Which engine oil is better for your Car?

Having a car seems great but to keep it well functioned and run smoothly takes proper care. From cleaning to lubrication to engine oil to maintenance, each and everything is compulsory and essential to keep your car function well. Just like cleaning and lubrication must be done in a proper way and your car should be maintained well too, engine oil also plays a very important role. And the real deal is to choose which engine oil is better for your car. Engine oil is not like cooking oil that you can choose any engine oil. But choosing an engine oil is a real battle. There will be very few people who can exactly guide you for which engine oil is better for your car. In the end, you have to choose a suitable engine oil on your own. In this post, we are going to share a few important key factors which will help you to decide which engine is better for your car. Have a look and consider these factors to choose the better option.

Factors to choose a better engine oil:

These are the following factors to consider for choosing the best engine oil.

Have a look to understand the labels

When you see the oil container, you observe a label on the container. That labels have few things on it. One is API donut, viscosity number according to SAE and starburst symbol. Now let me explain the factors that effect it.

  • API donut tells if the engine oil is according to the recent SL service rating.
  • Viscosity number according to SAE tells if the energy-conserving test has been passed by the engine oil.
  • Starburst Symbol tells if SL service is passed by the Engine oil.


Thickness or viscosity is an important factor in any engine oil. Thickness tells how much the capacity engine oil has to resist the flow of oil in both cases when it is hot or when it is cold. When an engine is heated, it becomes thin and when it cools down, it becomes thick. And the engine temperature can rise to as hot as 400-degree centigrade. So choosing an engine is hard because, in heating, your car needs thickened engine oil for better resistance. And when it cools down, it needs a little less thick oil for resistance. Because, if the oil is too thick, the engine will need to put more energy to function. So the oil should be of 5W when the engine cools down and it should be of 10 to 40w when the engine is heated.

Types of Oil

When selecting an engine oil for your car, you need to know the type of engine your car has and how many engine oil types are there in the market for engines.

There are three types of oil:

  • Mineral Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Semi-synthetic Oil

Let us discuss these oils in detail.

  1. Mineral Oil

Mineral oils are obtained from petroleum which is refining. These oils are mostly used for the engine which is old, engine which doesn’t have turbochargers, or which are conventional. These oils are way cheaper than other oil. But Mineral engine oils are way more thick also than other both oils. These oils can not be used when engine is extremely heated. It can be used only when the engine is at normal temperature. Moreover, mineral oil needs to be changed more frequently than other both oils. So these oils are not a better option to consider.

  1. Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils are with less or little impurities and these are modified with different chemicals to give better and increased performance than mineral oils. These oils are of good quality. These oils are best for both conditions like when the engine is heated and when engine cools down. This oil facilitates our engine in best possible manner in both conditions. These oils are best for modern and new engines, sport car engines and high-performance engines. These oils also maintain the engine. Band these don’t need to be changed more frequently. These oils are quite expensive than mineral oils.

  1. Semi-synthetic oils

Semi-synthetic oils are a mixture of both oils. When we combine both mineral and synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oil is formed. And this oil is an improved version and provides high performance. These oils work well in both conditions. These oils are less expensive than synthetic oils and are of good quality and suitable price as well. And these oils don’t need to be changed more frequently as well.

Standards to choose an engine oil

There are standards being followed in the market to choose the engine oil for your car. These standards help you to know

  • Which engine oil is designed for your car
  • The performance level of the oils
  • If the oil is according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the car

There are three standards being used in the market for engine oils.

  • SAE standard: tells the level of il thickness
  • API standard: classify the oils according to protection, oxidation corrosion, and power.
  • The ACEA standard: the letters in this standard the types of engine.Verdict:

We have given the criteria to choose oils for your car’s engine. Now you know it is upto your car’s engine to choose which engine oil is best for it. We have given three engine oil options for you to choose the right for your car. We hope this article will be helpful for you to choose one easily now.

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