Online jobs in Pakistan for housewives

Online jobs are getting popular day by day in Pakistan. These jobs can be done by without investment and anyone can do it. Housewives can also earn while sitting at home without investment. As we all know the majority is not allowed to go outside for earning. For that online job is the best way of earning. There is no time limit or schedule of the job. You can work at any time of the day or time suitable for you. All these kind of jobs are stress-free and needs no investment. This way housewives can spend their spare time while earning also they can divert the mind from depression and stress. Through this way, housewives can become her own work if she does not like to work with others.

According to search, the interest of housewives towards the online jobs in Pakistan is increasing day by day. All you need for the online job is an internet connection and laptop or personal computer. It is the best way to invest your talent and time.

Following are the few ways of earning online

Article Writing

One of the best and most easy and quick ways for housewives to start earning online are through article writing. If you are good at writing and have command of English grammar, you can easily earn while writing. And if you have basic knowledge you can also improve it with time. You can search article writing jobs on google. Also, you can find clients on FB, twitter or different online job portals and websites. You can also join Fiverr, freelancer and odesk to get started.

In article writing, first, you need to collect related information regarding the topic and then you need to write it in your own wording. You should have to negotiate the demand for the article writing service before starting to work.


Blogging is also one of the easiest way of earning for housewives but it also requires hard work and devotion in the start. If you are interested in a field or topic and have command on it you can start your own blog regarding the topic. You need to create your own blog and write the knowledge on the blog and simply share it. The more you share the more people will read it. And you will get paid by the google adsense with the handsome amount if you have a large number of visitors’, especially western countries visitors. If you want to become a successful blogger you need patient and never quit attitude. Because blog needs time for indexing and gaining a proper position in search engines.

Online Teaching/Tutor

This kind of job is favorite among housewives who want to teach students. This way they can use their passion to become an online tutor and starts earning. You can get students from local links or through social media campaigns in the start. When you gather enough students for online class, you can start online teaching using different communication ways. But the negative point is this you are bound to a specific time.

Become a freelancer

There are many freelancing websites from where you can find work related to your skills. Such as fiverr, upwork etc. All you need is to offer gigs related to your skills. For example, You can create a gig on Fiverr like “I can write an article for you in 5$ Or I can make a logo for your website in 5$. You can provide all kind of services on Fiverr and if clients like your work they help you to increase your rating on the platform as well as you can also receive a tip for the good work.

Graphics Designing

This job is suitable for the housewives with creative minds. An average creative housewife can make 250 to 300 dollars easily in a month. According to a survey, 70% of the fashion designers are females. With the passage of time, female fashion designers demand is increasing. So you can get started with CorelDraw and Photoshop and you can find work on different platforms like facebook, community forums, up work, fiverr etc. If you know basic or it, Google is your friend. Google how to learn Photoshop or CorelDraw, and simply follow tutorials to increase your knowledge.

How Can Izloo Classified help?

As you all know Izloo Classified provides you the opportunity to post free ads on this site. Izloo classified provides free ads for rent as well as for jobs as well. It is up to you what kind of work you are looking for. We also provide reviews of different jobs and also about the hiring person. You can also get the idea of the job that is suitable for you.

Many persons and companies posted jobs on Izloo Classified as per their demand and need. All you need is to find the perfect job and apply it. You’ll get the reply from the right person within 24 hours. You can also negotiate the terms and conditions according to your need.

Here is the link from where you can find the job:

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