Things To Keep in Mind While Driving Manual Cars

Things to keep in mind while driving manual cars

These days, when people want everything easy and effortless, doing something manually is a big task. People like to use everything automatically. So driving a manual feels so old-fashioned and a huge task. But, the thing is using automatic things is not a big deal. And people think, they can’t do things manually which is wrong. Nothing is hard or impossible until you think it is. And I think driving a manual car is an actual enjoyment and real car lovers know what I am talking about. In this article, I am going to tell you about the things to keep in mind while driving manual cars which will tell you how easy it is. IF you want to know, keep on reading these easy tips and implement these tips to become PRO in driving.

  1. Do not engage your cars at signals

When there is a red light on signals and you have to wait for a while to turn them into green, I know it is hard to wait when you are in hurry. And it is hardtop stop your car somewhere on the way but you should stop at that moment. You should stop your car’s engine immediately. Do not keep your car engaged. Do not keep it working. Give your car a little rest and wait calmly to turn the signal into yellow and then you get your car ready to move. Do yourself and your car a favor at signals by giving some rest.

  • Do not rest your hands on the gear lever

This is another big problem I have seen with 90% of manual car drivers that they put their hand on gear lever for rest which is wrong because one wrong movement and your car will speed up. And I know nobody wants to lose their cars and themselves with such carelessness. So drivers, be careful and conscious while putting your hands on rest. The gear lever is not here for hand rest. Try to avoid it totally to be a good driver.

  • Don’t use the clutch pedal for your foot to rest

I have seen 90% of the driver use the clutch pedal for keeping their feet on rest. I wonder, how come they be so careless. This thing is not for your resting purpose. Keep your feet away from the pedal unless you need to use them for the actual purpose. So if you want to be a good driver, please be careful with that. Otherwise, if face any fuel failure or get some loss like a pedal failure, you can get into trouble.

  • Be careful while building up speed

I have seen a lot of drivers mostly beginners who do not how to use gear to speed up the car. They directly start overspending which can mostly lead them to meet some accident. And they can get your engine damaged also. They can’t control the speed at the moment. So I want beginners to keep this thing in mind that they should build up their speed limit gradually. They should experiment themselves so early. Be careful while using gear. Start with the lowest one and then gradually increase your speed to be an expert. In easy words, I would say please use baby steps to become pro. Otherwise, the consequences can get quite expensive for you.

  • Be careful while driving on hills

A lot of people when driving on hills, they use pedal and accelerator both to keep their cars moving steadily which can cause them danger. When people use pedals and accelerators together, their car gets moves backward and gets the people into danger. Reason for this is, both pedal and accelerator has different speed and when they both are used together, friction is produced. And the car can get unbalanced. So beginners especially, you want to be a good driver, you need to have enough knowledge about each part of your car. You need to know every detail before you start driving. And you have to be extra conscious while driving on hills.

  • Get your car’s oil changed according to your car’s oil change interval

With every car, you get a manual copy. You should check your car’s oil change interval so that you can get your car’s oil changed in time. Most of the cars have an interval limit of 40k Km but you need to check yours still carefully. Changing your car’s oil in time will help your car to give you your required efficiency.

  • Read the car’s manual carefully

When you buy a car, you get a manual copy with it. You should read it carefully before using it. You should know the specifications of your car in detail. You need to know every detail about your car’s parts, and their speed limit before you begin the actual fun!

  • Be patient and calm while you drive

The most important tip to all beginners is you should be patient while you drive or while you are learning how to drive a manual car. This will give you your required results as well as peace of mind. And you should be calm and composed while driving as this will help you to not only enjoy your drive but love your car as well. And this is how you can be a PRO.


Driving a manual car is not as tough as it seems to be to beginners. Driving an automatic car could be done by kids also as it is so easy to drive it. But it is boring and not at all adventurous. If you want to enjoy driving, you should learn to drive a manual car like a PRO which can be a win-win situation for you. And I would say manual car drivers are called real drivers. I hope these tips above will help you to be a pro of a manual car.

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