Things Banned taking in Pakistan’s Planes

There are a lot of security issues as Pakistan has been struggling with terrorism since the past few years due to which Pakistan has banned a lot of things for passengers to take with them in the flights. Almost every airport in Pakistan has been following this strictness to ensure the security of passengers as well as the staff. Here is a list of things that are banned to take in Planes in Pakistan.

  • Weapons and Devices that cause injury and are dangerous for human beings

Pakistan has strictly banned Weapons and devices that can cause harm like guns for a passenger to take with them in their flight. They can not carry any kind of gun or weapon.

  • Goods that can cause any harm to human life

Goods like acid, compressed gases, flammable solids, liquids, Radioactive materials and all other materials that can harm human life are strictly banned in Pakistani planes. You can’t carry any of these things with you otherwise a strict action can be taken against you during your luggage boarding.

  • Liquids

Liquids are strictly banned in Pakistani planes. It can be any kind of liquid except formula milk for infants and toddlers.

  • Things that can threaten the security of aircrafts

All the things can cause harm to the security of aircraft are strictly banned in Pakistani planes. It can either blasting accessories, fireworks, military supplies, gun powder and anything that cause the smoke and can harm the aircraft are banned.

  • Objects that cause harm by hitting

Any object that can cause harm to anything or anyone by hitting is strictly banned. It could be any arts weapon, any cricket bat, hockey or golf stick, any tennis racket, and any club stick. These things can not be taken in the Pakistani planes.

  • Tools that are used for work which can cause harm

Any tool that is used for work and can cause serious harm is banned in Pakistani planes. It could be either a hammer, screwdrivers, drill machines, bolts guns, torches, and crowbars can be never be carried in the flights otherwise a serious action could be taken at the airport.

  • Objects that have sharp edges and can cause serious harm

All the objects that have sharp edges can not be carried in planes in Pakistan. It could be any kind of knife, chopping item, axe, blades or razors, any kind of art equipment, scissors and sword are strictly banned in every plane in Pakistan.

  • The device that is used to give stock and can give shock or immobilize any person

All the devices that are used to shook anyone or immobilize anyone are strictly banned in Pakistani planes. You can not carry any chemical, sprays, gases, animal stunners and guns in the planes with you.

  • Any kind of dangerous medicine or drug

You can not carry any kind of medicine or dangerous drug with you unless you submit your medical documents and take permission to take them with you it is necessary. Otherwise, medicines are strictly banned in Pakistani planes.


These things are strictly banned in All Pakistani airports. When your luggage is boarded, everything you carry with you is checked. So never ever think about taking these things with you in the planes because you can get caught, and strict action could be taken against you. So be careful when traveling in Pakistani airlines.

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