All you need to know about car Suspension

The modern cars these days provide a very smooth and comfortable ride than older ones. It has become easier to travel in cars enjoying a comfortable ride. It is all because of the advanced and modern car suspension system being equipped in the car which provides comfort to travelers on every type of road. Modern and advanced suspension systems are so well designed that they absorb shocks and jumps so well that we think it is very simple to absorb them. But that’s not true at all.  Are you curious to know what actually a car suspension system is, what are the jobs of the car suspension system and how it works to give a comfortable and easy ride? Then you are in the right place.

What is Car suspension system?

The suspension is a term that means lifting something from the surface of the ground to reduce the risks of effects of the ground on that specific thing to a minimum. So the car suspension system reduces the effects of the ground on a car when it is running on the road. The car suspension system provides ride quality and control. It provides comfort to the passenger, improves the handling and controlling of the car.

Jobs of car suspension system:

The car suspension system has several jobs that have improved the overall protection, performance, and safety of the car.

  • When a car runs on bumpy roads, the car suspension system absorbs all the energy and power come from bumps and then remove road shock from the compartment of the passenger to provide a comfortable ride to a passenger even on bumpy roads.
  • The car suspension system maintains the tire contact with the road surface, it controls and maintains the tire grip with road and friction produced.
  • It controls the load o the car towards outside and minimizes it when the car cornering to the lower side from the High side.

How does car suspension system work:

The car suspension system prevents our car from jumps and bumps and provides safety and comfort to cars and passengers. The modern preferred car suspension system provides independent suspension which means each tire of the car is independently suspended to provide the best possible performance. If one tire’s suspension is not working properly, all other tire’s suspension and performance will not affect. So the modern car suspension system ensures the connection of the tires with the surface.

Now let us discuss what is dependent and independent car suspension system in detail.

Dependent Car suspension system:

The dependent suspension system is very cost-effective but simple suspension system. Many manufacturers use Dependent suspension in the cars to make them cost-effective. In this system, all the tyres are dependent on the same system and work on the same rule. All the tyres go in one direction so if one tyre fails, all other fails automatically. Like we have seen in toy cars. In toy cars, when one tyre fails, whole car stops moving. So same goes for the car with dependent suspension. Another issue with this suspension is that it can not handle unsupported weights. For example, when the road is bumpy, the tyres cannot absorb the power, bump or vibration instead transmit into the suspension parts of beam. This then results in uncontrolled wheels And the passengers get shocks and feel the jumps.

Independent Car suspension system:

The independent Car suspension system is the advanced and mostly used suspension system these days used by many manufacturers and is equipped in most of the cars. This suspension system allows individual independence to each tire of the car. Each tire of the car work on its own. The suspension designed for rear-wheel-tire is same as the suspension designed for front wheel tires. The only difference is the steering dynamics. Te only difference is that in front-wheel tires complicated arrangement of parts is not required but in rear wheel, the complicated arrangement of parts is required. Front-wheel tires require only a set of springs and shock absorbers to function well.

Macpherson strut:

Macpherson strut suspension system is one of the most simple but effective suspension systems. It is mostly used by European brands. This is a single system that has a shock absorber attached with a spring. This suspension system is designed for front-wheel end of the cars.

Double Wishbone:

The double-wishbone suspension system is at the rear wheel end of the car. It is also called A-arm suspension. It uses two wishbones like arms to monitor the wheel and the frame. These wishbone arms make sure to make cars stable and easier to handle on-road especially where the road is bumpy and make sure to provide comfort. But as this system is very complex and includes complicated parts so if one part is failed, the whole system needs to be replaced.

Multi-link suspension:

The multi-link suspension is a kind of independent suspension in which 3 or more lateral and 1 longitude arm are included. These arms can be angled in all directions and provide better performance, ride, comfort, and handling. This suspension is used in both the front and rear end.  But this suspension is quite expensive as it provides maximum stability, absorption of shocks, comfort, and handling of the car at the same time.

Anti-roll bars:

Anti-roll bars are used to prevent the load of the car when taking a very sharp turn. Anti-rolls bars are connected to left and right wheels being linked by torsion spring. These bars minimize the tilting of sideways when you take a sharp turn and provide you a smooth and comfortable ride. And when turn gets over, it restores the tires to their normal position.

How to maintain the suspension of the car:

We can maintain the suspension of the car with the following tips:

  • After you get your engine oil change, you should do an inspection of all the parts of your car’s suspension system.
  • Check if any suspension part is missing.
  • Check is all the parts are working properly
  • Check the anti-roll bars, track bars, and strut bars.
  • Check the absorber if there is any leakage here. If you feel any kind of wetness, this is time to replace that part or suspension system.


This is all about the car suspension system which needs to be known by every person who owns a car. If you know about the car suspension system, you can better maintain your car and its suspension system. We have helped you to know all about the suspension system.

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Above we shared some recommendation useful information regarding car suspension. If you know other factors except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any query related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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