List of food that will keep you cool in summer


The summer is here and it is a challenge for us to keep our body cool. We live in an area where temperature rises above 50-degree centigrade during summer and that leads in many problems. It is a tricky process to prevent the body from overheating and to keep your body cool. Keeping the body cool does not mean only outer parts of the body. You should have to keep your body cool from the inside also. You should avoid such types of food that will increase the temperature inside the body. Thankfully, nature has blessed us with many kinds of food that will protect us from the heat wave.

Following are some foods that will keep you safe from the heat wave.


We all know that banana is an ultimate source of potassium. But we do not know that it also helps our body to absorb more water. That’s why it also helps our body to remain cool in such hot weather. Bananas help to replenish lost nutrients in case of diarrhea and also they are the best snacks on the go.


Another food that will keep your body cool is during hot weather is coconut. Coconuts are rich in electrolytes that will not only keep your body cool during the heat wave but also boost the tour energy level of the body. You can take it in whatever form you like either raw white fruit or a dry one. You can also take coconuts water if you like.


Lemons act as an immunity booster. They also have a detoxification effect on the body. Lemons also help with digestive processes to digest food and produce less heat to keep the body clean. Some people do not like adding lemons in their routine life or in food, for those it is recommended to create detox water by adding a few slices of lemon in drinking water.  Another alternative is to make lemonade. You can simply add lemon juice, mint, salt and ice cubes in water. The lemonade drink will not only keep your body cool but also will give energy to your body.


Mint is the common ingredient used in approximately all food recipes. Mint is the food that will lower your body temperature and keeps you cool during the heat wave. You can eat mint in raw form and can also make a drink or chutney from it. For drinks and chutne, you required water, yogurt, salt, and green chili. You can use mint’s raita in every meal to keep your body cool.


Cucumbers are famous for keeping the body cool from inside and to prevent dehydration because of high water content. You can take it in any form. You can eat it in raw form or in a salad or you can also make smoothies out of it. A cucumber tastes good in every way. You can eat as much as you want as they don’t have many calories.


Yogurt and frozen yogurt is another thing that will lower your body temperature level.  Yogurt is also an alternative healthier snack that keeps your body healthy. But don’t take it in raw form it seems cool but it will increase your body temperature if uses in raw form. Also, use it to make lassi or raita.


A melon contains 95% of water. The more water means the fruit will help your body to lower body temperature and also keep your body hydrated. The most common form of melons available in Pakistan is muskmelons. But in summer other types of melons are also available in some parts of the country.


Similar to melons, watermelons also contains 90% water. Because of the water content, it is beneficial for digestion and hydration. You can take watermelons in whatever form you like such as raw form, to make a salad or also can make drinks and smoothies.


We all have seen vendors selling sugarcane juices in markets or at roadside stalls, but have you ever tasted it? Sugarcanes are also helpful in both forms either raw or in juice. Sugarcane is helpful in hydrating and re-energizing the body.

Leafy Green Vegetables:

We all know leafy green vegetables are good for health as they are rich in water content and can be digested easily. A leafy Green vegetable helps in lowering the body temperature of the core. As they can be easily digested thus your body work less to consume them and less heat is produced in the process. Spinach and kale ate the most commonly used leafy green vegetables in Pakistan.


It is rich in vitamins and is looked like cucumber. It is actually a squash and available in green or yellow color. It can be eaten raw for a hydrating and refreshing effect.


Celery is the green food that contains high water content and that’s why is the main source in lowering the body temperature and also to keep ones safe during the heat wave. There are many health benefits to eating celery. It not only flushes toxins out of your body but also offers nutrients to your body. It can be used with salad, soups or stir-fries.


Berries are also helpful in maintain or lowering body temperature. Falsa is the most common found berry in Pakistan. It comes in the peak summer season. It has a variety of taste from sweet to sour.  The berry can be eaten raw or can be used in juice form. It tastes good in either way.

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