How to Maintain Your House When it’s Not in Use

Majority of us have a vacation house where we spend our summer with family and friends. Also, some buy houses with an extra income or investment. In either case, that house remains vacant for a longer period. During that time, due to storms or dust homes face damage as there is no one to detect the problem in time and repair it. And repairing can charge you in thousands as well as the value of the house also decrease. One must take steps to protect your vacation and investment house even when you are not there for the care. I am going to share some steps how to protect your house form such damage.

Inspect and Clean Monthly

Best thing is to go to your house every month for cleaning. Fix a day for it. And prepare a checklist for the work. It does not take much time. You can do it by yourself if you have time.

You need to make a checklist for kitchen, doors, terrace, cracks, gutter, and driveway especially.

Hire a caretaker

If you don’t have time for cleaning by yourself please hire a reliable caretaker for your house. Caretakers should be reliable so he/she can do it properly even when you are not there. Please ensure that caretaker is reliable by verifying his/her documents.

Caretaker duties should include regular cleaning of the house, taking care of the utilities, keeping outdoor clean and if there is any issue he/she should have to inform you of time. Also, you need to check the house on vacations.

Give House for Rent

The best way to save your vacation house form damage is to give it on rent. You will also earn from it. First, you need to register a proper rental agreement and all facts to avoid any false situation in future. As the house is your vacation house, you need to define the rental period so that you can also use it in summer.

Another advantage of renting your home is, it will stay in use when you don’t have time for it.

Keep Things Under Cover

If your house keeps vacant for months, you must take care of everything inside it. Keep your home windows closed and locked. Also, cover the future with sheets to prevent it from dust and any damage. Keep your windows and doors sealed to prevent dust from coming in.

Install a Security System

Another good way to keep a check on you vacant or vacation house when you are not there is through security cameras or security system that notifies you in case of any break-in or storm. There are many surveillance systems with wide range devices to do it properly but it costs you much.

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In conclusion, the best way is to give it to rent. As there will be no need of taking care it. In return, you also have an extra source of income.

If you have others working ways for home safety please share us and also tell your views through the comments section.

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