A Complete Guide on How to Register a Car in Pakistan

Buying a vehicle is never difficult but getting it registered in Pakistan is not so easy. This process takes time and patience. Moreover, you have to submit related documents in different places along with the process and registration fees which can be hectic for everyone. And people here don’t feel like spending much time and patience. So, to save that tie, they get their vehicles registered through some agents and pay their high fees along with registration fee. So, to save your fees and time, we are going to guide you how you can get your car or other vehicle registered on your own without spending much time and effort. you need to know the requirements and situations to get your vehicles registered. Keep on reading.

How you can register locally manufactured vehicles in Pakistan:

Locally manufactured are a little easier to purchase than imported cars and vehicles. And to get these vehicles registered, there are the following requirements.


To get a locally manufactured vehicle registered,

  • you need to fill an application form which is also called the registration application form.
  • You need to attach a photocopy of the computerized NIC.
  • You also need an original certificate of the vehicle, original vehicle purchased bill.
  • You also need to pay a registration fee. And for the number plate, there is a separate fee.
  • Moreover, you need to pay some taxes as well.

And if you want to sale your locally manufactured car,

  • You need to fulfill the above all requirements along with the transfer form in which you have to mention the details of the new purchaser.
  • You need to submit a document that tells that the car is being sold by the original purchaser.
  • And new purchaser’s NIC copy is also required to be submitted.

How you can register an Imported Vehicles in Pakistan:

If you are planning to buy an imported vehicle, you need to keep in mind the following criteria to get that registered.

  • You will need a registration application form.
  • You will need a permission letter which tells if the customs authorities have granted permission.
  • You need a photocopy of documents GD.
  • If you are purchasing directly from the seller then the invoice is needed.
  • If a third party is involved in dealing then their information is required.
  • Vehicle registration fees and number plate fees along with taxes are also required.

And if you want to sale an (unregistered) imported vehicle, you need to fulfill a few requirements along with the above requirements.

  • NIC copy of the owner is required.
  • A transfer order is required.
  • A document that shows that the importer wants to sale the car.

How much fees is required to get your vehicle registered:

As we have talked about the registration paperwork, now let’s talk about how much registration fees are required for registration. The registration fees totally depend on the power of your engine. The stronger the power of your engine is, the more you need to pay for registration as compared to weak engines.


  • If your engine is under 1000cc, you need to pay 1% of your vehicle price as a registration fee.
  • If your vehicle’s engine is between 1000cc to 1500cc, you need to pay 2% of your vehicle price.
  • If your vehicle’s engine is between 1500cc to 2000cc, you need to pay 3% of your vehicle’s price.
  • And if it is more than 2000cc, 4% registration fee is required to pay.

Ownership Transfer Process:

If you are planning to buy a second-hand car, then you don’t need to go through this hectic registration process instead, you need to go through the ownership transfer process. There are the following requirements for this process, let’s have a look.

  • You need a transfer order from seller
  • You need a Nic copy of the seller
  • Your NIC copy is also required
  • Witnesses also have to submit their NIC copies
  • The seller has to submit the original registration certificate as well
  • If the seller has lost the original registration certificate, a copy of it is required.
  • An applicated for transfer orders is required.

Fee for ownership transfer:

Now when we know how we can get our second-hand vehicle’s ownership to get transferred, we need to know the transfer fee as well.


  • If you have bought a second-hand scooter, motorbike or auto-rickshaw, you only need to pay PKR 150 for transfer.
  • If you have bought some heavy transport, you need to pay PKR 4000.
  • If your vehicle’s engine power is under 1000cc, you need to pay PKR 1200.
  • If your vehicle’s engine power is between 1000cc to 1800cc, you need to pay PKR 2000.
  • And if your vehicle’s engine power is more than 1800cc, the transfer fee will PKR 3000.

How to get a duplicate registration Certificate:

If your original registration certificated of the vehicle has been damaged, lost, misplaced or torn, you can get a duplicate registration certificate and there are following requirements to get it.

  • You need to get an FIR.
  • You need to submit a photocopy of NIC
  • You need a token tax certificate as well.

Fee criteria:

To get a duplicate registration certificate, you need to pay the following fee according to your vehicle.

  • If you want a duplicate registration certificate for your bike or car, you need to pay PKR 500 rupees for the certificate.
  • If you want a duplicate certificate for heavy vehicles, you need to pay PKR 1000 rupees.

These are the requirements and scenarios you face while getting your vehicles registered in Pakistan. If you gather all your documents together and then apply for registration, the process will be less hectic and time-taking. You need to pay the fees on time as well to speed up the process. So now you don’t need an agent to perform these formalities. Anyone can do it on its own. You just need to be prepared well for this process. We hope we have helped you by providing all the required information regarding registration and transfer clearly and now you will do these all things on your own.

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Above we shared a complete guideline to register your vehicle in Pakistan. If you know other facts except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any query related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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