How to get rid of Termites naturally?

How to get rid of Termites naturally?

The spring season is the time when termites also known as swarmers becomes active and make colonies where they can easily find food. These termites are similar to winged ants and shed their wings after mating. If you see a bundle of termites’ wings at home then it is most likely your house has become a breeding area for these insects. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of termites naturally.

Few tips to get rid of termites naturally and quickly

  • Fix cracks in your house structure
  • Keep your hollow furniture in check
  • Reduce and eliminate the moisture in and around your house
  • Keep all resources of water away from your house such as sprinkles
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • There should be a 200 inches gap between the soil and wooden parts of your house
  • Keep scraps of wood and mulch piece away from your house
  • Check the woody exterior of your house such as doors, frames, windows, etc on a weekly basis
  • Get your house inspected by professionals annually

Sign of termite infestation

Let us help you to identify the signs that help you to testify the termite infestation in your house.

These insects feed on everything related to cellulose from plant materials, woods, and even books. They silently entered houses and eat everything that contains cellulose and remains undetected until the more damage has been done.

They live in the mud like tunnels. You can easily spot these tunnels on your walls and on the ground as they rise up from the ground. These tunnels protect the termites and if these tunnels are filled with wings then it means these insects have infested your house.

Natural methods to control termites

Many people avoid chemical sprays and solutions because of their children’s presence at home. But don’t worry there are many methods to get rid of these insects naturally.

Sunlight kills termites

If you know the place where termites are infested simply expose their colonies in direct sunlight. For example, if your wooden furniture is infested with termites place that piece of infested furniture in the direct sunlight and you will see the magic. Because of the sunlight, these termites will be dead within no time.

Wet cardboard trap

If there is some leftover cardboard in your house then you have the best termite trap. A simple method of catching this termite is wet the cardboard and place it where you think these insects are infested. After some time check the cardboard, if you see termites eating the cardboard, burn that entire piece of cardboard and get rid of the whole colony.

 Boric acid kills termites

One of the simplest and most popular home remedy to kill termite is using boric acid. Boric acid works like acid for termites. The best way to kill a termite using boric acid is to set the bait. Take a piece of wood or cardboard, apply boric acid evenly on it and place it in your garden or at your home where termites’ colony infested. In no time you will see the magic.

Remove mulch from around the house

Mulch is like a buffet for termites. Mulch is moist and contains loads of cellulose like a perfect treat for termites. By simply removing mulch from your house, especially garden, you can eliminate a major termite threat.

Use nematodes

One of the best methods is to use other insects to get rid of harmful insects. As some use a cat to catch a mouse if failed in other methods. If all else fails, you can kill these harmful insects by introducing parasitic nematodes. There are many worms that eat termite as a tasty meal. You can purchase them from online or any store nearby.

How to prevent termites from entering at home?

If you want to prevent termites entering your house, check your plumbing system on a monthly basis. Any kind of water leaks attract termites and help them in breeding at that place. Termite needs cellulose plus an adequate amount of water in order to survive. So, in order to prevent termites, cut all the water resources.

Cleaning the Gutter system

If your gutters are clogged, they will leak and becomes the breeding ground of these termites. Fix it before it attracts more insects. You can also spray chemical spray for killing it. Killing sprays of termites are also available in local stores or in stores of control pests.

A tried and tested method of killing termites is to take 5 tablespoons of tea kill in a bucket of water. Use his diluted mixture and spray it at the infested areas. It is also helpful in other house pets such as cockroaches.

Seal cracks

Seal all the cracks present at your home to prevent the breeding of termites. A gap between wooden objects, electrical wiring and switchboards also provide a way to termites in entering your house.

Allow fresh air in the house

If your house is airy, breeding termites is impossible. Avoid moisture build-up at houses and get rid of termites. Install exhaust fans in washrooms and at high places for venting air and it will help you to prevent entering moisture at home.

Apart from termites, there are many house pests dangerous for your house and kids. It is important to kill these house pests by using natural methods instead of using chemicals.

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Above are some methods, we shared with you. If you know other tested and verified methods, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any queries related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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