the few. Here is the list:

Nathia Gali:

Nathia Gali is the top priority of you lives in Islamabad or Pindi. It takes less than 3 hours to reach thee. There are many hiking tracks available and the scenery is also worth seeing. Hiking tracks are suitable for the whole family. Best hiking tracks are Muskspuri Top or Miranjani. You will also find food and other necessities there easily. So, it is the best option for you if you have kids.

Swat Valley:

Swat is a beautiful place and attracts the tourist throughout the year. But in winter it offers more. The gorgeous valley fully covered in snow from November to onwards. You can also visit Malam Jabba, Miandam and Kalam.

Malam Jabba also has a ski resort. If you are interested in skiing, you have to check if ski resort opens when you will be visiting.


Apart from Northern areas, there are other places which receive snow as well. Ziarat is the top on the list if you live near Karachi or Quetta. Ziarat valley is beautiful and it is only 122KM away from Quetta. It is a good option for hiking for beginners. You will also have a chance to explore Pakistan’s history by visiting Quaid’s residency.

Ziarat valley is covered by the Juniper trees and some are the oldest ones in the world. During snowy days, the valley provides a majestic view.


Dadu is also known as Gorakh Hill station. It is situated in Kithar Mountains of Sindh. The place is approximately 8 hours away from Karachi. The weather there is pleasant. It mostly rains there. In winter the whole area is buried under a white blanket.

There are many tourists’ facilities available. You can also enjoy barbecue and bonfire at night in chilly weather.

Arang Kel:

Arang Kel is the village situated in Neelam Valley. Kashmir is the ideal tourist spot throughout the year. Especially in winters, Arang Kel attracts tourist. It is not that much far from northern areas. The temperature is low and the area also has many hiking trakes. The valley is surrounded with a forest and the view is really majestic.  The scenery seems like fairy tales.

Hunza Valley:

Hunza catches the eye of tourist throughout the year. The Karakoram Highway route is best for traveling. You can enjoy the empty roads and scenery. You can enjoy the stunning views and snow. You will also able to purchase essentials from there easily. There are also many one day trip places near Hunza Valley. You can also explore the culture and visit Kariamabad fort.

Hey Folks, get ready to enjoy your winter vacations this year. Don’t forget to keep yourself warm. If you have other places in mind, please share with us in the comment section.  Good Luck

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Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car

According to a survey Pakistani’s spent more than 30-35 lacs on new vehicles. Meanwhile, according to a report, an average used car cost just over 10 lacs. That new car smell sure has expensive air freshener. Apart from this, there are many other reasons to buy a new car. At the same time, it makes sense to buy a used car it will save you from unwanted expenses.  I have compiled 10 reasons to buy a used car.

Save Money

First and the most obvious reason is saving money. You will save lacs by purchasing a used car. If your budget is tight and you can’t buy a new car, you will be able to buy a used car easily within that budget. It helps you to keep your budget maintained. But if you have money, you can use it somewhere else like buying something fancy or investing it somewhere reliable.

According to the survey report, your car cost decreased by 46% within 3 years. It does not matter who many miles you ride it around.


Buying a new car as an investment is a very bad idea. Cars last longer and longer but they still lose their value in a very short period of time.  While there are some models that can handle depreciation better than others. According to a report a car can lose up to 50% of its value within 9 years. So it is not a good idea to buy a new car.


If you buy a new car, you have a wide range of variety. You can choose according to your taste. According to a survey, every year approximately 300 models are offered on sale. We all have different taste. There are also chances that may be the car we want is not made anymore. But luckily we can find that model from the used car market. For examples, there are not many small pickups made nowadays but you can find a wide range of it from the used car market.


Remember the 1970’s vehicles? Those vehicles do not last long as compared to vehicles nowadays. According to a survey a car lifespan changes from 5 years to 11.5 years of age. The auto industry predicts that by 2020, the lifespan of automobiles increases by 15%.

Clearly, Modern vehicles are built to last longer, which means you can save your millions from buying a used car.

Lower Insurance Costs

Your car’s value is the main item that your insurance company considers. If you buy a new car, insurance costs too much but if you buy a used car it will also cost you lower insurance.

Cheaper Registration Fees

Older cars often cost less register fee but it also depends on where you live. There are some states that charged the same fee no matter what kind of car you are registering. But mostly vary their cost based on car’s weight, model, age, power etc. The used car also saved you from paying less tax as the used car price is low.

Final Consideration

Buying a used car is much riskier than buying a new car. Because you don’t know where the car has bee and how it was treated. And also there are no guarantees if a problem arises as compared to a new car.

There is an old saying: You don’t get something for anything? That also applies when you decided to save millions by buying a used car rather than a new car.

The good news is that today’s vehicles are better than ever. They are reliable and most importantly you can check the vehicle history report containing the important details about the car’s past.

Looking for Recommendation?

If you are looking for a car showroom near Islamabad and surrounding, i would like to recommend “The Car Spot” showroom in F-11 Markaz, Islamabad. It is the best showroom in the entire area. The prices of the vehicles are reasonable and the condition of the vehicles is excellent. If you want to define vehicles condition in  numbers, i will give it 9.5 over 10.  You can also find the latest models there. You can also try a demo ride. The car Spot showroom is a brand in that area. I myself bought 2 used cars from there during last 5 years. Both are working completely fine. There is no damage or hardware fault.

How Can Izloo Classified Help?

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Here is the link from where you can buy products online:

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Used baby care products in Pakistan

Babies are very sensitive; they need extra as compared to others. Mothers constantly work hard and take extra care of the babies so they can grow up as a healthy and joyful child. For this process, mother require plenty of baby care products that help them in maintaining the hygiene around their baby.

Baby needs products like baby powder, baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby soap etc. There are many companies that produce only baby products to maintain its quality.


Johnsons & Johnsons are the most popular baby product brand. This brand is the most known and trusted brand in the whole world and Millions of mothers prefer this brand for their babies. This brand has a speciality in making baby care products which include baby shampoo, ream, hair oil, soaps, lotions and much more.

Johnsons is the number 1 choice of Pakistani mothers for their babies. This brand product is easily available on the store and also you can buy products online form different websites.


Mustela is also a famous baby brand producing products from more than 60 years. This brand updates it quality little by little to meet the needs of the new parents.

Mustela is the 2nd most famous baby brand used in Pakistan. Mustela features more than 50 products strengthening its unique dermatological expertise. Mustela baby products are safe, effective, natural and also protect baby’s skin from the harsh atmosphere. These products are also reasonable in price and anyone can afford it.


The shield is the number 1 choice of mothers for buying baby nipples and feeders. Shield products are safe and reliable and also come with the reasonable prices. Shield nipples and feeders have different sizes with respect to baby age. It gives the mother a wide range of variety to choose the product of their choice.


Nestle baby milk is the number 1 choice of parents as well as doctors. Doctors recommend it when your baby is weak or have some issue regarding health. Nan comes with different packaging with respect to baby age.

Bona Papa

Bona papa is also a baby care product company. Wipes and pampers of the Bona Papa Company are the best as well as affordable. All the baby products of the Bona Papa Company are available at lower rates but the quality is not compromised.


Nexton baby care products are the perfect choice for your baby’s skin and hair. Nexton is famous for manufacturing the personal care products. Nexton products range from baby to men. Nexton’s products are produced using high-quality manufacturing facilities. Their claim is to provide the customers with effective and safe care products for their babies and also for the other family members.

Cool & Cool

The cool & cool company has different baby products like baby shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion etc. This company is also famous for the mother care products as well. Cool & Cool baby milk lotion massage helps babies to stay active and healthy.

How Can Izloo Classified help?

As you all know Izloo Classified provides you the opportunity to post free ads on this site. Izloo classified provides free ads for different products. If you are working as a middleman for a product you can post your add on this site freely. If you are looking for to buy baby items, you can find here a wide range of variety of the products. You also can find reviews of the products. We help you to make the right decision.

Here is the link from where you can buy products online:

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Izloo marketing kit for representatives

The marketing kit has been created for our representatives all across major cities in Pakistan. Direct contact details will also be published on our website soon so anyone interested in subscription for bulk posting of listings related to used cars, property sale and purchase, services, whole sale or classifieds at can directly contact our representatives. Until it is published, please feel free to contact izloo using contact form at the website. marketing kit for largest classified ads website of pakistan

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Finding something cheap in Pakistan?

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The most used bookmaker 1xBet always keeps up with the times and ensures that its customers enjoy each of the pleasures of technological progress. At the moment, we are talking about by way of mobile phones. It is very convenient and quite possible that soon 1xbet version mobile will be in demand more than the desktop.


1xbet mobile phone has the same functionality as in the standard version of the site, only lighter and used for mobile phones and tablets. Now you can make bets out of anywhere and all you need to do is to have a mobile unit connected to the Internet. Believe, portable 1xbet is incredibly convenient and fast!

Chose 1xbet mobile
The developers made sure that players could interact with 1xbet mobile site easily and convenient. You can quickly find the activity you need and the outcome meant for the bet, regardless of whether you are going to bet on the line or in live mode. In just a few clicks, you can replenish your 1xbet mobi account inside the most common ways.

Registration on 1xbet mobile phone site is also simple. What you just have to do is fill in a few fields and select the currency in which you would like to play in 1xbet mobil. Moreover, it allows you to enter a personal bill at any time and perform the essential action:

Replenish the game account;
Withdraw funds;
Place a bet;
View statistics.
1xbet mobile version
For those who have already experienced all the advantages of 1xbet mobile phone site, there is one more good news, namely, 1xbet mobi! Functions on both iOS and Android. This software is even better and more thoughtful than the cellular version of the bookmaker. You may download it right on the website and, assess the new quality mobile betting within a few minutes.

1xbet mobile phone version allows you to experience the strong functionality of the bookmaker within the screen of your smartphone. Everything you need is always there and is offered at any second. Undoubtedly, this is actually the main advantage of 1xbet mobile phone iPhone – to make table bets whenever and from everywhere. It is very useful when you are certainly not at the computer, but for case in point with friends in a tavern, watch the match of the favorite team. Agree, to make bets in such an atmosphere is more pleasant and winning on 1xbet app mobile phone will give even greater pleasure.

Enjoy 1xbet portable telecharger bonuses
1xbet mobile bonus system has long been popular due to its variety and uniqueness. In addition , it often serves as a determining element when a user chooses playing bookmaker. With its help, the participant can do the following:

Receive aids once registering and making a deposit;
Make no cost bets (freebies);
Use the loyalty program;
Participate in regular 1xbet mobile live promotions.
All this is only a common part of what a bookmaker offers, which contains certain functions.

The users of 1xbet mobile app can easily receive bonuses and rely on them under the following circumstances:

During registration;
Under the loyalty plan;
By promo code;
When ever submitting an application for certain types of special offers.
There are certain conditions for each actions. You can find out more info on 1xbet mobile telecharger.

Moreover, the bookmaker sometimes conducts an everyday action. When crediting the 1xbet mobile app bank account on a certain day, 1xbet é legal the player receives a return of the put in up to 100 euros. To receive the bonus, you need:

Enter 1xbet cellular login;
First deposit funds in the amount of from 1 to 95 euros;
Complete all the fields in your accounts and put a tick during a call “ Take part in bonus promotions” in 1xbet application cellular telecharger.
That’ s all. You can start enjoying 1xbet application mobile presents after the bonus are instantly credited to the account. Record of available games can be checked out in 1xbet mobi. It differs for desktop variations and is periodically modified and supplemented.


How download 1xbet application mobile phone
You do not need to pay anything for accessing 1xbet mobile app, as the program is distributed free of charge. If you want to enjoy easy wagers in 1xbet com portable, then go to the official website and click on the link “ download”, after which you will be sent straight to the page with the record. You can also set the search 1xbet mobil in PlayMarket.

What OPERATING-SYSTEM mobile 1xbet is available upon
The application is designed for smartphones based on Android and iOS operating systems. Despite the fact that 1xbet mobile version is practical and has a responsive design and style, it is recommended that owners of devices on the Android and iOS operating systems download and install mobile applications. They are optimized for the proper platform, save traffic and feature enhanced functionality.

However , there are some limitations – the version of the os 4. 1 or higher is necessary to install telecharger xbet mobi apk on Android. All in all, the application is faster and more easy in comparison with 1xbet com mobile site.

1xbet mobile inscription
The whole basic functionality from the online bookmaker site was “ hidden” under the icon in the form of three blue side to side lines on 1xbet mobile phone host. It is easy to detect towards the right of the main get access and registration buttons on the side the main page of telecharger 1xbet mobile.

Simply click on the icon – and the side menu unwraps. 1xbet mobile inscription expresses all the functions are gathered that are available on the main variant of the bookmaker site:

Line – almost all sports bets in pre-match on 12 types in different championships and leagues. Inside the settings on the same page of 1xbet mobile telecharger, you are able to select a specific type of prices.
Live – top matches, championships and video broadcast of sports that are happening right now, come in mobile 1xbet in real time meant for betting at profitable probabilities!
Promotions – lotteries, champion races, and also other relevant offers with a stable prize fund.
1xgames – the most interesting online games with cash gambling bets.
Game 21 years of age is one of the most popular games with cash prizes and bonuses.
Slots – your favorite slot machines, like in a casino, are available to players online through xbet .mobi telecharger.
Tournament results – the outcomes of competitions among players who enjoy the service.
Casinos – roulette, poker and blackjack for the most gambling players.
TV-games – lotto, and roulette are available in a convenient format.
Results – statistics on sports and games, as well as internet casinos.
Bonuses – current bonuses, bonus video games, 1xpromo.
The buttons support, information and user settings are available in mobile phone 1xbet.

Learning to make a bet in 1xbet mobile application

Sign in for your requirements after installing the 1xbet mobile app. Line terme conseill? will be displayed on the key page. Further actions are identical as on the computer. Select a match, click on the participant and see the wedding listing. Assess outcome alternatives and odds. Mark the chosen bet and it will be added to the coupon in 1xbet application mobile. Confirm your action, and a certain amount will be automatically deducted from your accounts. It remains to wait and believe that your bet is going to win, and you will get the lottery jackpot!

Benefits of 1xbet mobile
Users of a popular bookmaker be aware that various promotions are presented very often, where you can get more possibilities of interest rates, interest within the funds invested and much more for no extra money of charge. Sometimes there is a time limit. It will be a pity to miss the benefits, simply not being able to enter 1xbet mobile phone site at the moment. With 1xbet mobil, this will not happen. In general, users will always be aware of the events and will be able to participate in these people.

The program is specially optimized to get devices with a screen of 4-10 inches, so that the 1xbet mobi elements do not terme conseill? each other, but are conveniently located throughout the area. Among other important benefits 1xbet por mobile are:

Convenience and speed of betting. It’ s with enough contentration to miss your finger in the right place, as the coefficients are large outlined in 1xbet application mobile or portable.
Affordable and straightforward registration in 1xbet portable application (just enter the contact number and your preferred account currency).
In 1xbet mobile iOS, the same athletics are available as in the standard edition.
1xbet mobile phone website is convenient to use due to the interactive elements.
You can find out the results of matches using bet mobile phone app.
In general, you will be able to enjoy all features and offers of a standard variant but in more convenient way.

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1xBet Live Sports Betting

1xBet Live Sports Betting

Gambling has been around for centuries since the occasions when people became interested in activities. Not only does it add to the overall excitement but also permits winning some money. Today, it is possible to place wagers in the most convenient way, thanks to all these playing websites. Moreover, there are so many options available that betting has become a lot more engaging. Live sports betting is one of the greatest opportunities that bettors have today, and if you enjoy betting on sports, you should try it.

What Is Live Betting?
1xBet Live

Live betting allows players to place their wagers when an event is taking place. In contrast to pre-match betting, when you make your decision a few hours or days before the match, you can see the improvement of the game before gambling. This allows you to monitor almost all twists and turns in the event, which gives you better odds of winning.

If you enjoy live betting, it does not imply that you should not go through analytics on a certain event beforehand since it will give you more important information that you ought to know.

One more making in-play bets so popular is that not all bookmakers are able to change odds quickly the moment something significant happens, and players can enjoy additional rewards.
1xbet Live online

What Is 1xBet?
1xBet stream

1xBet is actually young but quickly expanding company operating in different countries. The bookmaker has choices for all users regardless of their very own level of experience or preferences from online slots to virtual sports. It is qualified in Curacao and now viewed as one of the most promising bookmakers. Excellent large user base in Far eastern Europe as well as Germany, England, and other countries. More than 500, 000 gamblers use 1xbet com for betting and watching 1xbet stream.

1xbet Sport Wagering

1xBet Advantages
The following are the key benefits of the website:

A large selection of online, live video games, and more;
It is an expanding bookmaker;
High odds;
Quality live streaming service;
Many innovations;
Quick and hassle-free withdrawals;
Lots of alternative markets;
A great range of promotions;
Fantastic multi-live streaming.
Promo Code 135 euro

1xBet Live Streaming
You are able to forget about problems with watching your preferred team playing thanks to 1xbet live stream. One of the best things about this service is that you can use this for free! It is very easy to turn on the stream because you are going to just need to do the following:

Go to 1xbet to get 1xBet live streaming;
1xbet Stream

2 . Register on the site, which in turn takes a few minutes (see the style below);

a few. Login to your 1xBet accounts;

4. Now your live streaming facility can be activated and available for you totally free forever;

5 various. Choose 1xbet stream you want and enjoy!

Play now!

Live Sports Betting
1xbet com has more than you, 000 interesting events regularly, and you can easily find the best option. There are numerous kinds of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, ice cubes hockey, golf, and more. Friendly betting is available around the clock, and then for most sports, there are over 35 markets offered for each function, such as free kicks, yellowish cards, and others. Live bets will be available after registration online of the bookmaker and producing a deposit.

Placing Bet
Your website is user-friendly, and you will find their way on it easily. For instance, should you be interested in 1xbet football gambling, just do the following (see the style below):

Head to 1xbet com;
Select “ Live” from main menu;
1xbet Stream

Select 1xbet football from the kinds of sports located under the menu;
Pick the match that you wish to wager on and a type of bet.
A pop-up windows with the details of your bet will be displayed on your screen. Once it is accepted, the amount will be deducted from your bank account instantly.
1xBet Live

Gambling on Several Events
Thanks to the multi-live characteristic, you can add several sporting events towards the multilevel page and place table bets on them simultaneously.
You can browse your wager history at any time from your account.
If you win, you will get funds automatically.

Betting on Many Events
Account Bet

One-Click Bet
The one-click bet is a very convenient feature that allows you to place your wager with a single press. If you want to use it, you need to activate it in the subsequent way:

Go into stake amount in the relevant field in the right steering column;
Tick this “ One-click bet. ”
Once this feature is activated, you are able to place bets with a single click on the odds of your choice. Although it is very convenient, you should be mindful as if you click on odds by mistake, you will not be able to undo that. In order to disable this option, only untick the “ One click bet” checkbox.

Payment Methods
There is a wide selection of payment alternatives that can be chosen, including bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), e-wallets (Skrill, WebMoney, and others), and various payment systems (Neteller, ECO). Moreover, you can use a variety of cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to GameCredit.

The amount of minimum deposit depends on what payment method you pick. For example, using Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other payment methods allows you to choose any amount you want.

1xbet withdrawals and deposits

Customer service
The online online casino and bookmaker has great customer support that you can use around the clock. We have a convenient live chat option it really is a preferred contact method for just about all 1xbet ver jogos players, but it is also feasible to reach the company’ s representatives by calling these people or sending an email.

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