Designing an Effective and Appealing Workplace

Mainly Success is measured by in terms of statistics, graph and data by either employees or company. However, smart people know that behind it the numbers are real people. Thus to understand the performance of employees in the workplace, one should have to understand the human psychology.  According to experts and survey, not only psychological factors improve employees performance buy physical environment also manipulate the employees to work better.

When we think about the office, we draw a traditional office space in mind, like featuring desks, chairs, computers, furnished rooms, private rooms, and a boss office. These types of workplaces are common in Pakistan having no creativity or alertness. The main objective is how can we create the most effective and appealing workplace?

The major mistake that everyone does is creating a serious professional look. While creating a serious professional look, one can ignore the importance of color. Researches show that colors are linked to different emotions and moods. A lack of colorless surrounding is the main cause of employees’ moods and lack of focus. According to research, the blue color is linked with calmness and composure while yellow color improves concentration. The red color is dangerous, it increases heartache and leads to stress. While green color is pleasing for eyes and has a positive effect on our minds. The reason is green color is the color of nature. That’s why our mind related while watching the nature color again and again. We feel peace.

The next point is the air condition. Poor indoor air quality is the main reason for employee’s sickness. Illness day’s increases and the productivity decreases by the employees. A good ventilation system is needed for the better performance of employees. According to research, the optimum temperature for alertness is 21 degrees Celsius.  You can use a good ventilator system or use plants to improve the air quality. Plants are the natural ventilators. Plants not only improve the air quality but also give a pleasing sight which relaxes the mind and eyes. This leads to an increase in productivity? Natural light is also improving productivity. So it is more beneficial if the office has large windows, lobby, and plants.

Usually, offices are available in commercial areas or building. Renting an office is really expensive and also space is limited. A crowded place can stress the employees. To avoid this one can use screens and glass partitions where privacy is not an issue. Keeping this factor in mind, the use of open floor commercial offices are increasing day by day.

One of the biggest issues in any office is the noise.   Noise distracts the mind. Using Acoustic tiles will reduce the noise level to a minimum. The effective workplace also requires interaction and collaboration. However, it also requires focus and concentration. Keep above factors in find while renovating or designing an office.

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Hope these tips will help you to design and effective office. If you have other tips in mind, feel free to share with us in the comments section below. Have a Good day!

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