Tips to increase Fuel Economy of Your Car

The is the top rated question you will listen to every buyer what is the fuel consumption and economy of this car. Due to a high value in oil prices locally and globally, now people are more anxious about buying a car with tremendous fuel economy and mileage.

If you want to become a “hyper-miler”, then follow these tips I will help you to use the last drop of fuel in your tank.


  • A vehicle that is not maintained properly on a regular schedule will consume 20 percent more fuel. Most of us tolerate car maintenance and they complain about their fuel consumption.So if you go for a regular routine checkup then you can save 20-25 percent of fuel.
  • Make sure you have changed the oil in time and also have to change the air filter and spark plugs as well by replacing the air filter and spark plugs during a regular routine checkup not only helps your car last longer and helps your engine burn fuel more efficiently.
  • Underinflated tires burn more fuel. If tires are 7-9 pounds underinflated (a normal condition) rolling resistance of tires increases by 5-6 percent. SO you should check your tires pressure at least fortnightly or monthly because by doing so you can save 2-3 percent of your fuel which will lead to a good fuel average.
  • Make sure that the wheels are aligned properly because a bad wheel alignment may affect the fuel economy.
  • Whenever you put extra weight it automatically effects the engine and takes more power which means more fuel consumption. You should remove extra carrying kits such as roof boxes and bike racks and the extra luggage that is for no regular use. So always clean up your trunk.


Driving Techniques:

  • Use the cruise control when appropriate, because on highway cruise control can save up to 4-5 percent of your fuel.
  • Don’t let the car be idle for more than 30 seconds because it may consume 1-1.5 liters from 4 liters of fuel per hour. Modern engine consumes less fuel turning off and restarting the engine than idling for some time.
  • When the engine is cold you should on the engine for at least 20 seconds this will build oil pressure, and you can drive away. But due to lack of knowledge, some of us start the engine and drove the car which leads up 100 percent fuel wastage.
  • Drive in a highest possible gear without putting pressure on the engine, this is a fuel efficient way of driving. If you travel in fast ways on low gears then it can consume 40-45 percent of more fuel. For example, if you are driving at a speed of 60-70 km/h, a vehicle will use more fuel in third gear then it would be in fifth gear.
  • Drive in smoothly and a smarter way. By applying slow throttle and avoiding heavy breaks, so you can reduce fuel consumption.
  • While driving doesn’t put your left foot on brake paddle. The little pressure might put “mechanical drag” on components. This may result in additional fuel usage to overcome this dragging.
  • Always choose a silk and a smooth road, because if the roads are uneven it will affect the fuel mileage.
  • Sometime when the roof and the windows are down it creates aerodynamic drag that causes an engine to work harder, as a result, it affects the fuel economy.
  • Use the motor oil that supports or suite your car, the engine is designed to work with best specific type. If you use heavier weight oil, then it might create friction and cause the engine to work harder and burn more fuel.
  • You should check your fuel cap seal sometimes it is broken down, and it allows oxygen to leak into the fuel This causes an excessive air to enter into the engine, as a result, it pulls fuel from the tank, and it automatically affects your fuel average.



These are the instruction that will help you in fuel economy, you should overcome these issue, and it will help you out to have a better fuel economy. You don’t have to buy a brand new fuel-efficient car to save you on fuel. There is plenty you can do to increase your fuel average, and by using these tips it will help you to save lots of money.



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