Common Construction Site Risks

Construction sites mean buildings under construction. When a building is being constructed, we see a lot of workers working together to build that building. It takes mutual efforts, collaboration, teamwork, hard work, and dedication. We always underestimate the workers because they often belong to the lower class. But we have never thought that these workers keep their life on risk on daily basis and work on these sites to build a building. Yes, Working at construction sites is very risky as it involves working on height, machinery, electricity, objects moving around, material, noise and many more. So working at construction sites means keeping your life all risk all the time. Anything can happen anytime to anyone which unfortunately can’t be controlled. Let us see what are the common construction site risk which can lead to a major loss.

Common Site Risks

The following are the common site risks that can cause a serious issue.

  1. Working at heights

Working at height is a very common thing especially when an under-construction building is for office or some mall. Workers need to work on height to build first, second, third and many more floors. And working on height leads to many accidents and injuries often. Sometimes people die when they fall from height so this is very common and major risk at sites. To prevent this issue, workers need to be trained well to work on height. They need to be told about all the precautions and tips to work on heights. The construction team should give this training to its workers. Otherwise, there are many institutes who are offering courses on how to work at heights safely. Workers must attend such classes to be trained well.

  1. Moving Objects

As construction site is all time working site, so the moving objects are very common here. Moving objects means the vehicles that bring required stuff at the construction site for building. As these vehicles come and go all the time, the site becomes very hectic, noisy and uncomfortable. These moving objects even make the area more crowded. And this problem in uncurable because there is no solution to this.

  1. Noise

Construction areas are known to be most noisy as a lot of machinery is being used at the construction site every time,  So one the very major problem of the construction site is noise. And the main issue is, the noise comes from everywhere which is hard to tolerate as well. Moreover, too much noise can cause serious hearing problems which can’t be curable. So workers need to work on the precautions for this issue. And they need to be given a hearing assessment which can figure the risks of noise. And then they can find out solutions to avoid this risk.

4.Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome

This is a disease that can be caused by any worker because of not using any protection while working with machinery and equipment. A lot of workers work with machinery. They operate different machines on a daily basis for construction. And most of the workers are not well trained for using machinery. They don’t wear any protection and don’t use any precautions for future health risks. Workers need to be trained well for using machinery to avoid serious health diseases like Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome.

  1. Material lifting and manual handling

Another common thing being noticed on construction sites is material lifting. We see the material being lifted upward, or downward to take it to the place where it is required. This process is done using two ways, either it is manually, where a person lifts the material on his shoulder and takes it to the required place. And the other is with lifting equipment where material is lifted to a moving lift type machinery and taken to the place where it is needed. Both ways can cause different risks. So to avoid these risks, workers should be given special training on how they can lift the material from place to another in both ways to prevent the risks.

  1. Electricity

Another common thing which can cause serious and dangerous issues is the use of electricity on construction sites. Electricity is being used a lot at such sites because a lot of machinery is being used as well as electricity is required for almost every construction work. And the workers don’t care about themselves while working on such sites. They often don’t know the safety tricks or are not aware of the consequences. So to avoid this issue, the workers must be given special training to know how they can be safe while doing stuff which involves electricity to avoid the sudden danger.

  1. slips, trips and falls

An under-construction building is very unorganized and there is uneven land and messy environment so slips, falls and trips are very common at construction sites. And a lot of serious accidents are being recorded everywhere of these slips, falls and trips. To prevent this, workers must be careful while walking and working on uneven lands. They need to be careful while working on wet and greasy surfaces. And most importantly, the cables of machinery and equipment must be put higher to avoid any slip, trip, and fall.

  1. collapse

Another very major and common issue being seen on construction sites is a sudden collapse. Sudden collapse can happen to any worker as the construction site is very noisy, crowded and dangerous. And especially in summers, the rate of this kind of cases increases. To prevent this, workers need to be provided security and safeguard to prevent any kind of serious loss.

Final thought:

These are the very common construction site risks that can cause any dangerous accident and can live as well. To avoid all these problems, it is highly recommended for the construction teams to conduct and arrange a special worker’s training to well train the workers so that they can give maximum benefits and live a risk-free life or at least they should know how to tackle such dangerous site risks.

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Above we shared some common construction sites. If you know other factors except these, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any queries related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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