How to set up an Organic Garden on your own

An organic garden produces fresh, healthy vegetables & fruits without any help of chemicals. Organic vegetables & fruits are a lot different than the available in the market. The veggies, herbs & fruits you buy from the market or the local stores have some amount of chemical residues on them. These chemical residues are harmful to your health & body. In this article, we will help you how to start up an organic garden of your own at your home. We will also tell how you can keep the right level of HP in the soil, how to create compost & how to make homemade chemical-free pesticides.  

Step to set up an organic garden of your own

We have prepared a guide for the beginners. You do not need a lot of space to set up an organic garden. Even if you don’t have a dedicated space for the garden, you grow fruits & vegetables in small containers & can place them on the balcony or terrace of your home. Let us take look at the most important steps of setting an organic garden.

  • Choose a garden site
  • Make compost
  • Maintain the PH level of soil
  • Choose appropriate plants
  • Water & weed the plants
  • Maintain a natural ecosystem
  • Spray homemade organic pesticides

Let discuss each step in detail.

Choose a garden site

The very first & important step is to choose a garden site that receives maximum sunlight i.e: at least 6 hours a day. If you already have a garden, limit the sitting area & utilize the remaining to step up an organic garden. Keeping a lawn requires a lot of effort including daily water, fertilizer & weekly mowing to keep it green & well maintained.

Make the lawn area smaller & dedicate the remaining for the organic garden. Start small & then move on to convert the entire space into an organic garden. You can also start it while doing container gardening. Later, you can expand the project & switch to dedicating an area for making an organic garden.  

Make compost

Do not throw away fruits & vegetables rinds & peels. Dig up a composting pit in your garden & place all the kitchen waste into the pit and cover it with soil. Let it decompose of your own. It will take several months. You will see earthworms in your compost pile that are busy converting the kitchen waste into nutrient-rich soil. When ready, you can mix it with soil to help to provide the essentials nutrients to the plants of your garden.

Maintain the PH level of soil

If you want to set up an organic garden, you need the right kind of soil. The PH level of the soil should keep in check. If the soil is too acidic, plants won’t thrive. Mix some quantity of compost with the soil. Check the soil PH level using PH strips (PH strips are easily available in the local market).

PH testing method: take some handful of soil & mix it with lukewarm water. The mixture will get the consistency of a milkshake. DIP the PH test strip in the mixture wait for 30 seconds & check the results according to the key given on the test.

The PH level of the soil should be 5.5 to 7 for the plants to thrive. If your soil’s PH level is below 5.5, add quick lime in the soil & then retest the PH level. If the PH level of the soil is above 7 then add some portion of compost & test the PH level of soil again. Once you reach the required PH level of soil, it is time to sow plants.  

Choose appropriate plants

Select some commonly grown vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, brinjals & ladyfingers or any herb or vegetable of your choice. Plant them according to the vegetable’s sowing specifications. Remember to make separate sections for each plant& sow the seed in separate areas.    

Water & weed the plants

Make sure to water the plants daily & also don’t give them too much water. A general rule for checking the moisture of the soil is to insert the finger in the soil. If the soil seems dry then water the plants & if the soil is already wet plants do not need more water. As more water leads to the rotting of the roots.

Maintain a natural ecosystem

When starting an organic garden, remember don’t kill any kind of insects & earthworms present in the soil. As some of them help in maintain the natural ecosystem. The living things that help in maintain the ecosystems of your garden are beneficial insects, earthworms, bees, butterflies & birds.

If you use insecticides & chemicals, it will not only kill harmful insects but also kill the butterflies & beneficial insects. And because of the harmful chemical birds & bees won’t be attracted to your garden. Earthworms will not recycle the plant waste into nutrient-rich soil. So, it is recommended do not to use any kind of artificial & harmful chemicals for the growth of the plants.

Spray homemade organic pesticides

Don’t use pesticides & harmful chemicals in your garden. Make sure to sure organic pesticides. You are easily making it from the ingredients available in the kitchen. Use garlic peels to make a garlic spray to keep away harmful insects & aphids from your garden. Organic pesticides are not harmful to the plants & they also don’t make the plants poisonous.

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Above we mentioned some easy & amazing steps of setting up an organic garden on your won. If you have already tried these steps, please feel free to share your reviews, opinion or experience with us via the comments section below.  If you have any queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Your feedback means a lot to use & it will also help us in improving our blog. For more updates stay tuned to the  Good luck

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