How to get rid of lice at home naturally

About Lice:

Lice are very small parasitic insects that feed on human blood. They do not have wings. An adult louse is only 2 to 3 millimeter in length. Since lice do not have wings they only get around by crawling. There are different kinds of lice like head lice, body lice pubic lice. The most common lice are head lice. This louse develops on your scalp and neck. The louse lays eggs in the head and then attaches is to the base of hair shafts. A Head louse is most obvious and easily seen on neck and ears.

Body lice typically live in clothing and on your bed. This feed on human skin. People who do not bath regularly or more often and who do not wash their clothes on a regular basis are most affected by them.

Public lice are also known as crabs. This kind of lice available on the skin and hair of the pubic area.

All these lice badly affect the human body.

Sign & symptoms of lice:

  • Intense itching on body and head.
  • Lice visible on body, body hair, scalp and clothing
  • A tickling feeling when you moved your hair
  • Small red dots or bumps on neck scalp and shoulders
  • Irritability feelings and difficulty in sleeping at night.
  • Feeling sore on itching

Causes and risk factors of lice:

Head lice can spread easily among school children as they are in close contact. The number one method of spreading head lice is direct contact of the infected head to others. Also head lice spread via sharing of same items such as comb, head scarf, towel, ribbons, sports uniforms, blankets, pillow, etc. One can also get lice via lying on carpet, sofa, and blanket of people affected by lice.

How to get rid of lice

There are many methods to get rid of lice naturally at home.

Wet combing:

Wet combing is a natural lice remedy. You need to repeat this method 3 to 4 days in a week and repeat it till you get rid of them and do not see any sign of them. You can comb your hair while taking a bath. The method is very effective. In wet hairs, lice move smoothly with water flow.

 Sanitize Combs and brushes:

To get rid of lice, soak your combs and brushes in rubbing alcohol for an hour or more. Then use this com or brush to comb your hairs. You can also use a hot comb or brushes to get rid of these parasites.

Natural anti-lice hair products:

You can also get rid of lice using anti-lice shampoo, conditioners and hair sprays. Try to apply anti-lice products according to the treatment and prevention plan.

Lice killing essential oils:

Studies show that essential oils have a toxic effect on lice eggs and lice. Effective essential oils for lice treatment are anise essential oil, tea tree oil, lavender, and eucalyptus and anise essential oil.

You can mix essential oils with olive oil or coconut oil for a natural anti-lice treatment.

Oil/Smoother treatment:

Apply oil on your hair twice a week. It will keep lice away from your hairs. As hairs become silky and oily, lice don’t lay eggs on oily hairs.

Try to keep your hairs safe from lice. Head lice also affect kids’ studies. Apply any of this method to get rid of lice naturally.

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