Most popular areas o buy property in Lahore under 1 crore

As Lahore is known as the heart of Punjab, it is actually the most loved country in Pakistan. Lahore is the capital of Punjab, so it is the most developed country in Punjab. As people are becoming more educated, they are shifting to more developed areas or trying to buy properties in developed to get maximum benefits. In such big and developed cities like Lahore, there are thousands of opportunities to invest to make your future secure. And Lahore is known as Pakistan’s best area for purchasing cost-effective and best-located properties.

This is true that in such big cities, property rates depend on the area and location. There is a misconception that the areas with the best location and Luxury and VIP environment have the most expensive properties. There are many areas in Lahore which are at best location and provide VIP environment have properties under 1 Crore. If you are looking to buy property in Lahore under 1 crore, you are in the right place.

Areas to Buy Property under 1 crore:

1. Paragon City

Paragon city is the area in Lahore which is located on Barki Road Spread over 2km Approx. This area is near the Posh area of Lahore which DHA and so the Paragon city also gives that luxury and Posh feel. We have considered this area on our list because Paragon city is linked to many main areas of Lahore. The houses here are very well manufactured with the latest design and architecture. The very major educational institutes are also there. This area has a graveyard and a community park as well.

There are many other facilities here like public transport, each block has a separate park and many top educational institutes like LGS. With these all facilities, this area is offering 10 marla plots under 1 crore. The average price for 10 marla property is 9.1m, which is not a very big deal.

2. DHA 11 Rahbar

Defense Housing authority has many projects in Lahore and DHA 11 Rahbar is one of them. DHA 11 Rahbar is very well-planned project spread all over Lahore. DHA 11 Rahbar has 9 Phases, but currently, only seven phases are operating and are available for buying property and investments. DHA 11 Rahbar is situated near Ring road and Raiwind road.

The reason why we considered this location is because this area is linked to most luxury and well-located societies. Along with this, this area has very well constructed houses and buildings. Moreover, This area is linked to two major highways so this area is at very a major location. This area has all other facilities which neighboring societies have. And the average sale rates for 10 marla property in DHA Rahbar is 9.7 million.

3. OFP Housing scheme

OFP stands for overseas Pakistanis Foundation is designed especially for people who want to buy properties in Lahore. This area is the project by overseas Pakistanis and is managed by them as well. This area is linked to Khayabane-E-Jinnah and Raiwind Road. As this area is linked to one of the posh areas in Lahore, OFP also gives that luxury and posh feel. This area consists of two phases currently, Phase I and Phase II, and both areas are available for investment. This area has very well developed roads, with great sewage systems and water systems. Electricity and Sui gas both are supplied here. It has very secure areas for residence and commercial use. Along with this, it has many other facilities like educational institutes for primary and higher education both. Moreover, as this area is linked to a luxury area, all other facilities are also available.

And the best part is, having these all facilities, this area is offering 10 marla plots at the average price of 8.8m which is a complete package.

4. Punjab University Employee area:

Punjab university’s employee area is the area that was developed by Punjab university’s staff and employees. This area is also very well designed and developed at a very great location. This area is offering 10 marla plots for an average price of 8.2 million approximately which is a great deal for investors.

5. Iqbal avenue

Iqbal avenue is another great area for investors to buy property in Lahore under 1 crore. This area is located near a luxury area Which DHA EME. This area also very well developed and the latest technology equipped. And the average price for buying 10 marla properties in this area is for the average price of 8.5m which is very affordable.

6. Sukh chain garden

Such a chain garden also lies on our list because of the modern and well developed constructed houses and other facilities here. This area is none other than a very great area for investing to enjoy modern and latest technology based lifestyle here. And the average for 10 marla properties here is 9.3m.

7. Eden

Eden is also a great area to get 10 marla plots and properties on sale for an average price of 9.3 million. This is also one of the best to invest in under 1 crore. This area is very well planned and developed for the modern and luxury lifestyle. This area has all other major facilities which any luxury area has. So overall buying property in this area is worth it.

8. Defence Road

Defence Road is another great option for and investing in properties. Defence Road offers 10 marls properties for an average price of 8million which so fra a very economical deal to avail.


These are the most popular areas in Lahore to buy properties under 1 crore. These areas are very very developed and offer modern lifestyle. So if you are looking for some great properties to invest, you must consider these areas in Lahore to invest your money so that you could get maximum benefits in the future. We assure you that you won’t regret buying property in any of these areas. Good luck!

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Above we shared some recommendation for buying property in Lahore. If you know other areas except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any query related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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