Things to consider when buying furniture online in Pakistan

Similar to other developed countries, the online market is rapidly expanding in Pakistan. Now, one can buy anything online with the help of a few taps. Now buying furniture online in Pakistan is very common even using technology is not easy for everyone. Online purchase excites buyers but the risk factor is too high. No one can give a guarantee of the seller or the product. Finding a reliable seller that guarantees quality, offers affordable shipping & also offers return policy is really tricky and is considered as among one of the most crucial things.

People usually ask, is there any way to remove stress & uncertainty from online shopping? How can one make sure that he/she is not being scammed? Well, we select a few points that will help you to avoid scammers while buying things online in Pakistan. 

Top tips for buying furniture online in Pakistan

Online shipping seems fun but it is also dangerous. It may sound interesting & amazing to have a large variety of products you want to buy but you can easily get tired by swiping left & right and also too many options might leave you more confused. In confusion, you either end up buying a useless product or walk away with something not suitable for you.

If you are determined to buy furniture online, it will take weeks. Finding the right product that fulfills your requirements will take time. Do not stress out yourself before buying anything online. We will help you out. Take a look at our handy tips before buying home furniture or any other product online:

  • Always check the store’s reviews
  • Make sure the store offers a return or refund policy
  • Double-check extra & shipment cost
  • Examine pictures & description
  • Look for coupons & discounts & compare with the original price
  • Opt for brick and mortar stores

Always check the store’s reviews

The first and most important step before buying any product online is to have a complete background check of the store. If you want to know about the store, first check the information given in the store’s “About” section. Secondly, search for the Facebook page of that store and read the reviews left by different customers on the facebook page. Seller may have reviews on the website but you need to check on the Facebook page also as the seller can easily manipulate the reviews on the website as he or she has the control to modify and manipulate reviews.

One more thing keeps in mind that reputable & professional stores love to boast about their company & work. They love to share their history in detail. You will also find bad reviews about the store but if the overall rating of a store is too low it indicates that the company is not reliable and also they are not delivering the things they are offering.

Make sure the store offers a return or refund policy

If you are determined to buy online, look for stores that have flexible return policies. It is best to avoid buying websites or store that does not offer clear return policies.

Some stores or websites also ask customers to bear the cost of return shipping. If you find such stores make sure t avoid them at any cost. If you have ordered heavy furniture from another city, the return shipping of it will cost you thousands of bucks and it will be a burden on your pocket.

Double-check extra & shipment cost

Above mentioned key points, another important point that one has to keep in mind is to calculate other charges. Sometimes products are affordable but the shipment charges are too much.

Many online stores in Pakistan offer free delivery in cases when the orders meet the minimum order requirements of the store but in that case, some might charge additional charges to deliver the products on your doorstep. However, in the case of buying furniture online, it is good to pay some extra bucks for the furniture’s safety as it tends to be fragile. Please, double-check the charges before ordering to avoid any kind on mishap later.

Examine pictures & description

No doubt online stores have made our life a lot easier. You can buy any product without taking a step outside of your home.

From food to furniture, everything is available online. You also find a large range of variety. But buying furniture online is different from buying food and cosmetics. For example, if you ordered potato, you will get potato but the same cannot be applied for the furniture. For example, if you want to order something but have doubts about the quality or color what should you do?

Well, in that case, contact customer service and ask your queries but if they are unable to satisfy your doubts do not buy from them. Buying furniture online is tricky, you need to examine it personally before buying it.

Most of the time, stores failed to fulfill your demands, they deliver another thing so it is best to visit the outlet of that store if available in your city, to avoid suspicion.  

Look for coupons & discounts & compare with the original price

It is recommended do not buy from the stores that come across the very first. Do a little research and find who offers the best deals.

Take notes of the furniture cost, shipping cost, return policies & additional takes from one website & then compare it with different websites. It surely demands a little time & energy but the end result will make all clear.

Furthermore, internet retailers also offer sales & coupons on special occasions. You can get benefit from these sellers. So, it is best to wait for occasions like Eid, Ramadan, end of season sale, clearance sale etc. Who knows, you might able to get your favorite furniture on sale at affordable prices. Buying during the clearance sale is really helpful, you will get a discount of up to 70% on products.    

Opt for brick and mortar stores

If you have doubt about the quality and color of a product from an online store, you should have to check the pictures & description with a critical eye:

Good reviews about a store build credibility but have you personally checked the reviews? You have to check it yourself and make sure the reviews are not fake.

Some online furniture stores in Pakistan also provide pictures taken from clients’ phones with reviews. These photos help buyers in making their choice & clear all the doubts that new buyers have. Buyers also provide pictures from different angles that give you a better insight into the furniture.

Before ordering, read the full description of the furniture. In this way, you do not get scammed later on. If you have a habit of skin reading, you have to drop it before buying anything because this habit of you will cost you thousands of bucks.

Carefully read the description of the products since the sellers tend to choose the terms carefully. For example, furniture stores will not use words as “made of synthetic material” rather they will write “composite woods”, which is different from solid wood.

Sometimes pictures can be deceiving. So, never assume the furniture’s measurements from the picture. Always read the description carefully to confirm the measurements. Next, you need to think about where to place it.

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Above we shared tips to stay consider when buying furniture online in Pakistan. If you know other tips except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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