Pakistan Air Force (PAF) to hold an air show on 27th Feb. 2020 in Karachi

There are plenty of activities in Pakistan, but everyone is anxiously waiting for the air shows arranged by Pakistan Air Force (PAF). These shows are only held on historical occasions to honor the courageous soldiers & also to show the abilities of firefighters, drones, weapons and many amazing assets of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) to the world.

In this article, we would like to share the details of the upcoming PAF event. We will share many reasons why you need to watch this show live. Before we begin, let’s have a look at the contributions of Pakistan Air force. We will also love to share some interesting facts about Pakistan Air Force to boost up your interest.

Interesting Facts about Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

There is no doubt that Pakistan Air Force is among the strongest & courageous air forces in the world. That’s why it enjoys overwhelming popularity & respect not only in Pakistan but also across the world. The young & skilled personnel of PAF have not only defended the country but also actively participated in rescuing people from natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood etc.

That’s why our soldiers are highly admired by the world.

PAF – the world’s 10th strongest Air Force

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has the honor to train around 700,000 highly skilled soldiers, according to a report released by the International Institute of Strategic Studies. The report was released in 2017. According to the report, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has around 951 operational aircraft along with two different types of fighter jets & surveillance drones to ensure the best & most active aerial defense. All these ultra-modern assets & soldiers’ capabilities combined to make it to the 10th strongest air force in the world.

PAF – have the most Number of Female Personnel in the Islamic world

Pakistan Air force is not only among the strongest army in the world but it also wears the honor of being the only Muslim force with the most number of female soldiers. Although female soldiers never take part in the war in the history of Pakistan at present, they are ready to lay down their guards for the sake of Pakistan’s safety.

PAF has a Zero Percent Suicide Rate

 We cannot deny the fact that suicide among on-duty soldiers remains an undeniable & bitter reality in almost every country in the world. However, Pakistan Air Forces are among some of the blessed & highly courageous forces that have aero percent suicide rate. This reality alone shows that Pakistani soldiers are both mentally & physically strong and also they are ready to face any kind of challenge.

Details about Karachi Air show 2020

 You might know it already but let me repeat for those who don’t have an idea about it. An air show is basically a community event for public display of aircraft. It is often known as air-fair. In this event, soldiers show a few tough aerial tricks. These kinds of shows are a popular form of entertainment & sports not only in Pakistan but in every country across the world. These kinds of events also help to create a strong bond between the public & the military.

Generally, the best time for air shows s between March & November due to the airy season but air may vary around the world. In Pakistan, air shows are generally organized to honor the contributions of Pakistani Military & also to celebrate patriotic occasions such as Independence day, Pakistan Resolution day and Defence Day.

Pakistan Air force keeps on coming with brilliant airshows which gives the public an opportunity to marvel at the active fighter jets used by Pakistan Air Force (PAF). During these events, the highly trained PAF pilots will cut through the wind & show death-defying performance that will leave the onlookers in shock.

Now you must be searching for the sudden announcement of airshow by Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Your search ends here.

The Government of Pakistan recently announced to celebrate the “Surprise Day” on 27th February 2020 to pay special tribute to the courageous & brave soldiers of Pakistan’s Air Force (PAF). So, as a part of the tribute, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) will arrange an airshow in Karachi on the same day. This airshow will bring many exciting attractions for onlookers similar to the airshow that held at sea view last year.

 Here are the details of the venue for those who are interested in watching the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) show live.

Date of the Airshow: Thursday, 27th Feb. 2020

Timing of the Airshow: 01:00 PM

The venue of the Airshow: Clifton Beach, Sea View, Karachi

If you are planning to attend this airshow in Karachi, please share your experience with us. Pakistan Zindabad.

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