Top 5 Safest Cars of 2019

While buying a car, people tend to focus on other features but neglect the important thing which is safety. We can compromise with other features, but we can’t just let go of this safety factor as human life is more precious than everything in this world. There are hundreds of people who die in car accidents every day. And there were millions of people who died in car accidents last year. So many of the manufacturers have kept safety in mind before designing the cars in 2019. And we are going to share Top 5 safest cars of 2019, just keep on reading.

1: 2019 Honda Insight:

Honda Insight 2019 is the safest car of 2019. This car was absent for 4 years in the market and it gave a comeback this year again and has got the top ratings. The IIHS has declared that this is the car is safe for drivers as this car passed moderate overlap front and small overlap test for both passenger and driver side with good ratings. It provides complete protection for passenger and driver post. This car fulfills the requirements for forwarding collision, its roof strength and headlight have good ratings. And it provides the front crash protection. This car has two additional child seating positions. This car has standard day time running lights, optional blind-spot detections, lane departure protection, and warning. So, this car has overall top ratings for safety pick in 2019.

2: 2019 Hyundai Elantra:

Another top car of 2019 which has good ratings for safety pick is 2019 Hyundai Elantra. This car also passed the small overlap front test for driver and passenger side and moderate overlap front test with good ratings. This car provides good roof strength, head restraints and provides front crash prevention. One drawback of this car is that some of its headlights have poor ratings. Plus, the ease of child seat use is acceptable, it doesn’t have a good rating. Overall this car fulfills all the safety requirements.

3: 2019 Kia forte:

Kia forte car was designed again for the 2019 model year. This car has got the 3rd position in 2019 safety picks. Because this car has specific headlights and this car has passed small overlap and moderate overlap front test for driver and passenger side and got good ratings. This car also provides front crash protection and roof strength. This car has two different headlights variations. A beg is deducted in one high light of the car. And the passenger restraints and dummy kinematics got acceptable ratings which is why it is on the third position. Its child seating ease is acceptable as well. Overall this car provides the required safety and optional blind-spot detection and departure protection.

4: 2019 Kia Niro Hybrid

This car got the top 4th position in 2019 safety picks because this car has optional front crash protection and has specific headlights. Niro Hybrid car came into the market in 2018. This car has an electric motor. This car also passed both driver side and passenger side small and moderate overlap front test with good ratings. This car also has roof strength and optional blind-spot detection. The issues with this car are that this car also comes with two different variations of headlights and one has poor ratings. Moreover, the structure and protection cage also got acceptable ratings which is why it is on 4th position.

5: 2019 Kia Niro Plug-in hybrid:

This car also has got the top 5 ratings for 2019 safety pick because this car provides all the required protection. It has passed all the protection tests for both passenger and driver side. This car also has front crash protection. The issues with this car are the same as with the Kia Niro Hybrid 2019 model. Overall it provides all the protection and safety, it has blind spot detection and departure prevention.


These Top 5 cars got the highest ratings for 2019 safety picks. Now the choice is yours. If you prioritize your safety on top, you must go for one of these cars next time when you are going to plan to buy a new car.

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Above are some safest cars mentioned that we shared with you. If you know other tested and verified vehicles, feel free to share us via the comments section, or if you have any queries related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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