The Most Famous Bakra Mandis in Pakistan

As Eid-ul-Adha is near, people are looking for good animals to buy for sacrifice. Everyone wants to buy a big and healthy animal at a very reasonable price. But rates are getting higher and higher as eid is coming nearer and nearer. In the last ten days, bakra mandis are crowded like never before. People often get confused that which bakra mandi they should visit to buy animals for sacrifice which is totally okay. Because as ed get nearer, the number of bakra mandis also increases. In this post, we are going to tell the most famous bakra mandis in Pakistan where you can get very healthy animals at very economical prices.

Bakra Mandis of Pakistan:

Famous bakra mandis in Lahore:

  1. Shahpur mandi

Shahpur mandi is located in Shahpur Kanjran, Lahore. This is the most famous, largest and oldest mandi in Lahore. This bakra mandi remains open throughout the year. Every year the number of buyers and sellers increase in this bakra mandi. This bakra mandi gets crowded before eid like never throughout the day. There is every kind of animals in this mandi and this is the biggest mandi in town. The sales are high every year and buyers are satisfied.

2.Saggian Mandi

Saggian mandi is located near Lahore-Jaranwala Road, Karachi. This is another one of the most famous bakra mandi in Lahore. The animals here are available at very low and reasonable prices which make it more famous also. In this mandi is famous for selling the best bakras in town as this is a bakra mandi but other animals are also available at this mandi.

  1. Township Mandi

This bakra mandi Is located near Niaziabba, Township, Lahore. This is another popular bakra mandi in Lahore especially famous for buying animals for sacrifice.  Because this bakra mandi is located in the city, so it is very easy to go there for Lahoris as it is very near. And this is the reason, that this bakra mandi is always crowded. As this mandi is located in the city, so most of the venders from all over Punjab prefer to make their stalls in this mandi. The prices for animals vary stall to stall.

FamousBakra Mandis in Karachi:

  1. Sohrab Goth Mandi

This mandi is located in sector 21-B, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Scheme 33, Karachi. This bakra mandi Is called the biggest bakra mandi in Asia which is true. This bakra mandi is located near highway between Khi and Hyd. Because this is the biggest mandi in Asia and is always unimaginably crowded, vendors from all over the Sindh try to set up their stalls here. The price range varies because there is every kind of vendors in this bakra mandi. And every kind of animals for sacrifice is being sold here.

  1. Malir Mandi

This bakra mandi is located inBakraPiri, Malir, Karachi. This is one of the most famous bakra mandi in Karachi for karachiites. It remains open 24/7. And you can see lots of vendors in this bakra mandi throughout the year. But especially in eid season, this bakra mandi is so crowded, you can see every kind of buyers and seller first ten days of Zil-Hajj. The prices range here again vary from stall to stall.

  1. BakraPiri

This bakra mandi is located insingo lane, lyari town, Karachi. This bakra mandi could be one of the best options for you if you want an animal for sacrifice. This bakra mandi is famous to be one of the most reasonable and affordable bakra mandis in town. This bakra mandi is very crowded in eid season because it is located at a place which is in every karachitte’s reach.

Famous Bakra Mandi in Isb

  1. Bakra Mandi

This bakra mandi is located in I>J>P Road, Sector 12, Islamabad. There is only one but biggest bakra mandi in Islamabad. Vendors from Rawalpindi and Islamabad set up their stalls in this bakra mandi every year. The price range depends on the condition of the animals. There is no other option for people of Islamabad so this bakra mandi is crowded every year to buy animals for sacrifice.


These are the most famous bakra mandi in Pakistan. You can choose the bakra mandi according to your access. I hope you get the best animal at the best price. Advance Eid Mubarik!

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