Pros & Cons of Buying A Residential Property Near Power Lines

Purchasing a residential house is once in a lifetime decision for most of the middle class or lower class house owners. Therefore, people carefully weigh all the common & well-known factors before choosing a house in any area.  Most of them are reluctant to buy a residential house near power lines as they are afraid of the electromagnetic waves emitted from power lines that can cause various health issues. Although, there is no scientific proof or evidence that health problems & diseases are caused by living near power lines. However, people think twice before buying a residential property near power lines.

In this blog entry, you will learn:

  • Pros of buying a residential property near power lines
  • Cons of buying a residential property near the power line

Pros & Cons of Buying A Residential Property Near Power Lines

It is always recommended to not invest in a property without looking at the pros & cons of that area. The same goes for buying a residential area near power lines. Here we compiled a quick list of the pros & cons of buying a residential house near power lines. Let’s have a look.

Pros of buying a residential property near power lines

Let’s first take a look at the advantages of buying a house near power lines.

  • Faster electricity services
  • Less crowded
  • Affordable properties
  • Find out the EMF
  • Not really dangerous
  • Possibility of finding your dream home

Let’s discuss each advantage in detail.

Faster electricity services

One of the major benefits of buying a residential property near power lines is that you can get faster electricity services in case of any problem in the main electricity wires. You don’t have to wait long or call the electricity department to get your area’s problem fixed. Repairmen provide quick services near high tension wires.

Less crowded

Because of the high tension electricity poles, the space between houses is greater as compared to other neighboring areas. So, the area is less crowded. Moreover, because of electromagnetic radiations fear house owners avoid buying the house in such areas & therefore you will find more space & even a greener area around the neighborhood.

Affordable properties

Another major advantage of buying a residential property near power lines is that you can get the house at affordable rates. People usually believe that electricity wires emit electromagnetic radiations that are harmful to health that’s why the property rates near power lines are quite low in such neighborhoods. This could be a great advantage for homeowners who are looking to buy a residential property at affordable or low rates.  

Find out the EMF

You can easily found out EMF from relevant power devices. you can also ask about the level & strength of the electromagnetic field before buying a house. Also, check out different surveys to be on the safe side.

Not really dangerous

No study shows that it is dangerous to live near power lines. Experts & scientists believe that exposure to electromagnetic waves is common because of household electrical appliances such as mobile phones, TV, refrigerators, etc. Since e already exposed to high electromagnetic radiation, so having a safe distance with high tension does not pose a threat to our health. However, scientists & experts are still studying different scenarios.

Possibility of finding your dream home

It is quite possible you may find your dream house at an affordable price near power lines. The chance of getting the dream house within your low budget near power lines is quite high. So, don’t miss the chance & go for it.

Cons of buying a residential property near power lines

The following are the disadvantages of buying a house near power lines:

  • Difficult to sell the property
  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • Buzzing noise is irritating
  • Higher risk of catching fire
  • Reduces the value of the property

Let’s discuss each disadvantage in detail.

Difficult to sell the property

It might be difficult to sell the house because of the myths associated with buying a house near power lines circulating around us. If you are planning to buy a property near power lines for the sole purpose of investment, we recommend you to drop the idea because the rates of property areas near power lines seldom increase.

Not aesthetically pleasing

The sound of high tension wires being heard is not pleasing. This is one of the reasons why people are reluctant of buying a property near high voltage power lines as it spoils the outlook of your home.

Buzzing noise is irritating

You have to bear the noise of buzzing sound coming from the high tension wires. If you have sick or elderly people at home than drop the idea of buying a property near power lines as they need a quiet place. However, if the high tension wires are placed higher than the buzzing sound won’t bother you any longer.    

Higher risk of catching fire

One of the major cons of buying a residential property near power lines is that it can easily cause a fire because of climate change as such as heavy rain. Also, the fire spreads quicker & cause heavy damage to your property.

Reduces the value of the property

The resale value of your property decrease because of the reasons mentioned above. Especially because of the myth regarding health issues caused by electromagnetic waves made people reluctant to invest or buy properties near such areas.

If you can cope with these disadvantages than buy a property near power lines others don’t think about it. Some investors are also interested in buying a property for a park near power lines but please keep that in mind people with kids can’t bear the buzzing sound & they will never be going to visit the park again after the first experience.

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Above we mentioned some advantages & disadvantages of buying a residential property with a garden. If you have already faced these issues, please feel free to share your reviews, opinion, or experience with us via the comments section below.  If you have any queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Your feedback means a lot to use & it will also help us in improving our blog. For more updates stay tuned to the  Good luck

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