How to earn money online in Pakistan

The economy can be unpredictable. No one knows when it crashes. The economy affects businessmen as well as the employees. But when you face such an event, you need a second source of earning for a living. Also, as the unemployment rate increases in Pakistan, people want to earn money online to meet their needs. Many women want to earn online to have some extra pocket money but can’t go out of their houses because of the crisis or family issues. For such people, earning money through an online job is the best, easiest & most effective solution.

Most students who try to earn online sometimes fall prey to the scammers. If you are a student & want to know how to earn money online in Pakistan then you came to the right place. You will get to know different ways to earn money online in Pakistan through this blog article.

There are some common questions which each Pakistani search when it comes to earning money online. There are:

  • What is the real & effective way to earn money online from home in Pakistan?
  • What is the easiest way to earn money online in Pakistan?
  • How can I earn money as a student in Pakistan?

In this blog article, you will get to know all the answers to these questions. Just spare some time & read this article carefully.

What you need to get started

Before we get to the actual point, there are some key points you need to keep in mind when it comes to earning money online in Pakistan.

  • Earning a good amount of money online is somehow challenging. You need a lot of patience as there is no consistency of a fixed amount online. Sometimes you earn a handsome amount of money & some months you didn’t get much.
  • Most importantly, you must have some knowledge about the internet & computer. You can’t have a stable job if you don’t have basic knowledge of the computer & some other basic skills. 
  • You must understand & communicate in English at least a basic level. But if you are proficient in English then it is a plus point & getting a job online will be easy.
  • You need consistency both in work & attitude when it comes to earning money online.

Different methods to earn money online in Pakistan

There are many ways to earn money online in Pakistan. Here is the list of several ways to earn money online in Pakistan:

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Data Entry
  • Digital Marketing
  • Academic Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Developing website & apps
  • YouTube
  • Survey Forms
  • Become a Reviewer
  • Start Content Writing Work
  • Selling products on an e-commerce website
  • Selling Photos
  • Selling products on Facebook &Instagram
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Offering Tax Services
  • Proofreading

Above we shared all the related skills that help you to earn money online in Pakistan. If all the fields are new to you, you need to invest sometime in learning skills. 


The majority of us are familiar with the term freelancer. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed & is not committed to any company or employer.

The term freelancing is common in many fields such as acting, music, writing, web designing, illustrating, film, graphic designing, video production, etc.

Sometimes some organizations or companies hire freelancerson a contract basis.

Different websites from where You can get work

There are many websites from where you can find work & earn money online. Some of the most famous are:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • People per hour
  • Fiverr


For starters & students, bogging is the best way to earn money online. You can start your blog or can work as a content writer for different websites. It is up to you to choose the method of earning online. 

If you plan to start your blog, you should have good writing skills. You can start writing about the topics you are interested in either the news or about a celebrity. But please try to write original don’t copy-paste from other websites.

If you want a blog site then go to WordPress, create a blog & applied for Google AdSense. You can earn money through Google Adsense when it comes to blogging. But first, you need to invest your time as well. Write quality content & wait for 5 or 6 months. Once the traffic increase on your blog, your earning increases as well. 

Creating a blog is very easy. Just open the WordPress website & sing up to create a blog. Make a blog of your interest & start writing. If people like your blog they will surely visit it again. 

There are many websites you can write a blog for. Such as:

  • Squideo
  • Ehow
  • About
  • Hubpages

Data Entry

Data entry is considered among the biggest skills a person can have. It is also listed as the topmost jobs available in terms of the volume of the project. Even if you are new, it does not require many skills. It is all about typing & some basic level skills inthe computer & English language. The major drawback of this job is that it requires a lot of your time.

Some reliable sources for data entry job are:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Elance

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming common in Pakistan with the advancement of technology & because of different social media apps.

Advertising, promoting & creating online business plans all included in digital marketing. Digital marketing includes social media, different websites & also other various platforms.

Now, you will be confused about how a person can earn through digital marketing. It is not difficult to earn through digital marketing but it will take some time. Also, you should be aware of some necessary things if you want to be a digital marketer. Such as:

  1. You must have some relevant skills if you want to open a digital marketing agency.
  2. You should know how to use social media platforms for marketing
  3. Approach brands or local companies & convince them to avail of your services. If they agree you can start promoting their business on different platforms & hence you can start earning money. 

Academic Writing

Academic writing is also one of the ways to earn money online in Pakistan. Do you know how many students across the globe hire academic writers for their assignments & thesis projects?

Well the main focus of us is how one can get academic writing work to earn money from it. Well, it is not difficult. You can get academic work from the freelance websites mentioned above in the article. Mostly people from western countries pay for you to write about a certain topic.

Academic writing is good for students as they learn new things from this field & also get paid a handsome amount of money.

Graphic Designing

It is also among one of the best ways to earn online but again you must have some graphics skills. But if you don’t have skills regarding this field then you cannot earn online through this field.

It is a well-paid job. You can get international clients from different freelance websites or you can also advertise your work on different social media platforms & get orders from clients as well.

Developing website & apps

Another method to earn online in Pakistan is to develop different websites & apps. You need to have skills to develop different apps or websites.

If you know how to do this then it is the best way to earn money online in Pakistan.

Most students related to IT or computer fields earn money through developing websites & different apps for different clients around the world.


We all know how someone can earn through YouTube. If you don’t know, you can watch different videos & tutorials on YouTube also it is the best platform if you want to learn a new skill.

There are thousands of people in Pakistan earning from YouTube. People started many different channels after the monetization of YouTube in Pakistan.

If you are looking at how to earn money from YouTube then the answer is very simple. You simply need to create a channel on YouTube & start posting videos on it.

Post genuine & interesting videos don’t try to upload it from other users as it will result in canceling monetization for you.

Content matters on YouTube; if people start liking your videos then you will get a lot of views & get paid because of the views. You can start making travel vlogs or food vlogs for original content. 

Survey Forms

Filling survey forms is another medium of earning money online. You need to provide your opinion about the products & services of different companies. 

Become a Reviewer

If you do not have other skills, just become a reviewer & start earning online.  Different vloggers & bloggers are hired by different brands, companies & organizations to write a review to make a video regarding their products & services. But if you want to become a reviewer, you must have a good or impressive Instagram or Facebook profile.

Most people do reviews on YouTube & earning god amount. You can write reviews or make a video about food & mobiles. You need to invest your time in making a good profile so that companies & brands approach you for your service.

Start Content Writing Work

This category is best for students & housewives. Some housewives ant to support their family financially but due to some circumstances, they can’t go outside to earn money. For them, content writing is the best. Many companies are looking for talented wives.

But this does not mean that this field is only for women. Men can also do it. You need to make a profile on different platforms & start writing for different companies, websites & newspapers.

There are some websites where you can send your article & earn money. Such as:

  • Problogger
  • Toptenz
  • Listverse
  • WatchMojo

if you are interested in writing, give these websites a try.

Selling products on an e-commerce website

If you have some savings& want to start a small business online then try selling products on e-commerce websites. Websites like Daraz allow you to become a vendor & sell your products on their website.

If you have some extra amount, try creating your e-commerce website & try selling products through that website to make money. 

Selling Photos

Another easy method of earning online is by selling your photos. You don’t need to have famous for this. Just a good photograph of nature or your coffee cup or book is enough. You can submit your photos at different websites like iStockPhoto or Shutterstock.

Selling products on Facebook &Instagram

If you are tight on budget & can’t create your e-commerce website then Facebook &Instagram is the best for you to sell your products online.

Selling on Facebook &Instagram is very easy you simply need to:

  1. Create a profile on Instagram or a page on Facebook
  2. Decide the name of the profile & page according to the products you are selling
  3. Add all the images of the products you are selling
  4. Boost your profile or page by giving money for advertisement. This is to attract clients. You can also share your products on different pages to get clients.
  5. Once you start getting the order, congrats you can now earn money online.

Offering Tax Services

If you know this field then you can start a Tax consultancy firm. With some money, you can open an office or work from home & file people’s tax returns.

In Pakistan, this field is neglected. You can start this & bring a change here.


If you want to earn online, you can provide proofreading services in Pakistan. You can get proofreading work from different freelance websites.

Affiliate Marketing

Once you have a good blog, you can earn an extra buck by joining affiliate programs of different websites such as Amazon or Izloo Classified. 

Earning money online in Pakistan is easy but you need consistency, motivation & hard work. First, improve your skills & try different sources to get work.  Once you achieved your goal, you will get work easily next time. 

How you can Earn Money through Izloo Classified’s Affiliate Program?

You can easily earn money online by joining the Affiliate program. You can easily earn a 4% to 12% commission on every successful sale. It does not matter if the product is cheap or costly, the commission remains fixed.

Simply, you need to register as an Affiliate account. Once, your account is approved by the authorities, you have to copy the affiliate code from your Dashboard & paste it on your website.  Once, a product paid subscription or paid advertisements is sold by the ad posted on your website (or by the referral link placed on your website), your commission will be automatically added to your affiliate account.  You can withdraw the amount using different payment methods like western union and PayPal(bank to a bank transfer, easy paisa, etc are also going to be available soon).

Another recommended approach is to register and join as an affiliate user at to get your special affiliate link. Physically contact potential clients like Car Dealers, Property Dealers, or anyone who can potentially require posting a large number of ads and convince them to use paid subscriptions for the success of their business. Once you send them your own affiliate link, if they pay to join a paid subscription (Premium Membership Plan)  you will get 10% of the amount. Following are some calculations

1 Premium Membership sold ————————- you will get 4,200 as commission
2 Premium Membership sold ————————- you will get 8,400 as commission
10 Premium Membership sold ————————- you will get 42,000 as commission

There is no limit on how many memberships you can sell in a day or month. The commission structure is flat at the moment. Need more information and guidance, you can contact

For more details visit Can I make money by working for

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