Skin Care Tips to Follow in Summer

Summer is a difficult time for our skin. The intense sun rays & the scorching heat are harmful, especially for our skin. Pollution & other harmful environmental contaminants take our skin’s natural radiance, leaving it all oily, dull & rough.

In this blog article, we will discuss:

  • How does summer affect your skin?
  • How to take care of your skin in summer

Let’s discuss this in detail.

How Does Summer Affect your Skin?

In summer, the activity of the sebaceous glands increases as the rise in temperature combined with head & humidity. This makes dry skin appear patchy & rough and oily skin appears oiler. The intensity of the sun rays also causes tanning & producing more melanin pigments. The term melanin is very common & everyone knows its meaning. Melanin means darker skin tone. The heat also causes more open pores which can get clogged with oil & dirt. The bacteria in open pores cause pimples, acne & blemishes on the face.  

How to take care of your skin Summer

Follow the simply following tips to have a glowing & healthy skin in summer.

  • Change your face wash
  • Keep your skin hydrated
  • Use Antioxidants regularly
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Exfoliate regularly for smoother skin
  • Use a refreshing toner
  • Cut down on makeup
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Change your moisturizer
  • Take special care of the eye region
  • Remember to take care of your feet
  • Use natural remedies

Change your face wash

As the weather changes, you also need to change your face wash. While in winters, you need a face wash that nourishes the skin & in summers you need a type of face wash that can draw out the excess oil from your skin completely. If you have dry skin or combination skin, you should consider using a non-foaming cleanser. Also, wash your face with cold water plenty of times during the day to keep it clean, refreshed & oil-free.

Keep your skin hydrated

Summer is the only season when your skin requires hydration as well as the moisturizer. Buy a good hydration mask that you can use plenty of times a week. You simply need to wash your face & then apply the mask. Applying it at night will help in soothing, repairing & rehydrating your skin. A good mask rich in minerals can treat skin conditions like face, dryness, oil, etc. Choose the mask according to your skin tone & condition and spend extra time wiping away the fatigue, stress & blemishes from your skin.

Use Antioxidants regularly

In summer, because of heat & humidity, our skin becomes rough. So make sure to use antioxidant serum during the summer. An antioxidant serum not only hydrates your skin but also protects your skin from harmful environmental substances. Antioxidant serums also help to boost collagen production to prevent skin damage. Antioxidant serums are good for oily as well as dry skin. You can also use antioxidants in your diet for glowing skin. Use fruits, leafy & green vegetables, nuts, whole grain & green tea to have a healthy & younger-looking skin.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is your best friend during the summer season. Choose the one that has an ultraviolet spectrum (between 30-50 SPF & that covers UVB & UVA rays). If you are going to spend your entire day in the sun, reapply sunscreen every three hours. Make sure to cover all the skin areas exposed to the sun especially face, foot, hands, neck & shoulders.  

Exfoliate regularly for smoother skin

Exfoliation is the key to smoother & brighter skin. It removes dulling skin debris & dead cells. Exfoliate the skin with a natural home remedy for better results. Use a coffee powder with oil & sea salt to exfoliate. Also, keep in mind that you need to exfoliate your entire body not just your face. Be gentle while exfoliating your skin,. Do not over-exfoliate because it causes bruises that may end up getting rashes. People with sensitive skin are recommended to use mild defoliators that are tender to skin.

Use a refreshing toner

A good toner helps in closing the open pore on your face. Toner is a must in summer to prevent oil from entering the open pores that may later turn into face problems. The t-zone of the face has the largest concentration of sebaceous glands. Pay attention to the t-zone while toning your face. Using an aloe Vera & cucumber based toner is good for every type of skin.   

Cut down on makeup

Summer means you should avoid using makeup frequently. Try to wear minimum facial makeup. It will help your skin to breathe better. Heat & humidity suppress the skin’s ability to breathe & make it fresh. Avoid wearing heavy makeup. Using a tinted lip balm, organic kajal & tinted moisturizer in summer gives your skin some rest & also makes your skin appear natural & fresh.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the most important ingredient if you want healthy & fresh skin. Water keeps your skin soft, supple & radiant. Remember to carry water anywhere you go. A body needs a minimum of 2-3 litres of water in a day. Water flushes the toxin from your skin through urine & sweat.  

Change your moisturizer

In winters we use a moisturizer that is rich in oil to avoid dryness of our skin but in summers you need to ditch that kind of moisturizer. Use Shea butter-laden moisturizers for a lighter moisturizer. Do not think that there is no need to use the moisturizer in summer. Skincare is a must & for summers it is best to use a non-greasy product that suits the weather.  

Take special care of the eye region

While you choose toner & moisturizer for your skin, keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is more delicate & much thinner as compares to the other areas on the face. You need to pick a good under eye gel that has cucumber, hyaluronic acid & honey. These ingredients not only keep your skin near eyes hydrated but also prevent wrinkle formation.

Remember to take care of your feet

Does not matter either its winter or summer, we mostly ignore the care treatment for feet. Like our other body parts feet also need care. Feet carry you all day around & need extra care as they are exposed to direct sun & dirt. Exfoliate your feet regularly. Use a moisturizer & also put on sunscreen if you are planning to wear open shoes.

Use natural remedies

There are hundreds of skincare products available in the market. But those have some chemicals as well. Keep in mind that your kitchen might be a storehouse for the best facial toners, moisturizes & even cleansers. Common kitchen ingredients make the best remedies in summer. You can use grated cucumber, coffee grounds, plain yogurt, sea salt & oatmeal as skincare products in summer.

Remember to carry a mist with you in summers. Spray it on after every few hours to keep your skin hydrated, cool & fresh. You can make a mist at home with the help of cucumber juice & mix it with mint and rose water. Spraying the mixture on your skin will give your skin a major relief. Also, remember to take a shower twice a day in summers. It will prevent itching & excessive dryness of the skin.   

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