Tips to Stay Safe when riding a bike in the rain

Motorcyclists mostly prefer clear weather to go out for a ride. No one wants to risk their lives by riding a bike during the heavy downpour. But under some circumstances, one can’t avoid riding it in rain. In such situations, one has to take certain measures that can ensure a safe journey. Have a look at some safety tips for riding a motorcycle in rain.

Safety Tips to follow when riding a Motorcycle

If you want to avoid unexpected interactions with the rain, always check the weather forecast before going out on a bike. People face many issues because of rain during the year’s journey, especially in the monsoon season. If you have seen the weather forecast and know that you will have to face a light drizzle or a heavy downpour then you must have to follow the following safety tips for riding a motorcycle in rain.

  • Wear suitable attire
  • Be prepared for low visibility
  • Sturdy tires
  • Avoid aquaplaning or hydroplaning
  • Don’t get carried away with speed
  • Watch out for the first rainy spell

Let’s discuss these tips in detail. 

Wear suitable attire

Rainy days require more added measures to have a safe journey, unlike the other days when roads are not slippery & the weather is dry. Additional gear will help you to have a safe journey in rain. Buy a pair of good quality waterproof leather gloves. These gloves will not only keep your hands dry but also help you in controlling the handles of the motorcycle. You should also have to pay a good quality waterproof leather jacket to keep your upper body safe from rain.

Good quality waterproof riding pants will also help you in riding through the rain. If you wear formal shoes on a rainy day, it can slip and also affect your smooth journey. So, it is recommended to buy waterproof shoes.

Carry your electronics like laptop, mobile, tab in a waterproof backpack or cover any kind of bag with a plastic sheet. Make sure to secure the top of the plastic bag with double tape to avoid any water penetrating in the plastic bag. If water penetrated inside then your electronics would damage.

Be prepared for low visibility

 During rain, facing low visibility is a common issue. Low visibility can affect drivers or bikers. Among the safety tips, one is to wear headgear. Headgear will save you from the sun, rain and any kind of accident.

People nowadays prefer wearing anti-fog goggles & visors. They protect your eyes & also help the windshield from steaming up. If you don’t have anti-fog goggles, you can apply various anti-fog treatments.

Sturdy tires

If you drive in rain, tires are the only part that comes in direct contact with the slippery road. It is always helpful & recommended to use good quality tires for your motorbike. Even in the rain, a pair of sturdy tires will help you to navigate easily.

Worn out tires are dangerous especially on rainy days. It is recommended to not by bald or smooth tires. If you want to invest in your bike tires, buy tires with treads. They are suitable for all kind of weather conditions. If you get confused because of the term treads. Let me explain it to you. Treads are the channels or grooves or curves in your tires that deflect water to make it easier to steer the vehicle on slippery or Silk Road. With the help of these tires, you can easily move on the road whether it is snowing or raining. 

Avoid aquaplaning or hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when tires can’t get in touch with the road because of the extra water on the roads. If you are driving in heavy rain and want to avoid hydroplaning, please do not ride on oily puddles, painted lines or especially over manholes.

Don’t get carried away with speed or avoid over speeding

Always ride the vehicles within the speed limit does not matter what kind of weather you are facing. Especially in rain, try to drive slow and be extra careful. Make sure to check the brakes. If you are driving in rain, it is always recommended to drive extra slow on turnings. Heavy rain mostly cases many accidents. If you want to avoid accidents, please drive extra slow and be careful. Life is precious. 

Watch out for the first rainy spell

Please check the weather forecast before going out. The first rain spell is bound to create a slippery surface on the road. Do people usually think of where this oil comes from?

Engine oil that released from vehicles mixed with dirt and when it rains it gets washed off with dirt & creates a slippery oily road. This slippery road will cause fatal accidents. So, please be careful.

Maintenance Checklist before riding a Bike in rain

Before making a plan to ride the bike in rain, please check the following things:

  • Check the tires
  • Inspect the brakes
  • Inspect the oil leakage
  • Lube the chain

Check the tires

Before going out in rain, please check the tires of your motorbike. Check the air pressure of tires. If the tire is under or over-inflated then it will create problems for you in rain. As mentioned above, use tread tires to avoid hydroplaning.

Inspect the brakes

A failed brake can cause accidents, especially in the rain. It is best to check your brakes before going out in rain. Also, check out the tear of wires before going out.

Inspect the oil leakage

Oil leaking will cause dangerous accidents. If you want to avoid an accident caused by oil leaking, please always check any kind of leakage before riding a bike. Especially in rain, oil leakage can be extremely dangerous. Oil & grease mixed with water & create a slippery surface that your bike can’t handle & can cause an accident.  

Lube the chain

Lubricating the chain comes in a regular check-up of your bike. The chain in the bike is one of the most important elements. Make sure to lubricate it to avoid any kind of accident.

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Above we shared tips to stay safe when riding a bike in rain. If you know other tips except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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