Home Remedies for Skin Whitening

People in the east are obsessed with glowing white complexion and ready to do anything to get it. According to women, their confidence is related to skin complexion. That means the lighter the complexion, the greater the confidence is. However, not everyone has fair skin complexion. And majority also do not have much money to go for a treatment. That’s why applying home remedies for skin whitening is an easy and easy process for those who want fair complexion. Natural home remedies can be easily prepared at home without purchasing any expensive ingredients or materials.

Renowned Skin whitening Ingredients

Some of the most famous skin whitening ingredients are mentioned below.

Lactic Acid:

Lactic acid is one of the most renowned skins whitening products that is used by majority. Lactic acid is commonly found in dairy products. Yogurt contains a large amount of lactic acid. By applying yogurt for 10 to 30 minutes, your skin will become fresh and lighter in color. However, Lactic acid also causes skin dryness. So, it is recommended to use toner or any cream after applying yogurt. Buttermilk also contains a large amount of lactic acid and it is also a source of getting lighter skin. Add one spoon of oatmeal with buttermilk or yogurt and then apply it on face as a scrub. You will surely get mind-blowing results.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is widely used as a natural skin whitening agent. People use lemon juice to get a lighter complexion. Just as lactic acid, another acid is found in lemon juice which also acts as a skin whitening agent. That acid is citric acid. Using lemon juice is very easy. Apply a small amount of lemon juice on cotton ball and dabbed it all over your face before going to bed. You have to keep in mind that does not go outside or in sun rays after applying lemon juice as it will cause severe skin burn. Also apply moisturizer after using lemon juice as it causes skin dryness as well.


Another known skin whitening agent is papaya. Applying raw papaya on the face is equal to applying papaya soap. Many of us do not know this fact. Papain is a natural compound and is known because of its skin whitening effects. Applying papaya for skin whitening is very easy. Apply mash papaya on face or body for 10 to 30 minutes after that rinse it with water and one must also apply moisturizer after rinsing as it causes skin dryness.

Valuable home remedies for skin whitening

The following are some renowned methods used by generations for skin whitening.

Home Remedy 1:

Make a mixture of tomato juice, sandalwood powder, cucumber juice, and lemon juice. Apply the paste mixture on face until it dries. This mixture helps to gain brighter and lighter skin and also helpful for dark circles treatment.

Home Remedy 2:

Dry the outer layer or peels or oranges on the sun and grind them to make a powder or mixture. Add some raw milk in the powder to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on face for 10 to 15 minutes every day and wash off with lukewarm water. You will see the magic in 2 or 3 weeks.

Home Remedy 3:

Soak almond in water overnight, peel them and grind them with honey to make a paste. Apply the paste at least twice in a week to enjoy white complexion and glowing skin.

Home Remedy 4:

Gram flour is a well-known skin whitening agent. Take some gram flour; add few drops of milk cream, few drops of lemon juice and a small quantity of turmeric. Apply this paste on face and scrub it until it dries. You can also apply the paste on whole body for better and mind-blowing results.

Home Remedy 5:

Potato is also a skin whitening agent. Potato juice helps to gain even skin tone. Applying its juice on the face every day will help in reducing unwanted pigmentations and blemishes.

Sometimes the best way to get glowing skin is by prevention and maintenance. One must take good care of his/her skin so that it will look healthy and all the time.

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Above we shared some tips and methods to get glowing or whitening skin naturally. If you know other facts and tips except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any queries related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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