Snowy Destination for this Winter Season

Pakistani’s are fond of snow. They want to spend their time in snowy areas but sadly majority lives in hot areas. But they love to spend their winter vacations on snowy places. Exam season is going to end soon and the winter break will start from next week. Remember to pack your things properly for the trip and also get the latest updates regarding weather and road conditions. If you are planning to drive in your car, keep that in shape.

There are many beautiful places to visit in northern areas for winter but top are the few. Here is the list:

Nathia Gali:

Nathia Gali is the top priority of you lives in Islamabad or Pindi. It takes less than 3 hours to reach thee. There are many hiking tracks available and the scenery is also worth seeing. Hiking tracks are suitable for the whole family. Best hiking tracks are Muskspuri Top or Miranjani. You will also find food and other necessities there easily. So, it is the best option for you if you have kids.

Swat Valley:

Swat is a beautiful place and attracts the tourist throughout the year. But in winter it offers more. The gorgeous valley fully covered in snow from November to onwards. You can also visit Malam Jabba, Miandam and Kalam.

Malam Jabba also has a ski resort. If you are interested in skiing, you have to check if ski resort opens when you will be visiting.


Apart from Northern areas, there are other places which receive snow as well. Ziarat is the top on the list if you live near Karachi or Quetta. Ziarat valley is beautiful and it is only 122KM away from Quetta. It is a good option for hiking for beginners. You will also have a chance to explore Pakistan’s history by visiting Quaid’s residency.

Ziarat valley is covered by the Juniper trees and some are the oldest ones in the world. During snowy days, the valley provides a majestic view.


Dadu is also known as Gorakh Hill station. It is situated in Kithar Mountains of Sindh. The place is approximately 8 hours away from Karachi. The weather there is pleasant. It mostly rains there. In winter the whole area is buried under a white blanket.

There are many tourists’ facilities available. You can also enjoy barbecue and bonfire at night in chilly weather.

Arang Kel:

Arang Kel is the village situated in Neelam Valley. Kashmir is the ideal tourist spot throughout the year. Especially in winters, Arang Kel attracts tourist. It is not that much far from northern areas. The temperature is low and the area also has many hiking trakes. The valley is surrounded with a forest and the view is really majestic.  The scenery seems like fairy tales.

Hunza Valley:

Hunza catches the eye of tourist throughout the year. The Karakoram Highway route is best for traveling. You can enjoy the empty roads and scenery. You can enjoy the stunning views and snow. You will also able to purchase essentials from there easily. There are also many one day trip places near Hunza Valley. You can also explore the culture and visit Kariamabad fort.

Hey Folks, get ready to enjoy your winter vacations this year. Don’t forget to keep yourself warm. If you have other places in mind, please share with us in the comment section.  Good Luck

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