How to Stay Safe during Moonsoon and Land Sliding

As the most awaiting season, monsoon, is here. People wait for this season the most because there is rainfall everywhere, and the weather gets pleasant during monsoon. Most of the people opt for northern areas during monsoon. Monsoons are no doubt pleasant but heavy and back to back rainfall can create a lot of problems for you and can be dangerous for you as well. In northern areas, during monsoons, heavy rainfall causes landslide which can be dangerous for passengers and for people who live out there. In this post, we are going to tell you how to stay safe during the Moonsoon and Land sliding.

How to stay safe during monsoon:

Due to heavy rainfall, lots of serious and dangerous accidents happen during. You need to be more careful to stay safe during this season. There are following tips you can follow to stay safe during monsoon and heavy rainfall.

  • Get your car serviced

It is very necessary to service your car during monsoon. Get your engine oil, silencer, fuel, and air filters checked by a good mechanic timely to avoid any unusual problem.

  • Replace your car wipers

During monsoon, you need to check and replace your car wipers to avoid accidents as car wipers are very necessary during heavy rainfall.

  • Vehicle brakes, tyres, headlights, and emergency lights

No matter what vehicle you are using for traveling, you need to take care of it. Get checked if your brakes are working properly, your tyres are in good working condition, your headlights and emergency lights are working or not. Because if any of these things are not working properly, it can lead you to face some dangerous issue.

  • Avoid traveling alone and at night especially

To stay safe during monsoon, try to avoid travelling at night especially when it is raining heavily outside. Travelling at night can be most dangerous during heavy rainfall.

  • Update your weather forecast daily and get it in your notice

Always keep updating your area’s weather forecast and always keep yourself updated with it so that you can avoid serious issues and hazards of monsoon.

How to Stay Safe During Land Sliding:

In northern areas, land sliding is one of the most serious and common issues during monsoon. It is unsafe for locals as well as for passengers and travelers to travel in northern areas during monsoon. Here are some tips that can help you to stay safe during land sliding:

  • Keep updated yourself with the weather forecast

The most important tips you need to stay safe during land sliding is to keep yourself updated with the weather forecast. Always check the weather forecast before traveling in the mountains to avoid dangerous accidents.

  • Stay away from areas where land sliding likely happens the most

Some areas are famous to be land sliding prone. Avoid traveling to those areas when you know it can be dangerous for you to be there especially in monsoon.

  • Be attentive and careful while driving

If you are a driver, you need to be more cautious and careful while driving in northern areas. If you can’t drive well, avoid driving in the mountains. Never ever travel at night in those areas. And be careful and attentive during day time.

  • Always carry medicines and first aid kit with you:

During monsoon, when you are traveling in the mountains especially, you need to have the first aid kit and medicines with you so that you can help others on your way as well as yourself during any unusual situation.

  • Never travel alone and never let your driver stay awake alone while traveling

When you are travelling, never let your driver stay awake alone. And especially in the mountains, because the way is already too dangerous. Always stay awake with your driver, be attentive and be aware of roads and ways to ensure your safety.

  • Always have a working phone connection

There could come many situations where things might get out of your control. So always keep a working phone connect with you so that you could call someone for help when in danger. Because you could experience any natural disaster on your way so always have a working phone connection.


These are some tips you can follow to stay safe during monsoon and land sliding. You must follow these guidelines when you travel during heavy rainfall in the monsoon and during land sliding in northern areas to keep yourself safe with any unusual situation.

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Above we shared some methods for your safety during the rainy season. If you know other factors except these, feel free to share us via the comments section, or if you have any queries related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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