Top 10 Car maintenance tips to make your car last longer

Car maintenance is as essential as petrol for your vehicle. Car maintenance not only keeps your car look new for longer, but it also makes your car last for long. The way you take care of your other things like house maintenance to last it for long, you need to take care of your car as well. If you take care of your car’s maintenance from time to time, you will not face any sudden problem or break down. It is recommended to do a weekly car inspection and maintenance to save it from sudden issues and break downs and your car will look brand new just like you bought it. Moreover, timely and weekly maintenance saves your money as well. As you face any sudden breakdown, you are most likely to more than normal maintenance. So, it is better to do it weekly. Let us share some useful tips for maintaining your car.

Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips:

The following are the tips you can follow to maintain your car.

  • Inspect your air filters

Air filters Inspection comes at the top because most of the problems in your car occur because of clogged air filters. You should inspect your air filters every week and get them changed every year. The air filter problem should not be ignored at all, and it should be maintained time to time to prevent your car from serious issues.

  • Check tire pressure on a daily basis

Tire pressure is another essential thing to be checked on a daily basis to prevent serious issues and damages. Tires ensure the safety, protection, comfort, and efficiency of the cars.If you check the tire pressure regularly, you can save you’re a lot of time and money. And also it will prevent issues and problems.

  • Check your car fluids

Checking your car’s fluid is also a very important and essential thing. Inspect your car’s fluids regularly for better performance and to ensure the proper maintenance of your car.

  • Inspect your car’s battery

Inspecting your car’s battery is very important. Because if your car’s battery stops working anywhere, you will be unable to move your car. So to avoid these sudden issues, you need to check and inspect your car’s battery life on weekly basis. Inspect the battery, cables and wires, and their connection with the main terminal. There are instruments like multimeter which help us to check the battery charge. You need to check if your battery is completely charged on your with the help of multimeter.

  • Inspect spark plugs

Sometimes your engine stops working but your car’s battery is working well and it is not the reason behind it. It could be because of spark plugs. You should check your car’s manual to see when they need to be changed or replaced. And get them changed on time.

  • Clean the windshield and change the wipers

The windshield is a very major part of safe driving. As you see everything almost through windshield. So it is important to clean it regularly. Otherwise it will become difficult for you to see clearly and it will cause accidents and other serious issues. And get checked your car wiper as well to ensure the quality of cleanliness. If your car’s wipers are not cleaning well, you need to get them changed especially in the rainy season, as they are mostly used.

  • Inspect the cooling system

Check your car’s coolant time to time If it is working properly or not, Because the car’s coolant is responsible to provide cooling the heated air to prevent your car’s engine form heating. So if it is not working properly, it can cause serious issues and can lead to consuming more of your money. Get it checked in detail when you take your car to service. And get is checked at home on daily basis to ensure the maintenance.

  • Inspect your car’s brakes

Brake problem also can’t be ignored as it can cause real and serious damage. Get your brakes check if they are working properly time to timeto prevent sudden accidents. If your brakes are not working properly or not working at all, it can be because of brake pedal, brake fluid, and brake pads. Get your brakes checked with professionals. But also make sure to inspect them at home by checking the brake fluids and pads.

  • Get a cover for your car

Covering the car may seem silly and childish to many of you and you may not give importance to it but trust me, it is very important step in maintaining your car. Sunlight, paints, and trees can damage your car. So keep it away from them. Wash your car regularly and then use protection or cover for your car. It will not only keep your car brands new, neat and clean but also will ensure the performance of your car. And please try to park your car in shade as much as possible.

  • Carry the tools for your car with you

The last and very important step is to keep the tools for your car with you. Keeping the tools with you will not only help you to access them easily but it will also help in sudden issues and problems when you are far away from mechanics or help. You should invest in some quality and full set of tools to get maximum benefits. Moreover, it will help you in your hard times surely.


These are 10 tips maintenance tips for your car which you can follow regularly or weekly to ensure the performance and life of your car. We hope, you will find these tips useful and implement each and every tip from now to take best care of your car. We wish you best of luck.

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Above we shared some useful tips for maintaining your vehicle. If you know other facts or tips except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any query related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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