A complete guide for credit card users in Pakistan

People nowadays don’t carry cash instead they prefer to carry their debit and credit cards which is safer than carrying money. As there are fewer chances of stealing or losing the money, cards are the safest and most preferable option. Now the question is what is debit card and credit card and how can we use them is Pakistan.

A credit card is a card made up of plastic which allows the user to pay for their expenses within a certain limit. And every month, the bank sends the credit card bill to the user for all the expenses they have done with the money of the bank. Basically, credit card allows user to use bank’s money and promise to pay that money in time ever month. Instead debit cards allow using the existing money in your personal bank account.

Credit cards let you shop anytime anywhere, you never feel out of money anywhere. But just like it has so many benefits, there are few safety concerns along with it as well. In this post, we are going to give you a complete guide for credit card users in Pakistan to use their cards safely without any kind of trouble. So, if you are interested to know, then keep in reading.

Guidelines for card users:

There are few guidelines a credit card user needs to follow to keep their card usage secure and use it safely anytime anywhere.

  1. Select a pin for your card

The very first and most important step is choosing a pin for your card. Card pin is something that needs to be kept personal and secret to ensure safety.

There are few guidelines to select a pin code for your card:

  • Never select code with is somehow associated with you as it will be easy for people to hack your account.
  • Keep your pin code to yourself, don’t share it with anyone to ensure the safety.
  • If you have more than one card, select a different pin code for every card.
  • Keep changing your pin code from time to time.
  • Remember and memorize your card’s pin code well.
  1. ensure the safety of your card

Your card should be secured and you should never lose it. There are few guidelines to ensure the protection of your card.

  • Ensure to check your card and keep it in your bag after every purchase attentively.
  • Never leave your card anywhere.
  • Don’t carry lots of cards to prevent them from stealing.
  • Destroy the expired cards completely.
  • Keep your card in a safer place to reduce the risk of misplacing.
  1. Guide to use a credit card

There are a few tips and guidelines to use a credit card.

  • Credit card bill needs to be paid in time as it is like a loan and you have to pay it back within a certain time limit.
  • You have to read all the terms and conditions before using the credit card.
  • Keep your credit card receipt save to compare it with the monthly bill.
  • Fix a date with your bank to pay the bill every month on time.
  • Always check the details written on receipt before signing when you are paying for any purchase.
  • Don’t let anyone see your card pin code when you are using ATM for the transaction.
  • Never give your card to anyone.
  • Always sign on your receipt just like you signed while opening your account in a bank.
  1. Inspect your credit card statement

There are a few guidelines you need to follow to inspect your usage statement every month.

  • When you get your bill every month, always check and compare your receipt for the whole last month with the bill.
  • Collect save the receipt in a file to use them to compare the bill.
  • Pay the credit card bill every month on time.
  • Always check if your bill has arrived on time or not.
  • Recheck your credit card usage from time to time and match it with your receipts to avoid any inconvenience.
  1. Payments

There are the following term and conditions you need to follow for credit card payments.

  • You have to pay your credit card bill on time to avoid extra charges for unpaid or late billing.
  • Paying the payments in time will make you a trustworthy customer and the bank will trust you next time if you want to take any kind of loan in the future.
  • If you pay your credit card bills with cheque, so then make sure to submit the cheque 3 days before because cheques take 3 days to deposit the amount in the bank.
  1. Online Transaction

Almost every bank offers online transactions for the customer who wants to do their transaction by staying at home or where-every you are. There are the following guidelines to do it.

  • Never just buy and do your transaction anytime and every time. Beware of online transactions. Because not every online website offers the security of your credit card.
  • Only do transactions and make payments on the website that are trustworthy and authentic. Investigate well before doing it.
  • Make sure to sign off your online account after making a transaction.
  • Always make a copy of the online transaction.
  • Avoid websites that ask for lots of your information.
  1. The facility of Advance cash
  • The bank always takes some security or advance payment for your credit card and take the complete payment after a month.
  • Don’t over-limit your purchases to avoid the extra charges. Always use your card within a fixed limit.
  1. Prevent from thieves
  • Keep your credit cards in a safe place.
  • Check your bills every time to avoid unauthorized payments and transactions.
  • Always have access to your card issuer so that you can contact him or her in need.
  • Contact your bank asap if your card has been stolen or misplaced.
  1. Close your account
  • When you are done with credit card usage and you don’t want to use it anymore, contact your bank and close your account.
  • Destroy your card, dispose of your payment slips and transaction slips.


If you are a credit card user, this is the post for you. We have mentioned each and every detail for credit card users in Pakistan so that the users can use the cards safely and avoid any kind of inconvenience. A credit card is not so hard to use. You just need to keep in mind a few things and follow the procedure easily. I hope, this post will be helpful for you. Good luck!

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