Best Places for Children To visit in Lahore

If you live in Lahore or planning to visit Lahore with your kids then this post is for you. Our kids usually get tired of indoor games and they need some fun places to visit to enjoy and have a good time because this is their age of playing and enjoying. Moreover, such places where kids can enjoy their freedom and play to fullest not only make their mind fresh but help them to know their skills and develop some new skills in themselves. And Lahore has very exciting and fun places for kids, especially where kids can enjoy to their fullest. If you want to take your kids to those places, then keep on reading.

Best places for kids

  1. Lahore Zoo

Lahore zoo is the largest and biggest zoo in Lahore and South Asia. And this place is one of the best places for children to visit. Children love to visit the zoo. Thye love to see different kinds of animals. Lahore zoo has a variety of different kinds of animals like tigers, lions, elephants, blue bulls, monkeys, deers, Indian peafowl and many more. And there is a park as well inside the zoo for kids which provides double fun for kids. There are dispensary and first aid center as well for the safety of visitors and animals. There are cinemas and other entertainment points for kids as well.

  1. Joyland

Joyland is situated inside the fortress Lahore and it is the most famous amusement park of Lahore. This place is suitable for every generation and is the best place to visit with family and friends. But this place is children’s favorite place because this place is full of entertainment. This place is fully crowded on weekends especially because families love to visit this place on weekends. There are many rides meant for adults and teens and a lot of rides for kids.This place is best to visit at night. So if you are planning to visit Lahore and you don’t know this place, this is a must-visit for you and your children.

  1. Sindbad’s Wonderland

Sindbad’s Wonderland is also situated near fortress and Joyland. This place is suitable for people of every generation. Families must visit this place with their kids. There are entertainment activities for both kids, youngsters, and adults. There are gaming zones, play area, rides, food court, and many more things for entertainment. This place is reasonable for middle-class people as well. People can celebrate their children’s birthday parties here, they can take their children there for a picnic and many other things. This place is very ideal for kids to visit and for families.

  1. Sozo Water Park

The Sozo water park is located near Jallo park on the canal bank in Lahore. It is a water park where latest rides and facilities are equipped and it is suitable for every age group. This place is best to spend a whole day in summer especially where heat is on its peak in Lahore. There are many kinds of slides like racer slide, bullet slide, speed slide, freefall slide, lazy river and pool where people of all groups can enjoy rides. The makers have also made a separate area for ladies and kids to enjoy freedom to the fullest. The Sozo water park is best for family outings and family day outs in summers especially. So plan the outing and take your kids to the park to make their day.

  1. WonderWorld

Wonderworld is one the best place for all kids in Lahore and it is situated on Qarshi road, Lahore. This place has opportunities and entertainment activities for each age-group of kids. Wonderworld was designed for kids to involve in more and more physical activities to make them flexible and strong. There are separate indoor games, activities and lay area for the age of kids four and onward to enhance their physical strength. There are food courts, 3D Cinema, toyshop and 3D cinema inside the wonderworld. Moreover, wonderworld also organizes theme birthday parties inside it. People who want to celebrate their children’s birthday parties can arrange in this place.

  1. Jinnah Park

Jinnah Park is located on mall road near Lahore Zoo. It is also a famous and historical place in Lahore. This place is great for an outing with the family. People can go for picnic there. This place is best for picnics because there is a park for kids here where kids can enjoy, play freely. This place is loaded with nature so it makes people of every age group fresh and energetic.

  1. Fantasy Land

Fantasy land is an amusement park that is situated inside a mall in Lahore. This is a great place for kids because it has a variety of swings, slides, rides, trains and many more things for kids to entertain. There is a 3D cinema inside it as well. A car racing track is also present there for kids. This is a secure place for your kids to enjoy a day with freedom and do whatever they want because playing freely is an essential part of their grooming.

  1. Fun Factory

The fun factory is a theme and amusement park with advanced types of equipment situated in Emporium Mall, Lahore. This park is the first advanced level park in Lahore for kids where they have advanced games, rides, and many more things. There is a train ride for kids as well. This is one of the best places for kids in Lahore to visit.

  1. Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpy is a fun area for kids situated in link road, model town, Lahore. This place has a variety of rides, games, and swings for kids. There are prize-winning game opportunities for kids as well. This is a great place for kid’s entertainment.

  1. Oasis Aqua & Gulf Resort

This place is situated on the main Multan Road, Lahore. This is a resort full of entertainment for families. Families can take their kids here. People need to get a membership in this place to visit it often with families. There are water sports, tennis, golf, boating, horse riding, kids play area, cycling, and many more entertainment games for every age group people. People can visit this place with their family to enjoy a day to the fullest.

  1. Goods and Joyous Playland

This is a playland situated in Gulberg Lahore. This is a fun place for all age group. The famous ride here is bull. And there are many other games and rides here for everyone. This is a great place for kids as well as adults to enjoy a day out.

Final thought

These are some places which are best for children to visit in Lahore. Playing and enjoying is an essential part of every child’s personality development and grooming. So parents need to take their kids to such places where kids utilize their maximum physical and mental strength for a better and great future.

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