Pros & Cons of Linoleum Flooring

In this post you will get to know:

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  • Pros of linoleum flooring
  • Cons of linoleum flooring
  • Price of linoleum flooring

Nowadays, everyone wants to get ceramic, marble & wooden flooring in their homes while they have forgotten about the linoleum flooring. However, interior designers are trying their best to promote linoleum flooring & they got succeeded somehow.

When it comes to flooring, people usually choose aesthetic flooring over other choices. Linoleum flooring is not aesthetically pleasing as vinyl flooring or synthetic carpet but it is more sustainable & eco-friendly as compared to other options available in the market.

So if you want your house toxic free & also want to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, linoleum flooring is certainly the best choice for you.

Let’s have a look at linoleum flooring, its pros & cons & also the misconceptions about it around us.  

What is Linoleum flooring?

Linoleum is an all-natural flooring material made of ground cork dust, wood flour, pigments, pine resin, solidified linseed oil and ground limestone on a burlap or canvas backing. Manufacturers usually add a protective layer on the top of linoleum to prevent scratches & also to prevent discoloration due to sunlight exposure. Do not forget that linoleum is completely recyclable & biodegradable because it is composed of earth-friendly & renewable materials.

Moreover, it is usually available in sheets that can be glued down. That means it is easy to install & replace it, even for those who are doing it for the very first time.

Linoleum flooring was very popular in the 40s & 50s but now it is replaced by vinyl flooring. A lot of people think that vinyl & linoleum flooring are the same but in reality, these two flooring materials are completely different from each other.

Linoleum vs. Vinyl flooring

Both flooring materials somewhat look alike but in reality, they are quite different. The only similarities are that both materials are pretty durable & available in sheets for easy installation.

The main difference between vinyl flooring & linoleum flooring is their composition. Vinyl is a synthetic product while linoleum is composed of all-natural raw materials. In Pakistan, vinyl flooring is considered a popular alternative to wood flooring. It is also referred to as PVC flooring as it is made up of phthalate plasticizers, cadmium, lead, polyvinyl chloride & brominates flame retardants among other compounds.

Chemicals compounds are used in vinyl & it has raised concerns about the material being unhealthy & toxic. About concerned is true if you use low end & cheaper vinyl flooring also low-quality vinyl contribute to indoor air pollution. Apart from that, another major disadvantage of vinyl flooring is that it is non-biodegradable & causes land pollution. Also, only the top layer of vinyl flooring contains colors & patterns. In case of an accident, these scratches become visible to the naked eye. But linoleum flooring does not have upper layers. Instead, design & pigment are embedded throughout the linoleum sheet. In case of an accident, these scratches remain unnoticed to the naked eye.

Pros of Linoleum Flooring

Some of the most noteworthy advantages of linoleum flooring are mentioned below:

  • Eco-friendliness
  • Durability
  • Little maintenance
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Aesthetic


If you are looking for the answer either the linoleum flooring is toxic or not? Then, the answer is no.

As we above mentioned, linoleum is composed of all-natural materials. So, it means it is completely biodegradable. Apart from cork & bamboo floorings, it is one of the most commonly used sustainable materials available in the market for both commercial & residential properties.   

Linoleum flooring does not emit any harmful fumes that may cause indoor air pollution as compared to vinyl flooring. It is also formaldehyde-free. Sometimes it smells because of linseed oil but the scent dissipates within a few days’ f installations.  

If you support the green earth project, then you would have to go for linoleum flooring.


People usually ask how long linoleum flooring lasts does. Well, if you properly take care, it will last up to 30 or so years.

High-quality linoleum flooring is costly as compared to vinyl flooring but still, it is much cheaper than hardwood & other flooring options. Comparatively, linoleum flooring is much more durable & will last for decades than any other flooring option. Linoleum flooring material is also tough, so it can also be used for commercial & residential properties having heavy traffic.

As we above mentioned that pigments & colors are embedded throughout the sheet so the color will not fade away also the scratches will not be visible to the naked eye in case of any mishap. Moreover, there is a protective layer on the top of the linoleum sheet that will protect the material underneath from scuff & also will last longer.    

Little maintenance

Sealed linoleum floors are easy to clean that makes it last longer. All you need to clean it with a damp mop & it will look as good as new. However, if your home has unsealed linoleum, it requires periodic buffing & polishing to maintain its color.  

Resistance to moisture

One of the most important advantages of linoleum flooring is that it is resistant to moisture. This feature makes it suitable for the laundry room & kitchen. Also, linoleum flooring is flexible & comfortable underfoot.  


Nowadays, different kinds of linoleum available in the market. You can find linoleum flooring that looks like wood or a checkered pattern that may look like tile flooring at a first glance. You can choose what kind of design you want for your home.

Linoleum flooring sheet is available in a wide range of color variations that will give you the liberty to choose the color & design of our own.

Since these linoleum flooring sheets are easy to cut & install, you can experiment with different flooring patterns to create unique looks.

Cons of Linoleum Flooring

Now we have fully explained the pros of linoleum flooring, let’s have a look at some of its disadvantages.

  • Prone to cuts & dents
  • Slippery
  • Moisture damage
  • Ambering

Prone to cuts & dents

No doubt, linoleum floors last long but they are flexible & soft. If you use high-quality linoleum flooring sheets it will last for years but you also have to be careful about accidentally cutting the sheets with a sharp object. Also, the heavy furniture will dent its surface.


The upper surface of the linoleum floor becomes slippery after wax or polish. That will cause a nasty fall. Even the dust on the floor makes it slippery & dangerous for the elderly & children in the house.

The easiest way is to avoid high polished linoleum flooring sheets. Instead, clean the floor regularly with mop & keep the surface dry.  

Moisture damage

Linoleum flooring is water-resistant but these floors are susceptible to damage when it comes to standing water. So, it is recommended to not use this flooring for basement & bathrooms. Linoleum sheets edges can also be curled because of excessive humidity.


The color of unsealed linoleum floors may faint when exposed to sunlight for a long period. So it is recommended to not use unsealed linoleum flooring for terrace or roof. If you want to use it for roof or terrace, always go for sealed linoleum flooring sheets.

Price of Linoleum Flooring in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the price of linoleum flooring varies with quality & pattern. However, on average, it is ranged between PKR 70 to PKR 100 per square foot.

So, it is up to you what kind of flooring you want to use for your home.

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Above we shared some pros & cons of linoleum flooring. If you have already installed linoleum flooring in your home, please share your reviews with us via the comments section below or if you have any queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. For more updates stay tuned to the  Good luck

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