Tips to Improve the Fuel efficiency of cars

As we all have seen that the prices of fuel are getting higher and higher every day, and motoring is becoming difficult for lots of people. It is difficult for people to control as well as bear the expenses of motoring. We can’t control the prices of fuel, but we can give you some tips to improve the fuel efficiency of cars. Just keep on reading.

12 ways to make your vehicle fuel-efficient:

  1. Don’t put extra weights in your car

To reduce the consumption of fuel, you need to remove extra weight out of your car. Heavyweights require more energy, so your car consumes more fuel. So, don’t put in extra weights into your car.

  1. Take care of the basic maintenance of your car

To improve fuel efficiency, you need to take care of the basic maintenance of your car. A lot of people don’t know that if you don’t do the proper maintenance of your vehicle from time to time, it starts to consume more fuel than it requires. So get your vehicle serviced and maintained on a regular basis so that it requires less fuel.

  1. Turn on the air-conditioner only when required

Air-conditioner consumes more fuel so turn on the air-conditioner only when it is too hot outside and can’t deal with the hot weather. Same goes with the heater. The heater also consumes more fuel. So use these appliances only when required.

  1. Get checked your car’s engine regularly

Get checked your car’s engine regularly to avoid the more fuel consumption. Because maybe your car’s engine doesn’t require any maintenance but you need to change the plug or air filter.

  1. Avoid speeding your car

More speed of your car will consume more fuel. So avoid speeding your car. Stay within the speed limit to improve the efficiency of your car’s fuel. Most of the cars behave keeping the speed limit between 60-80/kph. High speed can consume 20 to 30 percent more fuel than steady speed.

6: Check your car’s tires regularly

To reduce the consumption of fuel, you need to check your car’s tires regularly. Keep checking your vehicle’s tyres to reduce the resistance and make your car fuel-efficient.

  1. Keep an eye on fuel consumption display

Always keep an eye on your car’s fuel consumption display so that you get the idea that what makes your car consume more fuel. Checking your fuel display will help you to track your fuel consumption so that you can limit your car’s fuel intake.

  1. Avoid traffic

Whenever you go out, avoid the roads which have less traffic. Because more traffic can lead to more fuel consumption. So, avoid traffic and take the roads which are less-trafficked.

  1. Use the accelerator gently

Accelerate gently as hard accelerating can lead to more fuel consumption. So be gentle while accelerating to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

  1. Don’t drive on unconstructed roads

Driving on well-constructed roads require less fuel than driving unconstructed roads. So don’t drive on the roads which are unconstructed because your car will need more energy to run on such roads, and it will consume more fuel.

  1. Maintain a steady speed

When you drive your car at the same speed every time, you improve the efficiency of your car’s fuel consumption. Because your car gets used to the same speed so it consumes less fuel.

  1. Use the brakes less

The more you use your car’s brakes, the more it consumes the fuel. So be attentive and keep an eye on traffic everywhere while driving to limit the excess use of brakes to make your vehicle fuel-efficient.


These tips are very useful to make your vehicle fuel-efficient so that you could spend less on motoring. Apart from this, you should start to walk more and limit the use of vehicles. This will not only help you to maintain your budget but will make you healthier.

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Above we shared some important tips with you. If you know other tested and verified tips, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any queries related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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