Historical Places to visit in Lahore

Lahore is the most beloved country of Pakistan and it is called the heart of Punjab. It is the capital of Punjab and is famous for its most lively and hearty people of Pakistan. Lahore is famous for so many other things but there are also very famous and historical places here which attract tourists the most because these places are very attractive and unique. Every year a lot of tourists come to Pakistan to visit different places here, and a very large amount of tourists love to visit the historical places in Lahore. I am going to tell the top-visited historical places in Lahore which Pakistanis, as well as tourists, love to visit the most.

Historical Places in Lahore

1. Minar E Pakistan

Minar E Pakistan is located in Ravi Town, Lahore. It is on circular Road. It is the significance of Pakistan. Minar E Pakistan is situated in Iqbal Park which was named Manto Park earlier. In March 1940, Our leader Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah gathered the Muslim here and Pakistan Resolution got decided that day. Minar E Pakistan Indicates the freedom and independence for Pakistanis. It was constructed in 1960 and its height is 92 meters. A lot of visitors and tourists especially come to Lahore to visit Minar E Pakistan and it is their most beloved place to visit in Lahore. The view here is very beautiful mesmerizing so people enjoy it a lot here.

2. Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi mosque is situated near Minar E Pakistan and Shahi Qila. It is also a very beloved, beautiful and important historical Place in Lahore. Its construction was started in 1671 and the constructed completed in 1673. Governor of Lahore, Aurangzeb brothers, and Muzafar Hussain together started its construction. Bahshahi mosque is the 5th largest mosque in the world. Visitors and tourists love the peaceful environment of the Badshahi mosque and love to visit this place.

3. Shahi Qila

Shahi Qila is exactly situated near Badshahi Mosque. It is also one of the most important and beautiful places in Lahore. It was built by Sikh and Mughal empire in 1566. The Lahore Fort has two parts. One consists of gardens and the second consists of the main residential part where there are spacious bedrooms and sheesha mahal. It has two gates. This place is very beautiful and attractive. Visitors and tourists love spending their time here.

4. Lahore Museum

Lahore museum is situated at the Famous road of Lahore, called mall road. It is the biggest and the most museum in Lahore. All kind of old heritage things like weapons, jewelry, pictures, textiles and so on are being kept here in Lahore museum and are center of attraction for visitors and tourists. Mostly, student’s trips are being taken here to show students the heritage things and gather information. Trips to museums for students develop their interest in learning.

5. Race Course Park

Racecourse Park whose name was Jillani park earlier in the very famous park in Lahore. It is situated on Jail Road Lahore. And it is a very famous historical place in Lahore. It was constructed by lt General Ghulam Jilani Khan. The artificial waterfall and exhibition of this park is the main center of attraction. It is famous for these things and tourists especially come to see these things. Horse Racing competition held here every year.

6. Shalimar Garden

This is another historical place in Lahore is Shalimar Garden and it is situated near baghbanpura. It was constructed in 1641 by Mughal Badshah Shah Jahan. This place is full of greenery and is very royal. Tourists and visitors love to visit this place because it has a touch of both Mughal architecture and nature.

7. Jahangir Tomb

As Lahore is known for its historical places and memorable spots, there are many eye-catching places here. Jahangir’s tomb is one of them. It was made by Mughal empire Shah Jahan for his father Jahangir. This place has 30 meters high 4 minarets and represents a good Mughal work which is loved by visitors and tourists both.

8. Wagah Border

Wagah Border is the most famous border which joins two states India and Pakistan. Wagah border is located at Grand trunk Street. It was a town before India and Pakistan got separated. It is famous for events and functions held on special and national events every year. Parades are held here both sides which visitors come to watch. This place so beautiful. Tourists and visitors love to visit this place, especially on special events and functions.

9. Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh, Mahal is another memorable place constructed by Mughal empire which is situated in Lahore. It is located in Fortress Lahore. The reason why its name is sheesh mahal is because of the quality mirror work done here. Shah Jahan constructed sheesh Mahal. This place is very beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. A great number of visitors and tourists visit this place every year.

10. Fakir Khana Museum

Fakir Khana Museum is very private but informative place in Pakistan and it is the largest museum in South Asia. This place shows the tradition and heritage of Punjab and is full of artwork. A lot of study trips and visits for students are arranged to Fair Khana Museum to increase the knowledge of students and develop their interest in arts.

11. Anarkali Bazar

Anarkali Bazar is the most famous bazaar of Pakistan and South Asia and It is situated in Lahore. Anarkali Bazar is famous for jewelry, garments, textile, and many other things. This bazaar was built by the Mughal emperor. Son of Mughal Badshah Shah Jahan whose name was Akbar loved a slave girl. That girl was buried in a wall alive by his Father Badshah Shah Jahan. This bazaar was named after that girl. Visitors and tourists love to shop from this bazaar.

12. Fortress

The fortress is an area where malls, food courts, sheesh mahal and a park called Joyland are situated. Joyland is a very famous Park in Lahore. It was constructed in 1977. This park is famous for a lot of amusement activities which help to entertain the visitors and tourists.

13. Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park is the most famous and beautiful park in Lahore. This park is loved by Lahoris as well as visitors and tourists. People love to visit this park in summers especially. This park is situated on the canal bank.

14. Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo was constructed in 1872 and covers an area about twenty-five acres. It is the biggest and largest park in Pakistan and South Asia. A variety of animals are being kept in the zoo to entertain visitors and tourists. And this place is favorite place of Kids. There are cinemas and many other facilities for visitors and tourists for their entertainment in Lahore Zoo.

15. Jinnah Park

Jinnah Park is another famous place in Lahore and it is situated near Lahore zoo, on Mall Road Lahore. This is a very famous place for local people as well as visitors and tourist. This place has a casual park for kids, a beautiful garden and walking tracks for adults.


These are the famous and historical places of Lahore which attract visitors and tourists the most. Lahore is full of historical places and is one of the most loved cities in Pakistan. A lot of tourists get emotional when they leave this city.

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