Suzuki Alto 660cc Expert’s Review

Suzuki Alto 660cc 2019 is a newly launched car by Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd In Pakistan. The model of alto 660cc was launched in April 2019. Pak Suzuki Motor Company has manufactured their very first own car locally. And this car has got a lot of popularity. Today I am going to share my very own experience with Suzuki Alto 660cc 2019 as I have been buying and selling cars since the past 20 years. My reviews are totally based on truth so keep on reading for honest reviews.

Let us see its specifications and features first.

Suzuki Alto 660cc Variants and Prices:

Suzuki alto 660cc comes in three variants.

  • Suzuki Alto VX which is without Air-conditioner and its price is 9.9Lacs
  • Suzuki Alto VXR which is with Air-Conditioner and its price is PKR. 11.1 Lacs
  • Suzuki Alto VXL AGS which have Air-conditioner and automatic Transmission and its price is 12.95Lacs

Suzuki Alto Features and Specifications:


Suzuki Alto 660cc 2019 is 8th generation car which is the first-ever locally manufactured car of Suzuki motor company. One of the main difference between all its variants is its engine. Suzuki X and VXR engines offer a manual transmission. Only Suzuki VXL AGS offers manual and automatic transmission both.

The exterior of Suzuki Alto 660cc:

The design of this car is inspired by Suzuki FX. It has headlights at the front similar to Suzuki FX. The bumper is of the same color as the color of the car. Side mirror in Suzuki VX is black, but in both higher variants, it is the same as body-color of the car. Its outside look is not so appealing and attractive as compared to other cars in the market but is much better and attractive than older Suzuki cars.


Suzuki Alto 660cc has manufactured on Japanese based technology. Pak Suzuki has inserted a very few of their own features in the car. The car is spacious and its AGS version has ABS braking. Suzuki VXR and VXL have power steering, AC and windows. Suzuki VXL AGS has a touchscreen with which you can connect your mobile phone. Lower variants don’t have this facility. All the variants have an audio system, Bluetooth facility, and USB cable connectivity.


Suzuki Alto 660 Fuel Efficiency:

Pak Suzuki Motor Company have claimed that these cars are fuel-efficient. Let me tell you, yes, all the variants of Suzuki Alto 660cc are fuel-efficient because all the variants have small engines. With a light foot, you can drive up to 19-20km with average fuel. So these cars are a good option if you are looking for some fuel-efficient car.

Suzuki Alto 660 Size:

Size of these cars is bigger than Suzuki Mehran and Pak Suzuki motor company claims that this car is more spacious. So let me tell you that yes it is true that this car is more spacious than other cars in the market which has similar prices. So these cars are a good option if you want a little more space.

Suzuki Alto 660cc Colors:

This car comes in 6 colors.

  • White
  • Blue
  • Pearl Red
  • Silky Silver
  • Black
  • Graphite Gray

All the colors are very appealing and enhance the look of the car. So if you are obsessed with overall car’s look, this car quite satisfies your obsession.

Suzuki Alto 660cc Powe train and Braking:

The power of these cars is very good, it has a 3-cylinder 660cc engine which gives your car enough power to run on the roads without overheating the engine. The VXL AGS variant offers both automatic and manual transmission and it has five gears. And the gear shifting is very fuel-efficient. So this variant is best to drive when there is a heavy traffic jam. And when you have to overtake a car, the Ac switches off automatically and provides your car maximum power. The brakes of these cars are very easy to handle and comfortable on roads, even on roads which have bumps everywhere.


This car is totally based on Japanese technology which is a new generation. This car overall is a good option for people who want fuel-efficiency, more space, beautiful appearance, modern design and comfort in less price. This car also comes with 3 years of warranty which is a plus point as well. The spare parts, services and all other back up parts of these cars are easily available in Pakistan. And this car doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. So I will highly recommend this car to people who are looking for honest reviews.

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Above we shared Suzuki alto 660cc experts reviews with you. If you know other tested and verified factors, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any query related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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