Suzuki Hustler Review, Price, Specifications, and Features

Suzuki is a very well known brand and its vehicles are very popular in Pakistan, China, and Singapore. It launches vehicles mostly for mid-range people. These days it has launched its another vehicle which is Suzuki hustler. This car looks like a mini-van and it has been sold a lot just in a year. It was launched by Japan in 2018 and is the very hyped vehicle in Pakistan these days. The largest city of Pakistan which is Karachi is filled with this car. Its design attracts youngsters the most. In this post, we are going to discuss the features, specifications, and price of Suzuki hustler and will give a detailed review.

Specifications and Features:

Suzuki Hustler’s Design and Body:

The recent model of Suzuki hustler is very popular and is attracting the youth the most because of its design and shape. It is a hatchback but is very different from other ones in the market. It is completely square-shaped and is a 5-door hatchback. Its overall looks are very decent and appealing. Its body type is a coupe.


  • Suzuki Hustler is a 658cc car and gives 62 horsepower.
  • It comes up with 3 inline cylinders and 12 valves.
  • Its compression ratio is 9.1.


  • Its fuel type is petrol.
  • Its fuel tank capacity is 27 Liters.
  • And its fuel consumption is 30km/l.


  • Suzuki Hustler gives 39KW power.
  • Its peak torque is 95@3000.
  • Its transmission is Automatic.
  • It is a front-wheel-drive type car.


  • Suzuki Hustler’s wheel type is Alloy.
  • Its wheel size is 15 inches.


  • The front brakes are ventilated discs.
  • And Rear Brakes are Drum.


  • In Suzuki Hustler, the front suspension is McPherson strut coil spring.
  • The Rear suspension is Isolated trailing link type coil spring.


  • This car has a smart key that provides safety to the car.
  • This car gives traction control.
  • This car provides a keyless engine start. You can start your engine without inserting the key.
  • This car has auto headlights and they are Halogen.
  • This car has a rain-sensing wiper as well. Whenever it rains, the wipers sense it on their own and start working.
  • The rims are 15 inches long.
  • This car comes up with a reverse camera.
  • This car comes up with knockdown rearseats.
  • It supports a USB port and Audio Aux.`

Price In Pakistan:

Suzuki Hustler 2018 got popular in Pakistan as it was launched. Just in a year, more than 1 lac cars were sold. The 2018 model is available still in Pakistan for 17 lacs. Moreover, if you want to buy the 2015 model of Suzuki hustler, it is available for 12-13 rupees which are quite affordable.


  • Suzuki Hustler is a very good choice as the design is totally suitable to drive on the reads of Pakitan. This car gives a very comfortable ride as it has a compact crossover which gives ground clearance. So this car is best to drive on the roads of Pakistan which are forever bumpy and worse.
  • Moreover, this car is very spacious. It gives the seating for 4 people.
  • This car is best to drive on bumpy and rough roads of Pakistan,
  • This car is one of the best in fuel economy.
  • This car is very very powerful it is turbocharged.


If you are planning to buy this car, we have enlisted all the specifications and features of this car. Along with that, we have told you its price and which is very economical. And the reviews are very honest. So this car is worth spending your money. If you want to buy it, go for it.

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