Best Universities for Business Studies in Pakistan

In this article, you will get to know the list of best universities for business studies in Pakistan based on academics, environment, quality of education, faculty, facilities, and opportunities. These are the top universities in Pakistan for business studies. To know about them in detail, just keep on reading.


LUMS stands of Lahore University of Management Science. It is considered one of the top universities in Asia. This university is one of the best university for business studies and management. Though the fees structure of the university is quite high. The lower class can’t afford such high fees so this university is not ranked the top university for business studies in Pakistan by Higher education commission. But if we rank it according to other factors, it is the number university in Pakistan. This university is located in Lahore. And the research rate of the university is very high. Students whoever top the entry test of university get a 50% fee discount. And international students can get a 100% scholarship. The university offers many other programs than business and management such as LLB, Electrical engineering, Chemical Engineer, Bachelors in Biology and English and many other science subjects, MBA, Mphil, etc.

2. UCP Business School

UCP stands for the University of Central Punjab. This Univesity is considered as one of the best universities of Pakistan. Higher education commission has ranked this university in the top 5 universities for business studies in Pakistan. The fee structure of the university is quite affordable. Students who pass the test get scholarships and students get a scholarship after every semester based on their previous GPA. The university provides one of the best environment and offers unlimited facilities. The classroom is equipped with every kind of latest technology. The faculty of the university is considered top-ranked among all the universities of Pakistan. University has now a separate building for Business studies. Now the university’s electricity is totally based on the solar system. University even gives many opportunities to students for higher education in abroad and even international job opportunities. University train students every year by conducting different seminars, workshops, interviews with different teams. Along with business studies university offers many other courses.

3. IBA

IBA stands for Institute of Business Administration. IBA is another top-ranked university for business education in Pakistan. And it is one the university which got the certification by SAQS. IBA is located in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. This university selects students every year based on the admission test and interview. Fee structure of Univerisity is quite high but it gives scholarships to brilliant students. University is located in a very wide area. The labs and classrooms are equipped with the latest technology. The faculty of the university is highly qualified and one of the top-ranked university. University is improving its quality of education every day and improving its standard to provide the best education possible.

4. Lahore School for Economics

This Institute has become famous for its quality of education. It made its name so early because of the education standards, facilities, research, technology, and environment. It is considered one of the top institutes for business studies in Pakistan. Institute not only focuses on the academics but personal and professional grooming of students. The institute focuses on the future of students by arranging different seminar and workshops. It provides the environment for students to learn more and more for a better and secure future. The university is a great choice for students in Pakistan as well as international students

5. NUST Business School

NUST stands fo national university of science and technology. NUST Business is ranked as one of the top 5 universities for business studies by Higher Education Commission. NUST university offers best and standard engineering studies. And it is known for providing quality business education, accounting, and Finance. Lots of successful businessmen in the countries were once upon time students of NUST business school. So this university trains its students so well to have a better. Secure and successful future. The fee structure of the university is quite high. And university gives admission totally on entry Test. Like other top universities, this university also gives scholarships to students based on their excellent performance in academics.


These are the top 5 universities for business education in Pakistan according to our criteria given above. These universities match the student’s needs very well and provide the best and standard quality of education. Institutes matter a lot in any student’s personal and practical grooming so students and parents need to choose the institute based on our given criteria so have a secure, better and successful future. Wish you the best of luck!

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