Selling my Honda Accord through Izloo

Well, I have not sold anything online before this deal. So, I really have no idea how it works. I was trying to sell my car (that is used but also in good condition) form past 2 months but can’t succeed because of the price negotiation. I cannot bear the expenses of the agent and the car parking rent because of the delay.

A friend of mine advised me to sell it online as online selling needs no money for parking or also there is no any agent commission. He also referred many sites like eBay, OLX etc including the Izloo Classified. I can’t decide where I should have to sell my car, therefore, I searched about the online platforms and analyze them.

Why I Choose Izloo?

The one and only thing that force me to put my ad on Izloo Classified are that it is only for Pakistani users. So, there are more chances of finding the buyer nearby and I can sell my car in person.

I am from Islamabad. 2 weeks earlier I posted an ad of my Honda Accord CL9 on Izloo Classified with an attractive title, brief description, photos and in contact portion my mobile number.

Photos of Honda Accord CL9, Model 2000

Car Front:

Car Engine:

Car Front lights:

Which Package I Choose?

I choose a free package and posted the ad in the featured listing as I came to know websites gave preference to a featured listing. I have mixed feelings of doubt and excitement on how my first ever try of online selling goes through. I was not hoping for getting any message or call before a week. But I was surprised when on the 2nd day of posting an ad on Izloo Classified; I received a message from the buyer. He asked me further details of the Car. And after that many buyers contact me via message or phone call. I was so happy that I can’t express my feelings. Buyers like my car as I serviced it before posting the ad, as you can see in above images. One of them got ready to pay on my demand price.


My Experience With Izloo Classified:

My overall experience with Izloo classified is awesome. But one thing that I noticed, if you want to sell your product in hurry, always post an ad in the featured listing. It will give a boost to your ad.


Best Regards,

Malik Anwar

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