Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a tricky process. One has to look out many aspects before buying a used car. I created a list of tips that can help to ensure that you get a great car at a reasonable price.

Know what you need

There are things in life that what we need vs. what we want. Try to differentiate between the two phrases. When buying a car, it is important to determine what functions you need in your vehicle. Choosing a vehicle that meets all your needs will make you happier and also save your time.

Know what you can afford

Once you determine what you need, the next step is to know what you can afford. If you want to buy a vehicle on cash then it is easy, but if you are getting a loan for buying a car, you will need a financing calculator to determine the mix of interest rate, down payment and monthly payment that will fit according to your budget.

You can ask your friends and relatives regarding the card cars in reference to knowledge. Check out local websites, car portals, online reviews, and auto magazines when buying a used car in order to make a smart choice.

Choose a Small engine used car

The smaller engines cars are cheaper as the large engine will usually consume more fuel as compared to the small engine. There is also a disadvantage of using a small engine car that is it if you want to use a high speed, it will need to work much harder and more fuel is consumed.

Choose a Fuel Economical used Car

Fuel economy is considered the key feature when buying a car in Pakistan. People here are obsessed with fuel efficiency because of low income and the ever-rising of fuel prices. So it is recommended to choose a vehicle that is affordable in terms of fuel consumption.

Choose used Petrol cars as compared to Diesel

Diesel engines are often more economical as compared to petrol engines. But don’t be fooled thinking that diesel engines are a better option. Diesel engines cars are more expensive and they usually cost more as compared to petrol.

Choose a used Manual car

Switching gears is extra work but if you choose an automatic car it will cost you extra bucks as automotive cars come with a higher price tag. So it is better to choose a manual car with respect to your budget.

Choose a Model known to be Reliable

Now the next step is to choose the vehicle that meets your needs & budget. The smart choice is to focus on models that are known as reliable and also the repair cost is also low.

Choose used smaller cars

Smaller cars are cheaper to insure. A small car may save your precious amount. Cars are placed in groups ranged from 1 to 50. Check the insurance group rating before buying a used car.

Choose a used car with Warranty

If your budget allows, always buy a used car from an authorized dealership with warranty. It will save your money in case of any error in future.

Choose a used car with spare parts

The smart choice is to buy a car that spare parts are easily available in the market. Try to avoid too old car models that are no longer in production because their spare parts are not available in the market. Furthermore, these vehicles also have a maintenance issue. These cars might be cheaper in the sale but it will disturb your budget when it comes to maintenance.

Prime Buys

If a vehicle has traveled 15 thousand KM to 50 thousand KM, it is good to go for that car. Try not to buy any car that traveled more than 50 thousand KM because those vehicles are old and risky to purchase.

Best Time for Buying a Used Car

Time of buying a car also affect the price of the vehicles. Because used car showrooms have timeframes and they have given the targets to increase sales. So it is best to buy cars at a quarter-closing time e.g the last days of March, June, September & December. To meet the targets car dealers sell a used car at cheaper rates during the closing time so it is beneficial to visit them at the mentioned time period.

Perform Exterior Inspection

Before buying a used car check for following things:

  • Check for any accident damage, scratches, and welds on the car body (doors, bonnet and roof)
  • Check for the smooth paint finish and make sure the car body is not repainted. Check every panel for the smooth texture. If there are bubbles or waves that indicate a repaint or re-spray in case of damage.
  • Use a magnet to check and identify the repaint work on the body of the car. If a magnet won’t stick to the car body that means car’s body is repaired with fiber, plastic or any other material.
  • Check the doors losing, tires and rims
  • Car inspection must always be done during daytime to avoid any kind of confusion.

Perform Exterior Inspection

Before buying a used car check for following things:

  • Check the dashboard, seat cover, sound systems &other features of the car. In case of automatic buttons for windows and mirrors check the buttons are working properly.
  • Check all the headlights, brake lights, high beams & sunroof windows if available are working properly.
  • Check the odometer and compare it with the documents provided by the car dealers. If an odometer reading is not matched it means the odometer has been tempered.

Test Drive

Always perform a test drive before making the decision. Check the following points as well.

  • Start the engine and note down the color of the smoke it emits in the start, if the smoke color is blue it means the engine is burning oil but if the smoke color is black it means the engine is using excessive fuel consumption.
  • Not down the engine starting time. If the engine starts easily it means the battery is okay but if it takes times that indicates the battery needs to be changed.
  • Drive the car at high speed on different surfaces to determine the functionality of clutches, brakes, steering & gears.
  • Check the temperature of the car while driving. Some cars heat up on uneven surfaces. Try not to buy the car that heats up easily.

Experienced Mechanic’s Inspection

Experienced mechanics can point out the things that an ordinary person can’t think of. Ask your mechanic to make sure the functions of the car working properly as well as the hardware. Also take your mechanic with you when performing a test drive, as he is the best person to judge the functionality and engine’s condition of the car.

Verification of the Documents

  • Once you made your decision of buying a used car and also check the above-mentioned points, the next step is documents verification.
  • Verify the registration number, engine number & chassis number on the car with the documents provided to you.
  • Ask the showroom dealer for the original computerized number plates
  • Ask the showroom dealer to provide you with all the previous repairing records of the vehicles.
  • Ask the showroom dealer about the previous owners of the vehicle. If a car has been used by more than one person don’t buy it.
  • Always check the CNIC of the car owner if the people really exist or the CNIC is tempered.
  • Contact with police to make sure that the car is not a stolen one.

Negotiate for the price

The most important step is to negotiate the price once you have decided and check all the above-mentioned points. Usually, the car dealers set a range of profit, so it is useful to negotiate the price with them.

Looking for Recommendation for car showrooms?

If you are looking for a car showroom near Islamabad and surrounding, I would like to recommend “The Car Spot” showroom in F-11 Markaz, Islamabad. It is the best showroom to buy used cars in the entire area. The prices of the used vehicles are reasonable and also the condition of the vehicles is excellent. If you want to define vehicles condition in numbers, I will give it 9.5 over 10.  You can also find the latest used car models there. If you want to go for a demo ride the dealer will allow it to you. The car Spot showroom is a brand name in nearby areas. I myself bought 2 used cars from there during last 5 years. Both are working perfectly fine. I also check all the above-mentioned points before buying those vehicles. There is also no damage or hardware fault in those cars.

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