How to import Smartphones in Pakistan – A Complete Guide

A lot of us are addicted to Imported stuff because we find them more reliable and there is a lot more variety of things which we cannot find in Pakistan often. Same is the case with mobile phones. We like international phone brands especially brands of china more than the Pakistani one. We like their other stuff as well as phones. But people think importing a phone can be very difficult as it takes lots of time as well. Let me clear this doubt and tell you that it is very easy to import phones from China or from other countries. There are lots of websites now offering this facility. It can be time-consuming, but the whole process is very easy. Following I am sharing the complete guide on how to import smartphones or mobile phones in Pakistan.

Steps to import Smartphones:

Here are the following steps to import a smartphone in Pakistan and get it delivered at your doorstep:

  • Choose a phone you would like to buy and select a trusted website for it

The first and very obvious thing you need to do is to choose a phone you want to import. Then choose a trusted website for it. There are websites in Pakistan offering this facility like Ali Xpress and These websites are tried and tested to import stuff.

  • Do payment using the preferred payment method

Ordering something online usually offers cash on the delivery method but to import things you need to do the payment first to proceed with the further process. The payment usually is done via debit/credit card, web money, etc. choose the payment method, and do the payment to proceed the whole process.

  • Get detailed information about your shipment from your seller and get in touch with him

After doing the payment, contact your seller and get all the information about the shipment. Ask your seller about the shipment, what is its tracking number so that you could track your shipment as the whole process is time taking. Ask for the airway bills from your seller as well for a safe side so that you could have an idea when it is going to reach in Pakistan.

  • Keep tracking your shipment when it is in Pakistan

When your shipment reaches in Pakistan, you must track it. Tracking your shipment is important to feel safe as well as to have an idea of how long it will take to deliver it to you.

  • Contact your Delivery Service

It is very important to contact your delivery office so that you could know after how many days your order will be delivered at your place. Most of the delivery services contact their customers by themselves. If your delivery service didn’t contact you, you must contact them.

  • Get your phone registered with PTA and get cleared your shipment from customs

It is very important and necessary to get registered your Phone with PTA otherwise you will not be able to run that phone in Pakistan. Buying a license for your phone is a compulsion. So, Get it registered as soon as possible and get cleared your phone from customs detention.

  • Pay the taxes and delivery charges to the delivery man and get your order

When the delivery man reaches your door, pay all the taxes and delivery charges to delivery pay, clear all the payments and take your phone.


These are the easy step on how to import Smartphones in Pakistani. The whole process is just time-taking but is very easy. You just need to follow the given steps as it is and be patient. Because patience is all you need for the whole process. Best of Luck!

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Above we shared the method, how to import smartphones in Pakistan with you. If you know other factors except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any query related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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