All you need to know about Alloy wheels and Steel wheels

Wheels play an important part in your safety while riding a vehicle. Wheels work like a bridge or are the interface between the road and your vehicle. Your safety depends on the quality of your wheels. So if you are buying new wheels for your car it is important to know what options do you have and what the advantages and disadvantages may accrue from your choices.

Different between Alloy wheels vs. Steel wheels

Most vehicles wheels are made of steel.  Wheels are durable and made of different materials. Alloy wheels are different to steel wheel in many ways. Following are some differences:

  • Alloy wheels are made up of aluminum or magnesium and sometimes both
  • Alloy wheels tend to have greater strength than steel wheels.
  • Alloy wheels are more vulnerable in the fire as compared to Steel wheels.
  • Alloy wheels have lighter weight and provide better thermal conduction.
  • Alloy wheels are inexpensive and how high performance as compared to Steel wheels.

Below are the few pros and cons of using Alloy wheels


  • Alloy wheels are manufactured using forged and casting methods. The forged alloy wheels are lighter in weight but stronger in strength and also more expensive as compared to casting alloy wheels.
  • Alloy wheels usually have lighter weight as compared to steel wheels. Lighter weight helps in improvement of handling by reducing unsprung mass
  • Because of lighter weight, stain on the suspension components is less
  • The heat dispels easily in alloy wheels from brake components as compared to the steel wheels.
  • The alloy wheels give better acceleration & can be customized in different sizes and shapes


  • Alloy wheels are unprotected from acid cleaners and saltwater corrosion
  • Alloy wheels are easily breakable or also can be cracked easily. It is the main reason people prefer steel wheels.
  • Alloy wheels are much expensive as compared to steel wheels.

Choosing Alloy or Steel Wheels

The choice of wheel type depends on one’s aspirations. Alloy wheels are more expensive but if you want to buy the best ones than these are the best. Alloy wheels are also available in different colors. It is up to you what kind f color do you prefer. Both Wheels have its pros and cos. In the end, the choice is yours depending on your need and budget.

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