The advantages & disadvantages of buying an Old House in Pakistan

Many of us prefer building a new house or buying a new house instead of buying an old house. The benefits that come with newly built houses are easy to understand but there are also some disadvantages but most of us ignore this fact. Likewise, buying an old or used house has its pros. Let’s have a look at the details.

Advantages & disadvantages of buying a used house in Pakistan

It is a fact that old houses in Pakistan have a certain charm & unmatchable character. But keep in mind that every coin has two sides. Therefore, you should be aware of both sides; means the advantages & disadvantages of an old house before investing in that property. For your convenience, we have listed down some pros & cons of buying an old property or house in Pakistan.

  • Buying Price
  • Outdated
  • Location
  • Additional Cost
  • Size
  • Supply
  • Character

Buying Price

There are many pros to buying an old house in Pakistan but the most highlighted one is the buying price. Used houses have a lower price as compared to new ones. The price depends on two factors: its condition & the location of the house.

For example, buying a 120 square yards house in Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi cost you around PKR 1.5 crore.  While buying the same sized house in Bahria Town, Karachi requires around PKR 1.35 crore. The reason is that Gulshan e Iqbal is an old area with already built houses while Bahria town is a newly developing community & also has a greater number of unused houses & properties. Similar price differences can be seen between Islamabad’s old areas & new areas. For a better understanding of prices, you can also compare Bahria Orchard * Allama e Iqbal town in Lahore.       


A major con of buying an old house in Pakistan is that they are constructed with old standards of living & are not well equipped with the latest technologies or smart devices. They also have an old-fashioned plumbing system or electricity & maintain that is not easy. It is also hard to find a person if you want to repair or fix the old electricity or plumbing system.

If you want to buy an old house, make sure that electricity & plumbing systems are functional & safe to use. You can also hire a professional for checking the functionality of electricity & plumbing systems. Hiring professionals can help you in two ways. Firstly, it will save you a lot of time & money on renovations. Secondly, you will get connected to a trusted & professional individual if you want to repair your electricity & plumbing systems in the future.     


All the old houses in Pakistan have a common & most important trait i.e, all old houses are built in the center of the city & you can find anything you need in your neighborhood. Living in an old house or neighborhood means commercial markets, local shops, hospitals, schools & other amenities available within the walking distance.

Additional Cost

Another con of buying an old house is cost. We all know that used & old houses have old fashioned & outdated designs. It means if you buy a used house, you have to bear the additional costs like maintenance.

And you can also increase the value of an old house by simply fixing the issues, renovations & upgrade the layout by adding amenities. All these factors can help in improving the overall condition & look of the house. Whether you live in a house or bought an old house as an investment, these factors will help you in raising the value of the property.  


If you are looking for an old house to buy in Pakistan, the chances of finding a property that stands on a large-sized plot are higher. Also, an old & used house has more spacious rooms & a better ventilation system.  


Every Pakistani dream is to live in a house of their own. They work hard all their life to buy a house of their dream & this dream is only achievable with the old or used houses. There are large numbers of used houses available in the market for sale. You will always have a swarm of options to choose if you want to buy an old or used house.


It does not matter how great a modern or new house looks, the old homes in Pakistan have their unique characteristics. These characteristics are priceless & you will not find these in modern houses. The characteristics include solid floors & doors, better ventilation system, bigger windows & many more.

These are the most common pros & cons of buying an old house in Pakistan. Please keep in mind the important factors before buying an old property in Pakistan.  

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