Pros & cons of living on a busy street

Home hunting is always a hectic task, especially in big cities. You have to visit different properties & search through many neighbourhoods of the city to find yourself a suitable property according to your demand. You can also take help from experts in finding the right home.

But what if you find a property of your choice on a busy or crowded street? What do you need to do then? Well, we have prepared a list of some important tips that you need to look at before making a decision.

In this blog article, you will learn:

  • Pros & cons of living on a busy street
  • Tips to live on a quiet street

Let’s discuss the article in detail.

Advantages & disadvantages of living on a busy street

The following are some advantages & disadvantages of living on a busy street. Have a look at them if you are interested in relocating into a rental home or investing property on a busy street.

Advantages of living on a busy street

First of all, we will take a look at the advantages of living on a busy street.

  • Nearby Markets
  • Transportation
  • Amenities
  • Security

Nearby Markets

One of the major pros of living on a busy street is that different kinds of bazaars & markets are available at a stone’s throw distance from your home. Living near markets may cut down the traveling expenses as well as the time spent traveling.

For example, if you leave near a commercial area, you will always find the major markets nearby.


Since busy streets are found in the heart of the city, they may offer different types of transportation. For example, you are only 10 minutes away from one of the Lahore’s metro bus station if you are living o one of the crowded streets of Model Town, Lahore.  

Similarly, you can hire taxis, rickshaws, or app-based cab services for transportation. The convenience & availability of transportation is one of the major pros of living on a busy street.  


Since the concept of building vertical buildings in cities is on the rise, so you will find many new apartments & flats projects easily in cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Many of these complexes are built on crowded streets or hot spots.

The newer construction buildings may offer many amenities such as gymnasium, indoor entertainment areas, in-house community centers & spacious parking lots. The availability of such features is one of the biggest advantages of living on a busy street.


As compared to quiet streets, crowded streets are safer to live. Living in neighbors & an apartment complex usually form a community. Neighbors watch each other’s homes & keep an eye on any kind of suspicious activity. Busy streets also have better security systems.

Muggers & robbers may also be hesitant to do any criminal activity in crowded places. Moreover, the supermarkets are opened till late at night, the chances of breaking in on your property reduce. It is one of the major advantages of living on a busy street.   

It is better to install security cameras in your home or also your community management to install CCTV camera surveillance around the building.

Disadvantages of living on a busy street

Above we have discussed the advantages of living on a busy street. Now have a look at the disadvantages of living on a busy street or being a part of the crowded community.

  • Noisy Environment
  • Lack of Privacy
  • Air Pollution
  • Fast-Moving Traffic

Noisy Environment

If you live in crowded places, you may have to tolerate a noisy environment. Honking horns, late-night parties, construction noises, loud music volume, & fast-moving cars next to your home may cause noise.

Noise pollution is one of the biggest cons of living on a busy street. However, there are certain tips to get rid of this issue.

Lack of Privacy

No doubt crowded places offer better security but it may cost you your privacy. Small cottages & apartments that are usually found in crowded places have shared entrances & corridors. This means you may have more than one set of eyes monitoring you, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally.

Sometimes, there may be your neighbor’s balcony in front of yours, allowing both of you to peek into each other’s homes. However, it can be more annoying if your neighbors are unfriendly.

Air Pollution

People who live in bustling & crowded places have to face the issue of air pollution. The smoke produced by traffic & the factories is the major source behind the contamination of the air in busy streets. However, by taking necessary precautions such as wearing masks & using air purifiers you can reduce the effect of air pollution.   

Fast-Moving Traffic

Busy streets have huge traffic. It means you & your family members may be more prone to accidents while living there. So make sure you are taking necessary precautions while living in crowded areas or streets. You may also have to take care of your elderly family members when they are crossing the road.

Precautionary Tips: considering all the safety hazards, you should never allow your children to play on busy streets without the supervision of an elder. Fast-moving traffic is also another big disadvantage of living in a busy or crowded street.   

Tips for living on a quiet street

If you want to live on a quiet street, then there are following few tips that you need to keep in mind:

  • Do not go out alone after it gets dark. People who walk alone at night with their valuables may become prone to mugging or robbing. Also the chances of attacks by stray dogs increase.
  • Install a proper outdoor light around the house.
  • Park your vehicles at a place where it is safe, even if the distance from your home greater.
  • Never let your kid play alone on the quiet streets. Always accompany them or told them to avoid strangers.
  • Have a robust home security system.
  • Look after your neighbors. If you find any suspicious activity, inform the authorities or call the police.

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