Dermatologists Tips & Tricks For Curing Dry Skin in Winters

Dermatologists Tips & Tricks For Curing Dry Skin in Winters

Winter brings joy for all but unfortunately also brings few downfalls with it mainly the dry skin. To prevent flaky red patches from becoming a disaster in the upcoming future, we tested some products & found the best skin remedies you can do with the products already available in your kitchen.

Here, with the help of many dermatologists, we came up with the best guide you need to follow daily to prevent getting your skin itchy & dull.

Change Your Diet

Diet plays a major role when it comes to skin. Increasing your intake of daily fats in winters will help you making your dry skin healthy & smooth. You need to eat more food that is rich in olive oil, walnuts & avocados but keep in mind that excess of everything is bad.  

Don’t dehydrate yourself by taking different kinds of liquids as a substitute for water. Water is the best liquid that helps in making skin smooth, healthy & glowing. Don’t overdo with caffeine & coffee as they are diuretics that will cause dehydration.

Buff Your Skin

No matter how many creams & serums are applied, dry skin will stay dry forever if exfoliation is not done. Do scrub with a soft brush. Scrubbing will help to remove the dead & dry cells of the skin. if you have severely dry skin, then skip the exfoliator & use a wet cloth for a gentler option.

Repeat this process before bathing every time for permanent effects. After buffing the skin, apply a moisturizer or serum so that it can penetrate your skin completely to give gentle, smooth & soft skin.

Yogurt & Honey Facials

Sensitive & dry skin becomes extra dry & sensitive because of the cold & harsh weather. Experts recommend using a face make made of yogurt & honey weekly. As honey is very moisturizing & yogurt has lactic acid in it what works as an exfoliator.

For making a face mask you need one tablespoon of yogurt & honey. Mix both wells until combined. Apply gently on the skin with help of a brush. After 10-15 minutes wash it with lukewarm water.

Moisturise With A Banana Peel

Morning smoothies are good for health. Instead of throwing out your banana peel after having your morning smoothie, save the peel to use it as a scrub for later use. The inside layer of the peel is rich in a variety of vitamins & amino acids.

All these ingredients are commonly found in hydrating skincare products. Rub the banana peel on your itch dry red patches gently for about 5 to 10 minutes. Water your face with lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure once a week to have baby soft skin.   

Glycerine & Rose Water Facials

This tip is for those who battle breakouts of acne on regular basis. Experts recommend using homemade facial masks daily consist of glycerine & rose water. Glycerine is non-oily that’s why it does not clog pores & it is also a natural humectant that helps binding water molecules present in the air to the skin. Also, the rose water acts as a natural hydrator & its fragrance is good to smell.

Take 1 part of glycerine & 2 parts of rose water. Mix it well until fully combined. Apply the mixture to the face & let it rest. After something, it will fully absorb into the skin & give you a glowing & smooth skin.

Switch To A Heavy Face Cream

Perhaps it is the most commonly overlooked steps during winters. Harsh winter weather brings extremely dryness to the skin. So, you have to look for creams rather than lotions. Creams that have ceramides & hyaluronic acid are the best for extremely dry skin.

If your face has red patches, apply the cream twice a day for better results.

Install A Humidifier

We all know. Winter brings dryness to the whole surrounding. The drier the air, the drier the skin. To maximize the amount of water in the air, you need to install a humidifier in the most frequently used places in your home.  

In most cases, it will be the drawing-room or the bedroom. A cool air humidifier increases the moisture level in the air & helps skin to remain hydrated & helps to fight against the cold & dry air outside.

Toothbrush Lip Exfoliant

Lastly, the major side effect of harsh winter weather is chapped lips. To get rid of dry, cracked lips you need to follow the home remedy. 1st you need to exfoliate your cracked lips with help of a clean & dry toothbrush. After that apply natural oil to your lips. If you are not fond of natural oils you can use lip balm.

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Above we mentioned some of the amazing & useful skincare tips & tricks recommended by dermatologists to follow in winters. We hope these tips will help you to make your skin soft, smooth & glowing. If you have already tried these tips before, please feel free to share your reviews, opinion, or experience with us via the comments section below. If you have any queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. You can also share your skincare daily routine as well. Your feedback means a lot to use & it will also help us in improving our blog. Hope this blog entry will help you in some ways. For more informative lifestyle & home decor ideas, stay tuned to the  Good luck

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